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Where did the Windows Live Hotmail Reply and Forward buttons go?


My Windows Live Hotmail changed a few days ago to a new version; a
slightly new look according to them. I can’t see how to forward
messages and I can’t reply them. I do not see any button to perform
this task.

Reply and Forward are pretty fundamental, so they certainly didn’t

As the message from Hotmail said, they’re just slightly

And perhaps in a different place.


“As a result, if you’re a Hotmail user you should be prepared for periodic changes …”

The biggest difference to me is that they no longer look like buttons, so that it’s very easy to miss them. Here’s a picture, with the new location and look highlighted:

Windows Live Hotmail Reply and Forward Buttons

If you happen to be looking at your message in “Full view”:

Windows Live Hotmail Reply and Forward Buttons in Full View

Hotmail is in a constant state of change as it tries to both catch up with it’s competitors as well as perhaps even innovate with new features. As a result, if you’re a Hotmail user you should be prepared for periodic changes, it’s just a fact of life.

Some changes are subtle, such as this one, and they can be easy to miss.

But there will be change.

Update: I’ve posted a new article discussing the recent changes to Windows Live Hotmail, and your options in dealing with it: How can I get the old Windows Live Hotmail back?

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36 comments on “Where did the Windows Live Hotmail Reply and Forward buttons go?”

  1. I use Windows Live Hot mail and the new version is much slower than the previous version. They have eliminated the “Check for New Messages” button. When clicking on reply or New there is a delay of between 5 and ten seconds before I can begin typing the to name or my reply. I liked the older version better and I may be forced to use Office Outlook or Windows Mail in its place.

  2. I too, dislike the new mail system. Before, I merrily hit “forward” and began to fill the line with my “shortcut” nicknames. Now, everytime you enter something in the box, a window opens up below, giving a selection of all addresses containing those letters, and you have to make a selection. Needless to say, it has made a pleasant experience into tedium.

  3. The inbox/junks etc on the RHS of the screen disappear (actually, kind of merge on top of each other) when using IE, but are OK when using firefox.. I did all flash, java etc updates but still no go with IE. You’d think the one browser that ‘Hotmail’ would work with would be IE!

  4. It’s just a guess, Agus (since I don’t use HotMail), but judging from the pictures I think you probably need to click “New” (as in, “start a new message”) and then compose your E-Mail there. Try that and see what happens to you. Mail clients differ, even from version to version. [Shrug.]

  5. I must apologize. A few minutes ago I sent an email saying that I could not find a Reply or Forward button. Well, these buttons appear when one opens an email to read the message. I used these buttons on the old Hotmail but never gave them much attention until reading the question on forwarding Hotmail email in your informative newsletter.

  6. I had to chuckle when I saw the question about where the Reply/forward button because I too missed that at first and spent quite a bit of time looking. Glad I wasn’t the only one tricked! LOL.

  7. I found the newer version of hotmail to be faster whether opening, composing and sending email. Deleting emails seems twice as fast as before.
    I also like the new free skydrive feature with 5GB of free storeage space.

  8. I certainly prefer the new look of Windows Live Hotmail. It is faster and more user friendly. One can get access to most of his/her E-mail accounts with one click, something I didn’t Know before. Just look at the upper right-hand corner of Hotmail page where one has his name and click on the down arrow to set things up.

  9. Took me a while to figure out how to mail to groups – you now have to open the group (also pointlessly and longwindedly renamed Categories)name on the address bar which was not required before. It would save everyone inc MS a lot of time and aggravation if they published details of exactly what they’ve changed before just inflicting them as a test to see how long it takes for us to work it out.

    I dislike not being able to view as many entries per page as hitherto and find the deletion of the total number of entries in folders and groups unhelpful. Adding photo thumbnails to every contact just takes up space, necessitating more scrolling. Overall this latest change is costing me a lot of time. I had to repopulate my Favourites list as it had been emptied during the changeover.

  10. i hate it because i cant compose and send a message via the new version live messenger!! so i cant use my hotmail address or cant reply my mails. i am getting crazy! some of my friends are in same situation of me, however some of them are not! i cant understand:((

  11. My new hotmail look lost the list – Inbox, Junk, etc. It appears like a shadow and if I am fast enough I can open the box. I replied to “feedback” and as of today, no answer.

  12. Dear Leo, I have been using hotmail and it’s revisions for almost 9 years. I think this newest version is much cleaner, just as easy to use and haven’t missed anything from the previous version. My experience over the years has been quite satisfactory. Ken Purucker

  13. “My new hotmail look lost the list – Inbox, Junk, etc. It appears like a shadow and if I am fast enough I can open the box. I replied to “feedback” and as of today, no answer.”

    Same thing happened to me. I have no Inbox. It only lists Today, Contact List and Calendar! My writing pane only allows me to see 3 lines, so I can’t view the whole message that I am composing.

  14. am I the only one for whom the reply menu area that’s circled above in red doesn’t show up anymore? It used to, I’ve had no problem using the Live version until about two weeks ago when that reply line wouldn’t show up 90% of the time…

  15. My reply button disappeared!! Am i the only one who still cant find it?? It was there when i replied a few messages yesterday..

  16. the reply and forward buttons are not where you have illustrated in your highlighted pictures, instead I have a blank white empty space/box without the damn buttons???!!!

    I am not ranting at hotmail, maybe its my Vista that’s acting up all over the place!!!

  17. I am an elderly internet novice. I want any system I use to fulfil clear functional needs. I do not want to have to resort to these forae for help with that which should be bleedin’ obvious to those who “enhance” their facilities. What idiot saw fit to change an already satisfactory offering to one that is, to me, a useless frustration?

  18. you guys aren’t the only ones… my reply, forward buttons are all missing… got a mac and runs beautifully – get rid of everything microsoft and your life will be much better – i promise.

  19. @Garry
    I’m assuming you mean the new which is replacing the Live Hotmail interface.
    They’ve hidden the Forward button behind the Reply button. If you click on the little arrow to the right of the reply button on the top toolbar, you will get a pull down menu with the options of Reply, Forward and Reply All.


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