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What is Double Natting?

Essentially “Double Natting” is what happens when you place your computer behind a NAT router which is itself, behind another NAT router.

Occasionally it just happens, particularly in corporate environments where you want a small network to be isolated from the corporate network it’s on, which in turn is isolated from the internet that it’s connected to. While it slows things down just a tad, in practice, most, though not all, things work just fine across a double NAT.

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12 comments on “What is Double Natting?”

  1. Leo. I have this problem, but i dont know how to fix it. I have a ZyXEL on the ISRA , and that one goes straight to another router. can i turn Natting off somehow? or is it really needed?

    Because i have this problem, and i have about every 20 mins a disconnect when i’m in a game. it cannot Send any packets, but it can still Receive a little.

    Can you tell me what to do? :( i’m out of ideas.
    thanks in future


  2. Hi !!!!

    This is must due to the Double Natting.
    Yes you can turn off NAT in your secondary Router and the Main Router’s Router will act as DHCP server assigning static ip to the clients connected to it..

    On the secondary router , you can assign static ip in the Range of the First router and then disable NAT

  3. hey leo, my belkin wireless router must have been doing that double natting thing… i turned my nat thing off my wireless router and hotmail actually works, but i can’t go back to the belkin setup screeen…? where u choose settings for firewalls.. yadda yadda…

  4. hi leo i have a problem my hotmail and msn messenger does not work other web pages though work just fine i used to use a dial up modem but i changed it to a broadband is that why and if so what can i do to fix it?

  5. Hi Leo. I would like to ask a help from you. I hope you can email me your answer. Here’s my problem. I want to share my DSL connection to a friend whose basically away from my home. My DSL is 512KBPS. How can i create a connection in which it’s somehow the same with ISP where he can just connect to my MODEM/ROUTER using dial up connection. What softwares should I need or procedures. Please I need your help. Please if possible can you just email me your answers( Thank you again.

  6. Hi, My problem is i cannot poll the second pix(Cisco 506E) or server through the first pix(Cisco 506E) using SNMP.

  7. {email removed}
    you can possibly do waht you are trying to achive 2 ways. either by putting your modem in a bridge mode then by usering a – ppoe connectoidto connect ! – this way your freind would be able to open up a program configured with user name and password and could dial up the conenction .
    2 2nd way to do it and this is actaully the – right way to do it is by getting your self a router and a switch cause you could only run 100 meters of cat5 then switch/ repeter then a cat5 again.
    so its not really practical to do so


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