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This Is True – Weekly Weird News, Humor and Insightful Commentary

This is True
is a weekly syndicated newspaper column by Colorado humorist Randy
Cassingham. Each week Randy reports on several bizarre, but absolutely
true news stories from around the world, ending each with his own
unique humorous comment. The stories are often odd, frequently head
shaking, and occasionally very thought provoking.

But they’re always funny.

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This is True
comes in two flavors – free and a paid “premium” edition.

I’m personally not one to purchase on-line subscriptions very often,
but This is True is one that I’ve actually paid for – in fact it might
have been the first, since I’ve been a subscriber for many, many years.
It’s just that good, and the “premium” edition contains twice as many
stories and no ads. Getting rid of the ads is nice, but getting twice
the content is worth every penny.

“… truth is stranger than fiction, because
fiction has to make sense.”

There’s simply no reason not to check out the free version. Once a
week, you’ll get a different twist on some of the odd things happening
in the world.

Most will make you grin, some will make you laugh, and some are also
going to make you think.

As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to
make sense.

Randy has been publishing continuously since 1994, and recently put
his This Is True
, currently including the first seven years of
stories online. Visit those for a flavor of what This is True is all

Also associated with This Is True, where new additions are announced
each week, are Honorary Unsubscribe, noting the passing of lesser known
yet still noteworthy individuals, and Bonzer Web Sites of the
highlighting a quality web site that you might not have heard

Randy also publishes The True Stella Awards. Keeping with his
theme of publishing true news and related stories, the True Stella
Awards are just that: true. That’s in stark contrast to the same set of
tired, and totally bogus set of “Stella Awards” stories that
circulate every year via email. There are plenty of real stories relating the
abuse of our legal system so there’s simply no need to make something

This is True
– take a break each week and get a laugh and a new perspective on some
of the silly things happening in the world around you.

I recommend it.

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3 comments on “This Is True – Weekly Weird News, Humor and Insightful Commentary”

  1. maybe the best in internet entertainment, but give me John Stewart any day. Especially when he writes his own material. Damn writers guild. Same for Jay Leno by the way. Sooo much funnier when writing his own stuff. This was painfully clear during the writers strike last year. Even Conan was funnier and he’s still sinking further.
    My two cents…


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