Why Am I Still Getting Updates for Windows XP?

Here it is many days after the demise of Windows XP support, and I’m still automatically getting updates. I’ve allowed them to be installed and nothing untoward has occurred. Do you have an insights into this?

Several folks have been surprised to see updates still being delivered to their Windows XP machines. I can think of at least three separate reasons why that might be happening and in fact, will keep on happening.

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Are Offers for Continued XP Support and Security Legitimate or Worthwhile?

I saw an ad on TV last night about someone offering security for Windows XP for $50 a year and it would cover 5 computers. Are you aware of this? Any comments?

I’m not aware of this one specifically, but it’s hard to judge the class of service that they might be offering. Some might well be legitimate in that they’re honestly attempting to provide a real service. Others not so much.

But even for the legitimate, the real question is: can they really deliver on what they promise?

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Is it worth upgrading to get Windows XP Mode?


Since XP support has ended is it still worthwhile my buying Microsoft’s XP mode to upgrade my Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium in order to return back to my favorite Outlook Express? I foolishly paid nearly $200 extra for a PC package containing Outlook having been told it was like Outlook Express but better. I don’t like it and thus my desire to return to Outlook Express.

The short answer is no, you don’t want to do this.

For one thing, you may not need to spend any money to do what you’re asking. More importantly, it’s not something that I recommend you do, at all.

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What’s the Best Way to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7?


Leo, I have a Windows XP computer with a lot of downloaded programs. I want to install Windows 7 on the computer since Microsoft keeps changing its operating systems and forcing you to upgrade (unlike Apple). How do I do this simply? A friend of mine told me to just get a Windows 7 disk and load it but I question that since I’ve read so many sites, which explain all kinds of convoluted operations. I’m not a computer expert.

If I use your recommended backup program, Macrium Reflect, will it back up everything – files, data, and programs or do I have to go back and download the programs all over again? I’m about ready to buy an Apple Mac since no one seems to have that problem with them. So again, how do I go to Windows 7 from Windows XP?

Upgrading from Windows XP to 7 has two basic approaches: the way you want it to work, and the way that’s more reliable. I’ll get to that, but first I want to explain why I disagree with your comments about Apple.

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Will it be safe to exchange emails with XP users after support ends?

I use Windows 7 and Mac OS but like most users, I have friends and family who don’t want to take the time trouble or the expense to get a more modern machine. We’ve heard and read about the risks of running XP when you’re the user but what risks do we face when we exchange email with a die-hard XP user after Microsoft ends life support? What if that loyal XP user never sends anything attached to email? A simple email message can’t carry anything malicious – right?

What a wonderful scenario that I actually hadn’t considered before!

The short answer is yes, you should be quite safe. The longer answer is that you should be quite safe as long as you practice safe computing and you know what you’re looking out for.

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Can Windows XP even run without a network?

I’ve never tried, but can an XP machine run without a network connection? Considering how much hassle and exposure a VM would be, wouldn’t the best solution be an inexpensive dedicated computer running XP with no network interface at all?

Yes, Windows XP can certainly run that way.

It’s funny, we sometimes forget that when Windows XP first came out over a decade ago, networks weren’t as common as they are now. So yes, running XP, isolated as you suggest, is one way to reduce exposure.

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Will Preventing XP from Reaching the Internet Keep Me Safe?

We have an XP computer that we use for file backup. It needs to connect to our internal network but has absolutely no need to connect to the internet. Is there a way, for security reasons, to have no connection to the internet but still stay connected to our local network because our existing backup system works so well, we would prefer to not to have to update this computer at this time.

Yours is a variation on a very common idea that’s been cropping up lately.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with it.

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Is running Windows XP in a virtual machine as risky as running XP natively?


I’m replacing all of my computers that operate with Windows XP; I have one laptop that runs Windows 7 Pro; I run one program, a specialty program for Dentistry with the Windows Virtual PC, XP mode, on that Windows 7 Pro laptop. Is running this in Windows XP mode as risky as running Windows XP after support for XP ends?

This is a really good question. I’m glad you asked, because I’m afraid that a number of people might be making some dangerous assumption about virtual machines and XP mode.

It is in fact, one of the common recommendations for folks that have software such as you do, that can’t be run on anything after Windows XP, to use a virtual machine to be able to run Windows XP and that special software. (XP mode is really just a virtual machine.)

Is it as risky as running XP natively? Well, yes and no, but mostly yes.

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Can I Isolate Windows XP in a Virtual Machine to Stay Safe?


Dear, Leo. All of my legal forms are made with a program called Perform. Unfortunately, the company closed a long time ago so there are no updates and it works only in Windows XP. Now I’m now on Windows 8.1 so I use VMware to run XP, SP3 in a virtual machine. And Perform is the only program that I run in it. There is no network connection between the virtual machine and the host system. My question: Since I do not need to connect to the internet in the virtual machine, if I uninstall IE from it, will I be immune to any malware for the virtual machine, of course? Also, is uninstalling IE the only thing needed to isolate XP from the internet?

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues with what you are proposing. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, per say, but I don’t think you’ll end up as secure as you think you might be. For example, there’s no way I’d ever say you’d be able to make that XP virtual machine immune from malware.

Running XP in a virtual machine is indeed one of my recommendations for those who are required to use XP for otherwise unsupported legacy software – exactly like you are. So far, so good. But as I said, there remain issues.

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What to Do About Windows XP

Transcript (lightly edited)

Hi Everyone! I’m Leo Notenboom from askleo.com coming to you today from the palatial travel trailer where I often do many of the AnswerCast recordings. It actually has a nice, not too echo-y feel to it based on the internals. It’s basically a good, portable recording studio. Although today you may hear a little bit of wind in the background since we’re actually in the middle of a little bit of a windstorm.

So, over the past couple of months, I’d say that Windows XP related questions, most  boiling down to “What do I do about Windows XP support ending this coming April?”, have been very common. I want to go over what some of my suggestions are; what you need to do depending on your situation to deal with the end of life of Windows XP.

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Windows XP Must Die! Long Live Windows XP!

I want you to stop using Windows XP. It’s time to move to a more modern – and more importantly, a supported – operating system.

If you can’t or won’t stop using Windows XP, then I want it to work as well for you as it can for as long as it can. To that end, I’ve cut the price of the PDF version of Maintaining Windows XP – A Practical Guide in half.

Yes, I’m sending a mixed message, but I’m not alone; so is Microsoft, who recently extended the length of time their anti-malware tools would continue to be updated. This confusion in their messaging is driven as much by the people sticking with Windows XP as much as anything else.

It’s time to say good bye to Windows XP

As much as we might love Windows XP, it’s time to say goodbye. It really is.

And no amount of complaining about what Microsoft should do, should have done, could do, or won’t do will help or change that.

They’re going to do what they’re going to do. Just like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 before it, Windows XP will very shortly be unsupported.

The safest thing to do (and in my opinion, the right thing to do) is to move to another operating system. I’m not even saying that it needs to be a version of Windows. What matters is that the operating system is current and supported by its vendor and that it does whatever it is that you need it to do.

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Can my image backup of Windows XP be used on my Windows 8 computer?

Leo, I followed your advice and have been doing system backups with Macrium Reflect in Windows XP. My current 8-year-old Dell Desktop computer is showing signs of failing and I will probably have to replace it soon. Maybe concurrently with the April loss of support of Windows XP. Can the XP backup be used on the Windows 8 computer?

First of all, good on you for backing up. Like I’ve told many people, that puts you ahead of something like 90% of the people out there, so that’s fantastic. I love to see people using backup tools and backing up regularly.

Now to the question of whether you can use your Windows XP backup on Windows 8.

Kind of. Maybe. It depends on how you expect to use it.

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How do I protect my Windows XP after they stop sending updates?

How do I protect my Windows XP after they stop updating it?

I’m getting lots of variations on this question, as the day is fast approaching. To be clear, XP will keep on running, but any vulnerabilities that are found in it after the cut-off date will simply not be fixed. It’s kind of like your old ’57 Chevy that still runs great but for which you just can’t get any parts; not to mention leaded gas. You could drive it until it breaks, but then what?

So my knee-jerk response is to recommend that you update to something later. Windows 7 or Windows 8. Trust me, Windows 8 just isn’t that bad.

But I know that’s just not a viable solution for everyone.

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Will Macrium Reflect Free keep working in XP?


I’m planning on upgrading my Windows PC to Windows 7 in April when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP but I’d like to keep XP Pro on my laptop, well, for reasons that are just too long to go into in an email. I’ll continue to be using Malwarebytes and Super anti-spyware on my laptop along with McAfee full security center and firewall for protection, and I only use the laptop when my PC isn’t working which is infrequent.

Here’s my question: Will Macrium Reflect free version, which I’m currently using on both my PC and laptop for imaging purposes still work with my laptop after Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP or do you think Macrium will discontinue the use of it on Windows XP?

The short answer here is that I honestly don’t know. However, I do want to speculate a little bit because this is a really important issue for XP users everywhere, and it applies to so much more than Macrium Reflect.

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How costly would it be for Microsoft to keep supporting XP?

In your opinion, how difficult or costly is it for Microsoft to continue the support for Windows XP? I wonder if they think they screwed up by making something so good. Some older people like me and many older will not deal with the change well. Cost is always a factor on a limited income.

I certainly sympathize with you. Change and cost can be problematic.

Incidentally, cost is also a factor for Microsoft. Support for Windows XP involves a cost – one that Microsoft would continue to incur to keep Windows XP going. Many people miss that point, or just how large a cost it would be.

In fact, support for Windows XP is more costly to Microsoft than you might think. Let’s break it down.

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Will Anti-virus Programs for Windows XP Stop Being Updated when Microsoft Drops Support?

I just read your column where you talked about the ways that XP might be compromised after April of 2014. It was very good. Will any company provide anti-virus software for an operating system that Microsoft itself says has expired?

As it turns out, this is a very important question. Without Microsoft’s support, next to your own behavior, your anti-malware tools are your most important line of defense.

But there is a more nuanced issue going on here. Let’s talk about that.

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How Do I Switch to Linux?

In a recent answer, you pointed out that once Microsoft really stops support for Windows XP, there will be an increased risk of vulnerabilities being exposed over time. For older laptops that may not be able to migrate to Windows 8 or later, you mentioned using Linux. However, you don’t mention the process of how to migrate a Windows platform with all of those Windows applications to some Linux platform. Could you discuss what to actually do?

In that article, I mentioned that if you could not migrate to Windows 7 or 8, you might want to install Linux. That’s not a migration – it’s a replacement of the Windows operating system with a Linux operating system and starting over.

While it’s typically not terribly difficult, switching to Linux isn’t always a simple or unfortunately even a consistent process, and it may not be for everyone. Let’s discuss the details.

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How risky will it be to keep running Windows XP?

I’ve had a few people mention to me a recent blog post by Microsoft1, discussing what the company feels are some of the many risks associated with continuing to run Windows XP after the end of support in April of 2014.

I’ve had more people point me at “press” (I put press in quotation marks because many don’t actually deserve to be referred to as legitimate and reputable) reports based on that same post. These run the range from a relatively accurate reporting of what was said to an all-out “Microsoft is introducing zero-day vulnerabilities in XP that they won’t fix so you’re forced to switch!!!” hyperbole.

As is so often the case, the truth is much more nuanced than that.

And yet, it is important.

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Will Windows XP Keep Working after Support Ends?

Lots of people on the web think that when support for XP SP3 ends, the OS will no longer work. If I’m correct, patches will end like they did before (Windows 98). So what is the harm in me continuing to use this old machine with viruses and spyware? With an iPod, I can’t think of what I would really get in a new PC with Windows 8 or 9 if I wait long enough. I don’t buy much software  anymore. I use Chrome because IE doesn’t work anymore. I also have an Ubuntu DVD burned for banking. I run it directly off the DVD to avoid viruses. And I ran several scans before I burned the thing last year. Should I rush out and get a new HP compact tower before they’re no longer made?

No, you don’t need to run out and getting a new tower before they’re no longer made.

Let me address your questions here more or less in order.

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