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Why Did My Security Software Not Detect a Virus on My PC?

Even with up-to-date anti-malware tools, you can still fall victim to malware. I’ll explain why by comparing your computer to your… bathroom?

Made In Russia

What to do about Kaspersky Antivirus

Any software company with ties outside the U.S. comes under scrutiny. Should you be worried?


Tip of the Day: Remember, Security Software Interferes


Tip of the Day: Your Anti-malware Tool Will Fail

Best Choice!

What’s the Best Anti-Malware Tool to Keep Me Safe?

Over the years, your choices when it comes to anti-malware tools have become simpler, yet frustratingly imprecise.

Which Files Were Affected by a Hack or Malware?

Which Files Were Affected by a Hack or Malware?

After a hack or malware infection, you’ll want to know you’ve cleaned up the resulting mess. The news is not good.