Why Does this Email Message Ask Me to Enable HTML When It Already Is Enabled?

Using Hotmail, now Outlook.com, and my address is “something” @hotmail.com. In the past two days, I’ve received several messages from my bankcard company: the first, an alert that a payment is due soon, and the second, an acknowledgement that payment has been scheduled. Each includes “Please enable HTML in the message text.” I have not done anything to disable HTML. Principally, I don’t know how and secondarily, I’d be afraid to find out the consequences if I did. Previous account-related messages from this company included the link to the card users login page. The current message does not have this link. Thinking that something may have accidentally come unhooked in my Hotmail settings, I looked in options for anything indicating how to enable HTML. Finding nothing, I went on the net and searched “Enable HTML Hotmail” and found Ask Leo! I’ve read through the topics here and searched “Enable HTML Hotmail Outlook” and found no answer. Messages from other sources contains links, none contained a request to enable HTML. Please advise what I’ve done and how can I undo it so I can easily attend to this credit card.

I don’t think you’ve done anything and I don’t think there’s anything to undo.

There are several reasons why this kind of thing can be happening. Most of them boil down to an improperly constructed email message on the part of the sender. In other words, it’s not you, but the sender.

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What’s the Difference Between “Plain Text” and “HTML” Email?

I tried posting to a moderated email discussion group I’m on, but my post was rejected because the moderator said it was “html”. They wanted me to switch to “plain text”. What are they talking about, and how do I do it? 

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the way web pages such as this one are encoded to handle things like bolditalics and even color text red.

Plain text is, well, it’s plain.

There are reasons and times you might want to use both. Switching isn’t hard, if you know where to look.

Of course, where you look depends on how you send your email.

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Why Doesn’t My Email Format Properly in Outlook?


One of the staff here is having an Outlook 2003 problem. It seems that when she sends email, it changes the font to show a strikethrough. Twice I have tried to correct this and here is what happened.

1. When she composed, it showed strikethroughs on her side, and that was it.

2. Now, when she composes, there are no strikethroughs, but when people reply their text has strikethroughs in it.

3. I am out of ideas and thinking of reinstalling Office 2003.

I have gone into her settings and did all the common stuff, but still can’t get it to behave.

I feel your pain. It’s a problem I commonly experience when replying to other people’s mail. All of a sudden, what I type doesn’t appear in the style I want it to, and for the life of me, I can’t whack it into shape. At least not without a lot of work.

I think I understand why it happens, and I definitely have some suggestions.

Two suggestions, actually.

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What is Javascript and why do i need it?


I can’t access my HotMail account and it says on my log on page that i need Javascript to go any further. Just what is Javascript and why do i need it?

Well, the short answer is that Javascript is a programming language, and you need it because HotMail says you do.

I know, that’s not very helpful. Let’s see if I can explain in a little more detail.

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