Why does this malware keep coming back?


When I click on a search program or email site, I see “infospace” first before the site. It slowed my computer down somewhat. I’ve had it removed but it always comes back. How can I get rid of it forever?

Infospace is actually a search engine that’s got a pretty good reputation. I suspect what you’re seeing here is some kind of intrusive adware that’s associated with that same name.

There are several possible things that could be going on here. I want to walk you through some of the possibilities and what you should be looking at.

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Why is my new computer flooded with pop-ups and ads?

We’ve recently purchased an Acer notebook with Windows 8 and it’s protected by Norton. We’re being flooded with pop-up notices and advertisements. Please help us get rid of them!

No one likes pop-up notices and advertisements. In your case, it’s difficult to be specific about a solution because fixing this depends on exactly what ads and pop-ups you see, what they look like, and how they appear.

Because there are so many potential sources for pop-ups and advertisements, I’m going to review some of the most common and hope that one of them will apply in your situation.

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How Did a Website Discover My Email Address?

I visited a website and two days later, I received marketing information through email from that website for their products. How could they know my email without me providing it when I visited the website? Could it be that they have group mailed somehow? The mail came on my Gmail account.

Depending on the site, it could be a coincidence. Many large companies use mass market email and the fact that you received a message might be completely random.

There are several ways that a company could do this… and again, it’s not based on paranoia. You just need to understand what technology these companies have that allows them to do this.

It all boils down to related sites or sites that use related advertising.

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