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SimpleURL – Inexpensive Domain Registration … with Service

As of yesterday, I own 69 internet domains. I’ve registered them all through SimpleURL, a service of Simple Online Solutions.

It’s easy to get wrapped up around pricing when looking to register a domain. SimpleURL’s prices are quite inexpensive, but certainly not the absolute lowest that you’ll find around. You might be able to save a buck or two by going elsewhere.

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“What has kept me at SimpleURL for many, many years is simply this: service.”

But in my experience – it’ll cost ya.

What has kept me at SimpleURL for many, many years is simply this: service.

Any time I’ve had an issue, or even just a question, the response has been accurate and reliable. Just yesterday when I registered domain #69 there was a hiccup in the process. The response? “Here’s what the problem was, and it’s fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


For something as fundamentally important as the ownership and registration of the domains that identify you on the internet, I’m absolutely willing to pay just a little more for that level of comfort.

And like I said, it’s still pretty darned inexpensive.

My needs are fairly basic: I register my domains, and then I go off and handle things like DNS, email, and hosting all on my own. However, SimpleURL provides a range of services including not only registration but Whois ID protection, email forwarding, email hosting, and web hosting.

I’m a happy SimpleURL customer and have been for years. That’s why it’s about time I said …

I recommend it.

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3 comments on “SimpleURL – Inexpensive Domain Registration … with Service”

  1. I took this recommendation a few weeks and am very pleased.

    One caution: I’m just out of the “newbie” stage related to domain management. I couldn’t find any information about mapping mail (MX) and website (CNAME) records using the SimpleURL domain management control panel. One email, a reply within 2-3 hours, and I had everything set up and WORKING the way I wanted.

  2. Wait a second, $13 for a .com?That’s hardly inexpensive ! My current registrar provides it for $8.89 ! Not to mention their site is extremely well designed and phone support is superb ! Just my two pence !

  3. I’ve given up trying to find the cheapest services, whether we are talking about mechanics or online services. I took Leo’s advice and turned to SimpleURL, and the hand-holding in the first half hour was worth every dime. We seniors need more help than many with this stuff, so I think I have finally found the right place to go.


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