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Master Microsoft OneDrive with my online course: “All About OneDrive

OneDrive is incredibly powerful. It’s included for free with Windows 10 and 11, and contains a bucket-load of features that can help you not only back up, but share, collaborate, stay safe, and more.

Unfortunately, OneDrive is at times also incredibly confusing. That’s where All About OneDrive comes in. We’ll cover OneDrive’s features and its peculiarities so you can use it to the fullest, with no tech wizardry required!

What You’ll Learn:

Some Basics

  • What are files and folders anyway?
  • Know what makes your Windows folders special.
  • Uncover why your OneDrive folder is just like any other folder — until it isn’t.

OneDrive in the Cloud

  • Navigate the OneDrive website like a pro.
  • Learn what that 5GB free quota really means.
  • Understand how this cloud business is separate from your computer but super connected.

The OneDrive App

  • Discover how this app is the secret sauce to linking your computer and the OneDrive cloud.

The Backup “Feature

  • Get why this feature is both a small blessing and a large curse. We’re diving deep on this one, folks.

Setup & Settings

  • Set up and tweak OneDrive to work just how you like it.

Disk Space Features

  • Don’t let storage woes bog you down; find out about Files On Demand and Choose Folders.

Simple Sharing

  • Share your stuff without breaking a sweat.

Advanced Sharing

  • Get fancy with how you let others see your files.

Incoming Sharing Links

  • Learn how to receive files safely and simply.


  • Safeguard your OneDrive with robust Microsoft Account settings and encryption methods.

Your Personal Vault

  • Surprisingly simple additional security.


  • Get to know this third-party tool that’ll protect even your most sensitive files.

OneDrive and Microsoft Office

  • Integrate OneDrive seamlessly with your Office apps.

OneDrive and File Operations

  • Manage your files with ease.

 OneDrive File Operations Online

  • Conduct operations within the OneDrive website itself.

OneDrive and

  • Wade through the confusion and make your life easier when dealing with email attachments.

OneDrive Mobile

  • Set up and use OneDrive on your phone like a champ.

Moving OneDrive

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of moving your OneDrive folder. It’s easy!

Backing up Using OneDrive

  • It OneDrive a backup or not? Yes and no! Ensure your files are safe from accidental deletion and even ransomware.

Storage Plans

  • Find out which storage plan suits your needs. From freebies to the whole shebang!

OneDrive Alternatives

  • Alternatives? Sure! Let’s cover a few of the most popular and common.

No Risk

GuaranteedI believe in what I do, and I honestly believe that my online course, All About OneDrive, can help you.


If, after purchasing All About OneDrive you’re not completely satisfied, just ask me for your money back.

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