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My Turn: a Question for You!

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My turn for a question for you.

Hi, everyone! Leo Notenboom here for

So as you might imagine, I get a really good sense for what people are experiencing based on the volume and types of questions that I get everyday at Ask Leo!. I quite literally get more questions than I can answer but I end up using the questions that I see come by as indicators of what kinds of issues are hot or what kinds of issues are pressing or what kinds of things are basically causing people grief today.

But unfortunately, one of the issues with basically deciding on what to do using only those questions is that those questions are a symptom of what I’ll call acute issues. In other words, issues that people are stumbling into suddenly or immediately or they’re having problems with right now – failures and lost accounts and those kinds of things.

All are short-term things that happen quickly. People go out and look for an answer, and of course, hopefully they find the answer and they move on. There’s another aspect to using technology that I really want to give input on and that is the more, I guess to use the word, chronic problems that people are having. So, in last week’s newsletter, I asked a question.

Basically, I asked people to go fill out a quick survey that asks what’s bugging you? What’s the biggest problem you have with technology today? What’s stopping you from using it effectively? That question is a little bit different.

There’s a lot of overlap, obviously, with the day-to-day acute problems but the bigger issues that people struggle with not so much on a day-to-day basis but on an absolutely week-to-week, month-to-month kind of scenario that really frustrates people long-term or that really prevents them from truly using or exploiting or enjoying their technology.

So what I’m going to this week is instead of having you comment on the video itself, comments on this video will actually be closed. Instead, I’m going to ask you go to this URL and this is the URL that will take you to a Survey Monkey survey that will collect your answer to that question.

Now, I’ve already got, since I mentioned it in last week’s newsletter, I’ve already got a bunch of answers and if you’ve already answered, if you’ve already filled out that survey, thank you very much. It honestly, really does help. If you haven’t I’d love you to have input added to what I’ll be analyzing to see what kind of directions I should take.

By directions, what I mean is where should be investing the time and energy as I answer questions, as I write articles and of course, as I move ahead with more books from the Ask Leo! bookstore.

So have a look at that if you can. Here’s the link again for the survey. There is a link, I’ll flip it around and here’s a link for this article out on As usual, I normally say if you are watching this anywhere but go there but comments are going to be turned off on that page but it will still host this video and instead there will be a link that will take you to the survey that I’m asking you to fill out.

If you get a chance to do that, fantastic! I really appreciate it. It will be very helpful in figuring out just what directions Ask Leo! should take over the course over the next year. In the meantime, hopefully, I’ll be back next week with another topic on tech – probably Windows 10 the way things are looking right now (talk about acute problems) and I will see you then. Take care everyone!

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