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Is there an easy way to share photos with my family that's free?


I use Windows 7 and I’m looking for an easy way to share photos with my
family members. I’ve tried Dropbox and JustCloud, but both seem more interested
in premium upgrades than in an easy system. I used Windows Live Cloud until
my account was hacked. 2 GB is plenty for my needs; just something easy and

In this excerpt from
Answercast #17
, I suggest staying with Dropbox. It gives 2 GB free and is still an easy solution.


Sharing files with family

If 2 GB is plenty for your needs, I’m going to send you back to Dropbox.

Dropbox, when you install it, asks what plan you want. Fine. Pick the 2 GB free one. Every time you install it on a new machine, it will ask you that question. Pick the 2 GB free one and get on with your life.

It does not repeatedly ask you once you’ve selected that option. You’re done. It’s very unobtrusive. They are not very annoying about nagging for you for upgrades all of the time. It just kinda sorta works.

I recommend Dropbox

I strongly recommend Dropbox. The reason I do is because now, regardless of how you organize your folders within Dropbox, you can right-click on a file and get a link – a publicly shareable link – for that file that will allow you to share your pictures easily with anybody.

Sharing photos with Dropbox

So, literally sharing a photo is as simple as:

  • Dropping the photo into a folder that is in your Dropbox.
  • Right-clicking on it.
  • Copying the link (the public link for that photo).
  • And then sending that link to your friends or family.

Similarly, you can right-click on a folder and share the entire folder contents with your friends or family.

So, I strongly urge you to reconsider Dropbox. It really is easy and free and not very annoying at all.

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3 comments on “Is there an easy way to share photos with my family that's free?”

  1. Wondering why you prefere dropBox to SugarSync? I think Ssync is more sophisticated (?) Examples of features::
    (1) 5gb free, (2) bonus memory if others join through you (e.g. deciding to join rather than just download) (3) auto-sync of folders and files in same tree structure as main computer – in Sugar Sync (cloud) and across computers (e.g. laptop, or shared section with family e.g. photo folders – or in part: sub-folders) and auto-sync (wireless) from smart phone photos to your computer.

  2. Picasa, from Google, is an image editing site. However, you don’t have to edit your pics. You can post up to 7GB online, and set it to public, private, or a couple other options. Then just email your family with the link to the web-album. It’s quite easy. The senior center I work at teaches how to use it, but it’s easy to figure out on your own.

  3. To store pictures and share them, I found a new program, I am using. unlimited storage for jpeg, jpg, and a couple other file types, The help button is at the bottom right side. Hardly visible on my machine.


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