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Cookies are nothing more than information a web site can save on your computer that that same web site can pick up again the next time you return. It’s what some sites use cookies for that has some people concerned and why you might care about things like when cookies appear, blocking cookies, cleaning and deleting cookies, and perhaps even looking inside of them.

A computer screen overwhelmed by multiple GDPR Cookie Consent pop-up windows. The screen is cluttered with various consent requests, each asking for approval to use cookies, demonstrating the frequency and abundance of these requests while browsing the internet. The pop-ups vary in size and design, reflecting the diversity of websites and their approaches to obtaining consent. In the background of the computer screen, you can see the faint outline of a web page, barely visible through the myriad of consent forms.

Should I Accept Cookies On My Computer?

You’ll be asked again and again whether or not a site can leave cookies. I’ll explain why, what the ramifications are, and my suggested answer.

Remember Me!

How Websites Remember You: Diving into Cookies & More

Websites remember that you signed in previously both as a convenience and as a way to make using the site possible.


Where Do Cookies Come From?

Cookies are a fact of life when browsing the web. But if you look at the cookies stored on your machine, you might be surprised how many there are.


How Do Cookies Work, and How Do I Delete Them?

Deleting cookies is an easy task. Whether it’s necessary or not is another matter.

Supercookies and Evercookies and No Cookies at All: Resistance Is Futile

Supercookies and Evercookies and No Cookies at All: Resistance Is Futile

So-called “supercookies” and “evercookies” track the websites you visit even if you regularly disable or flush normal cookies.

These are not browser cookies

What are Browser Cookies and How Are They Used?

Browser cookies are a simple and powerful way websites can leave information on your computer to use when you return.

CCleaner Deleting a Cookie

Does cleaning cookies force me to re-verify my bank log-in?

It’s a pretty quick process to identify all the internet domains that need to be listed in CCleaner as exceptions so that you can easily log in to your favorite sites.

Cache Cookies

How do I view cookies in IE 11?

View cookies in IE using the normal easy-to-remember way, or the quick way.

Cookie Watches You!

What Are Tracking Cookies, and Should They Concern Me?

Cookies are placed on your machine by websites — often more websites than you realize. We’ll review cookies and how third parties can use them.

CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan

Why Would a Website’s Automatic Sign-in Suddenly Stop Working?

A website’s automatic sign-in may suddenly stop working when cookies are deleted from your machine.