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Installing Edge and LastPass – Ask Leo! Live

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Edited from the full Ask Leo! Live Event video, available below.


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Full Ask Leo! Live Event

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3 comments on “Installing Edge and LastPass – Ask Leo! Live”

  1. Leo… can you please provide a link on your web page to download a copy of the featured video? I have good download speed, but when I attempt to stream your videos, they are very stop/start, especially after initial release (they appear to be popular and your server can not keep up the high demand). It would be nice to start a download in the background and then view the video when the download is complete. Starting the video, pausing it and waiting for the buffer to fill up does not always work in practice. Thanks Paul

    • Right now download ability is reserved for patrons at the Gold level (I continue to try to come up with ways to reward my patrons for their support during this time, and this is one of them). The other approach I might recommend would be the youtube video. There are assorted YouTube video downloaders available, and you could try grabbing that one.

      One other thing to try is to click on the gear icon in the player up above (the top one) and change the quality to something less than whatever it’s selected for you and see if that gets you a better streaming experience – it’s supposed to. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Leo. I did play with quality level but it made little or no difference. Watched the episode today (two days later) and had no problems with buffering, although the screen was a little blurry at times (changing the quality helped sometimes, but not always).


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