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How do I fix "The instruction at — referenced memory at –. The memory could not be read."?


I keep getting an error which says:

The instruction at 0x7c901010 referenced memory at 0x0000001c The
memory could not be read.

I was wondering if you could help me please.

Probably not.

That error message, by itself, is kind of like taking your car to your auto
mechanic and saying “something’s broken”. It’s nowhere near enough information
to even begin to have a clue as to what’s going on.

That mechanic is going to respond by asking you a bunch of questions.

So will I.

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The single most important question that I would ask first is

What were you doing or trying to do when this happened?

Your auto mechanic’s probably going to ask a similar question. How’s it
broken? What were you doing when it broke?

For your computer: Were you just sitting there and it popped up on its own?
Does it happen only when you do certain things like browse the web or run a
specific program? Can you reproduce it reliably, and if so what are the steps
to doing so?

All of that information is attempting to identify if perhaps a specific
piece of software is causing the problem. Then, presumably, we might be able to
repair that software.

My next question is equally important:

What your computer’s configuration?

That auto mechanic has the luxury of seeing the car you brought in for
service. When you ask someone a question on the internet, they can’t see your
computer, so you’ll need to indicate just what it is your using.

“Depending on the additional information you provide
there might be more questions.”

Windows XP? SP2 installed? Windows Vista? How much memory is in your computer?
Disk space? Free disk space? Anything that might be related to the answer to
the first question? (for example if it only happens when you access a
particular piece of hardware, what are the specifications for that

If the problem seems to be internet or mail related, what browser are you
using? What extensions do you have installed? Who’s your email provider? What
email program do you use? If it only happens when you use a specific program –
what program? What version? Is it up to date?

All of that information is critical to understanding what we’re dealing
with. As only one example, there are problems with Windows XP SP1 that SP2
doesn’t have – knowing where you’re at could indicate a quick solution. Or not.
Similarly different hardware and different software all plays into figuring our
what might be at fault.

Now we start with maintenance:

Is your anti-malware software running and up to date? Is Windows up
to date?

This is very much like your mechanic asking when your last oil change was,
or when you had your care tuned up last.

I’m going to ask what anti-virus program you’re running, and whether or not
you’re keeping the database of virus definition up to date every day. Same for
your anti-spyware program: is it running, and are you keeping it up to

Similarly I’m going to ask if Windows itself has been kept up to date. Many
problems appear after vulnerabilities are discovered and made public; keeping
Windows up to date is how you avoid these problems.

Many, many, many problems like this are virus or particularly
spyware related. Certainly not all, and it’s not a conclusion you can just jump
to, but making sure you’re running the latest and greatest is an important step
in resolving potential issues.

Next we look at recent history:

Did you make any changes to your system recently?

The car mechanic will ask “had any work done lately?”

I’ll be asking if you’ve installed any new hardware or software recently and
whether the problem began happening then? That’s a pretty strong clue that
there’s a relationship. Perhaps uninstalling or system restore would resolve
the issue.

That’s all just a start. Depending on the additional information you provide
there might be more questions. Occasionally with enough information and a
little research answers might well pop up quickly.

But with zero information, your chances of a solution are about the same:

As a side note, sometimes you can get lucky and search for the specific
memory address on the internet and get a specific answer. Sometimes. Not so in
this case. In researching this specific error there appears to be no clear
solution, though many mentions of possible spyware. Without more information
it’s just not something that’ll get tracked down.

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69 comments on “How do I fix "The instruction at — referenced memory at –. The memory could not be read."?”

  1. In my experience, this error message is most often associated with a Flash file. I don’t know if other people have observed the same? My first question would therefore be something along the lines of “were you running a flash program or a flash webpage?”
    The problem is most often ‘cured’ by updating the version of flash player installed on the user’s machine.

  2. I had a similar problem. It occurred when turning off my computer(HP Pavilion, Windows XP/SP2). I had to use a digital camera to snap a picture of the error message off the screen before it disappeared. The message indicated the program was a part of Norton Anti-Virus. I had just installed NAV2007 a few days before. Symantec said to download an updated version of NAV2007, but the link I was given was a dead link. I did not have time at the moment to pursue it further, and since it did not seem to cause any problems, I let it slide and the problem eventually went away.

  3. Just last week at I had an error message pop up that read: the instruction at 0x1110cc0 referenced memory at 0x1110cc0 the memory could not be read. So I called my ISP and they like you asked me a bunch of questions what was I doing at the time and I was trying another browser different from IE 7 and another e mail package different from Outlook Express. The other part of the error read ccApp.exe–Application. I was told to call Symantec as this is their error message as they could tell from the message. I called their 800 number and a nice young lady helped me and asked me what I was doing and I told her and she said lets delete all of Norton and re-install it. It worked and no more error message. She told me Norton got confused when I tried to use a different browser and e mail package and could not read memory.

  4. I am getting the same problem and the only thing recently that I have done is updating adobe accorabat reader and I think ever since I did that I keep getting either adobe helper created an erro or ie created an error..

  5. While I have not yet going through all of the hotfix solutions regarding the post of Dr. Arthur Billy – which does seem to have some merit and potentially may resolve the issues. It is important to note here as is not EXPLICITLY indicated in the solutions posts that this is not a WindowsXP issue. It is a Windows issue – period. The problem can (and has in my case) affect Windows2000 boxes as well – both server and professional. However, not all of them.

    I think Microsoft is really dodging the bullet on this one since there should be a class action lawsuit being started here. We’re “FORCED” to download software against our wishes in order to make a piece of software we (hopefully) purchased from them in order to make said software work properly. When we do as we are made to do and install this software and related patches – our systems are worse off than before!! Now we have to install more patches and waste more time looking everywhere for a solution. Which may or may not work entirely either – only to (probably) have it break later on down the road.

    Now I have two consipracy theories about this – which could work together but are exclusive of each other. Although I can speak only for myself – I personally didn’t have any problems with this until after the commercial release of Vista – now after it’s release I have 4 computers (2 Win2K and 2 WinXP-SP2) that are having the problem. Wouldn’t it be ‘quaint’ if the REAL solution in Microsoft’s eyes was to FORCE us to upgrade to that unholy-piece-of-crap OS that has sent droves of PC users to the Apple store over the past 4 months!! Secondarily, since the official dogma from MS is that the Genuine Microsoft Validation is an optional installation, and is not REQUIRED in order to use the OS and related software – just to download other software and certain updates (so how ‘optional’ is it really). Now wouldn’t it be nice to release a hotfix that would cause problems on any system that either didn’t install that software, or didn’t install a patch that required it – problem solved – anyone with a priated copy of their software is now screwed!!! Well, I buy my software (at least the software I actually use and don’t just try out and delete) – however, because they got a little too fancy – my stuff is broken too!! YAY!! Looks like I have one more reason to do everything but play games on Linux – I think I might actually steal my next copy of Windows… that way when they trash it I don’t feel frustrated at all when I have to reboot into Linux or turn on my Mac in order to actually get some work done.

  6. I too have this error, Everytime I try to run certain software, or video games it seems to happen more too on my computer, I get a memory reference error, it’s very frustrating. Also every solution I try to do does not work =(.

  7. I also have the “Referenced memory atxxxx. The memory could not be read” problem each time I open Windows Explorer, like doing My Computer, or My Documents. I got it about a weeek ago. It actually went away for a day or so but came back to haunt my win2kserver.

    As others have, I have searched for those having a similar situation and have concluded that this problem has NOTHING to do with a particular application or file type.

    I also searched for a “fix” to this issue and NOTHING I see that has been suggested/tried that fixes the problem!

    I did find that, as a work-around, I can leave the msgbox with the “The memory could not be read” msg and then I could open other folders, My Computer, etc. w/o that msg coming up again. So, I leave the msgbox open and move it to out of the way and go on my merry(?) way.

    There’s got to be an MS programmer out there that can get into the explorer.exe code and determine what is causing the “access violation” and give us a fix.

  8. My message says “0x037e7ecd” referenced memory at “0x03a82d7c”. The memory could not be “read. Click on ok to terminate the program.

    (I don’t have a clue what to do to fix this).

  9. the instruction at”0x06a4fdb3″ referenced memory at”0x00000044″. the memory could not be “read”.I am running WindowsXP SP2 with Office 2003.Antivirus program Zone Alarm updated and scanning daily. XoftspySE scanning 3 times per and upto date week
    I get this error when I am in a web page and try to click on link to open an adobe acrobat reader file.
    Any idea?

  10. My problems(all of them started when I had to update with SP2 to allow me to use WMP11.
    Prior to that I did not even use a firewall with Opera.
    When the SHTF I tried to get rid of all the nasties by using an online scanner that did not want to work because it needed an Activex program.
    LINUX here I come.
    I think my problem with CPU overclocking good be caused by ctfmon.exe

  11. I have a Dell Latitude D630 w/Windows XP SP2 IE7.0
    I get this erroe whenever I close IE or any application that uses IE. The actual error is – The instruction at 0X0345f2c0 referencing memory at oX00000ba0. The memory could not be read. I have had the error for a couple of months, so I’m not quite sure what changed. Yes, my virus software is up to date. I am running MicroTrend. I have been downloading all the fixes as they come. This problem does not happen on my WIN XP Prof 64 bit computer. As I was sitting here typing this, I had IE open on my problem child and the error came without me doing anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. i got the same message when i load or save my game while playing that game.(I have copied that game from others computer). otherwqise the game will run fine.please provide me the solution.

  13. A co-workers computer is giving a similar message, and they have asked me to fix it. Since it is not my computer I really dont know anything much more than the error message, but the error message we are seeing is the same except the last line the memory cannot be “read” his says it cannot be “written”. Once we click OK the same message pops-up saying it cannot be “read”.

  14. After turning on my computer which is at home ( I am at office) It is a Compac 2006 model with about 1064 RAM memory, DeskTop Computer with 200 Gigs Dual Core Anthon (Anthion) processors (64 bit) I’m using Windows XP SP2 Home Version I think. I’m covered with 2-3 security programs such as Norton (full version and updated daily and scaned 1-2x’s and Illo System Mechanic 7 or 8 that I’ve used for 8-10 years)

    The problem I am at a loss to know how to solve begins when I click on the Explore Icon…the hour glass shows activity…then the error message comes up… the message “Ox5a934001” and refererence memory could not be “written” comes up when trying to start Explore. I can’t *don’t know how) to get to the internet to download a correction since it just goes back to windows screen when I hit either “terminate program” or “debug” etc. Can anyone get me around this impasse’ of not being able to connect to the web? I try to go through other programs but this things terminates those efforts it seems. Thanks for any help here. Craig

  15. I’ve seen these issues and can confirm that the problem is generally with an Add-On to the browser. I’ve done extensive research and found that there are three (that I know of) browser add-ons that when enabled, will cause the IE Browser to crash. They are “Skype (mastermind), Yahoo! Services and Yahoo! IE Services Button”.

    If you disable these and restart your IE session, you should no longer receive these crashes. There may be others, so please try disabling them one at a time to identify which others may be causing the problems.

    Many Tech Sites will state to look at the Add-on’s first before placing blame on the browser. An Add-on is just that – an extension to work with the underlying layer of the browser. If that extension or code is bad, it will fail miserably as we have all seen!

    I hope this helps others!

  16. I have the same problem. It happens when i turn on my computer. It starts with explorer.exe The instruction…reference memory at… blah… And ends explorer.exe. i can start the task again but the problem persists. What I did to remedy this was go to safe mode, run msconfig, and disabled half of my services. rebooted normally and didn’t have a problem. So I went back to safe mode and enabled half of those services that i had just disabled…. anyways kept cutting them in half until i found which service was causing the problem. My advice is to do this to find which service is causing the error, a little time consuming but it was the only way i could think of doing it. Find the service, and either replace it or just keep it disabled.

  17. When trying to paste information into an email by right clicking on the mouse, I received the following error:
    The instruction at “0x048e4a88” referenced memory at “0x4d30fdc”. The memory could not be “read”.

  18. My friend’s computer had recently had some virus trouble involving these errors. (she has a dell latitute d520 running xp with mcaffe antivirus). It disappeared for a few days, but now it’s back and worse. when she logs in, it runs for a few seconds, then she gets one of three errors: the instruction at “ox008c59e7” referenced memory at “0x00000034”. The memory could not be “read”. or the instruction at “ox100059e7” referenced memory at “0x00000034”. The memory could not be “read”. The other I haven’t managed to write down. Once one of these errors pops up, explorer crashes, and the only thing I can do is hit ctrl-alt-del (the task manager won’t come up) or restart the computer. If I could figure out a way to manipulate, or even find the memory files the error speaks of I could probably fix them, but I have no idea where to start. At this point we’re just hoping to avoid a full reinstallation of windows.

  19. The instruction at “0x7e3418e0” referenced memory at “0x01a8127c”. The memory could not be “read”

    How do I locate and resolve this problem?

    I would start by carefully reading the article you just commented on.

    – Leo
  20. I tried to change my password & keep getting a message saying error 0x7e34182d & 0x02669d20 I have xp home addition memory 43gb any ideas?

  21. the instruction at”0x10132351″ referenced memory at “0x00000000”.the memory could not be “read”.
    I get this error message when I run “Soldier of Fortune Payback” on my acer 2.0Ghz core duo with 3Gb of RAM and Nvidia family can i fix it?thank you.

  22. Hi every one. I need help for the problem with NFS pro street I had tried it on Win XP SP3 when I start the game there is error “The instruction at “0x00707ffa” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”. My PC system is Dual core 3.00Ghz 1.00GB Ram 40 Sata H.D.D. If yo guys have any Idea for me please let me know. Thank’s for your attention

  23. The instruction at “0x0185f496″ referenced memory at 0x0185f496”. the memory could not be “written”.

    I have stule vista and the system xp s2 the voice hide and network

  24. This [edited] error needs to be addressed by Microsoft and instructed on why this happens and how to fix it. The way we handle this molten POS is by either uninstalling the program involved or if that does not work do a system restore to a point it hasn’t happened. This error has plagued us since we rolled out the companies new computers and no one has seen this error until we got these new Dell’s. I am surprised to see that it has affected an Acer as mentioned above.

  25. Hi Leo: Same problem! Windows XP Home SP3 fully auto-updated by Microsoft. RAM 2 GB. HDD 160 GB, free 140 GB. Core 2 Duo Intel 2.46 GHz CPU. Nvidia 8500 GT graphics card. Model: Mustek6376 mst6376; motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5VD2-MX 1.XX. After last security etc updates, keep getting: Explorer.exe error: 0x7c9524f9 referenced…0x00000010. The memory could not be “read.” Click OK to terminate the program. This error wipes out my QuickLaunch and Tray Icon cache and changes my Folder settings from Details to Thumbnails. I have to reboot to get my PC running properly again. The error occurs often when my PC is idle. I also get the error Instruction at 0x7c90100b referenced memory at 0x00000034, and sometimes “Insufficient Quota” But I am a single user, no network, no quota set. What has Microsoft done to my PC? Please help! Google searches produced no fix, nor explanation. Kind regards, Bob.

  26. I’m getting an error message that says “The instruction at “0x75606e6a” referenced memory at “0x00000008”. The memory could not be “read”.Click on OK to terminate the program “.
    I started getting this error after i tried to uninstall a software ‘UNIBLUE Registry Booster’ .It wasn’t uninstalling hence i deleted the folder of the software from Program Files .
    The configuration of my system is :
    Intel (R), Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40 GHZ,3.25 GB of RAM , HDD 465 GB,Windows XP,SP2 installed,Free disk space – 365 GB. Browser im using is : Earlier I was using IE 8 BUT i also uninstalled it and installed IE7 the same day on which the problem started arising.
    I also tried to update the windows but the error message keeps on popping up .
    I had a AVG antivirus installed in my computer and it was fully up to date .
    Kindly help me out as soon as possible .

  27. i got the same problem , but this comes when i’m trying to update the antivirus called Kaspersky , when clicking on update it just popup with message as follows :

    The instruction at”Ox3071e3dc” referenced memory at “0x000000a4”. the memory could not be written.
    click ok to terminate the program
    click cancel to debug the program

    so anyone here has any solution to this ?

  28. hi everyone!!!!!I’m getting an error message that says “The instruction at “0x00bd8429” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”.Click on OK to terminate the program “.The configuration of my system is :intel core 2 duo 2.4,9800gt nvidia gr.card,1tb hhd (free 800gb),nod 32 anti-virus,4 gb ram,windows vista nvidia evolution…..some times my computer turns down and i watch blue monitor and then begins again…what can i do???thanks…

  29. Im getting an error message

    The instruction at “0x7c9524f9” referenced memory at “0x00000010”. The memory could not be “read”. Click ok to terminate the problem.

    This happens regularly, usually at least once a day. Running windows xp which is all up to date. We were running AVG, but recently changed to Kaspersky. This problem has existed for months now.

    Can someone please help!!

    Not nearly enough information. Please read the article you just commented on.

    – Leo
  30. I’ve got same problem,
    when i play Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare, im getting a error message:

    “The instruction at “0x7c9122ba” referenced memory at “0xfffffff8”. The memory could not be “read”.Click on OK to terminate the program “.

    Dell Dimension DXPO51
    Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
    Clocking: 2.79 GHz, 1,00 GB

    Nvidia geforce 7300LE,
    Pls help

  31. while i was playing warcraft 3 online i got this error – The instruction at’0x6F278C41′ referenced memory at ‘0x6687AF34’ . The memory could not be read.

  32. hi everyone!!!!!I’m getting an error message that says “The instruction at “0x0cd0676f” referenced memory at “0x005c3aa9”. This error show when I use Report in PSS /ADEPT 5.0

  33. HIII!
    I got this error:
    The instructions at 0x76110999 referenced memory at 0x76611099. The required data was not in place into memory because of an I/O error status 0X000000E.
    I try using the Combo fix but it detects my NOD 32 y disible it but it continuos asking me to close it. I uninstalled NOD smart security 4 but it keep asing me… if i put accept the windows says “combo fix is preaparing to run”.
    i have to wait there, (i waited 20min) or what? any1?

  34. I always receive this error when trying to get on Internet Explorer:
    The instruction at 0x10011341 referenced memory at 0x03451000. The memory could not be read.
    I have Windows XP SP2 I have tried the above but nothing is working
    I have installed regcure and it has not worked. What should I do?

    I’ll send you to this article: “IExplore.exe has generated an error.” Now what?

    – Leo
  35. Hi All,
    HELP me please on this. I keep receiving the following 2 errors/alerts at Windows XP (at Start-up Only, not any other time during windows running):

    Svchost.exe The instruction at “0x7c91b21a” referenced memory at “0x00000010”. The memory could not be “written”.

    lmgrd.exe The instruction at “0x0012e854” referenced memory at “0x00000010”. The memory could not be “read”.

    I appreciate any advice.

    any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.


  36. Hi there..

    I myself working in IT so will try to provide you as much information as I can in first go..

    Computer: Laptop
    OS: Windows XP SP2
    Error Message: MshtmlUpdater.exe – Application Error
    The instruction at “0x5ff3b322” referenced memory at “0xffaf9fbe”. The memory could not be “read”.

    Click on OK to terminate the program.

    Occurrence: Whenever I am trying to install any other Utility / Application For Ex: .NET 3.5 with SP1.

    I would much appreciate if you could help me with this.

    – Sameer

  37. Svchost.exe The instruction at “0x7c91b21a” referenced memory at “0x00000010”. The memory could not be “written”.

  38. Why bother responding to this at all? Was it just to chastise? This is what passes as technical support at microsoft. So very, very shocking.

    The point of the article is to remind people that they need to provide details when reporting an error, and then provide a list of common pieces of information that are helpful in determining the cause of these types of errors.

    And for the record, this is not Microsoft.

    – Leo
  39. how do i fix this error, while im using sign lab demo 8. clicking on transform, the computer comes up with this: the instruction at “0x026119ca” referenced memory at “0x00000010” the memory could not be read… please help this is urgent!!!!.. please could someone be a knight and email me the answer!!!!! thanks!!!

  40. hi i get his error to while playin FSSB. please someone find a cure for this. thnx

    Did you read the article? I don’t think so. Read the article you just commented on.

    – Leo

  41. why during i open many application sometime messange like that
    The intruction at “0x1001cd0b”referenced memory at “0x00000000”.The memory could not be “read”
    How to fix ?

  42. Hi y’oll I’m getting a msg.

    the instruction at 0x7475060a referenced memory at 0x00000000 the memory could not be read

    my whole vista just crashed, had re-install the whole thing.last 4 things i was doing

    1′ trying to install windows seven beta, no intallation had been processed anyway
    2.therefore i was doing small clean up,used uniblue booster,then regcure. finish it ,I wanted to clead up temporart files left from the instalation, so I used windows’ it’s own disk clean up and after that all my programs everyting disappeared.
    I restarted my laptop and windows wouldn’t load anymore I was getting this error.
    Couldn’t even restore for some strange reason.
    then I managed to restore to an even earlier point, nothing worked anymore.
    so format and re-install


  43. please help me sir….
    i having problem with my sounds system i thing
    after the pop up error accured,i can use winamp,windows media player and all stuff with voice(except listening at internet)

    the error say:
    ‘winamp.exe-application error’
    ‘the instruction at “0x0156869d” referenced memory at “0x00000028”.the memory could not be “read”.’

    my pc;
    -windows xp
    -version 2002
    -intel(R)core2 duo
    -2 GB Ram DDR2

    thanx before

  44. I’m getting this error on a Dell dimension 9100 running XP SP3 every time the machine boots and comes to the login screen. It began several months ago, concurrent with difficulties in updating McAfee Security Center following a subscription renewal. The McAfee problem has been solved, but the svchost error persists. The Task Manager (Processes) shows other instances of the program running: (PID)2460 SYSTEM, 2312 LOCAL SERVICE, 1616 SYSTEM, 1600 LOCAL SERVICE,
    1424 SYSTEM, 1400 NETWORK SERVICE, 1308 SYSTEM, 1104 SYSTEM, 576 SYSTEM, and 268 LOCAL SERVICE. But since the error message gives no process ID, I don’t know what the failed instance of svchost is related to.
    Checking the System Event log, there is also a recurring Windows Driver Foundation problem (Event ID 7023) The Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework service terminated with the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
    This error does not specify WHAT device isn’t functioning, though it may relate to two other event errors saying the UPS is not configured properly(?) Device Manager shows everything working properly with all the correct drivers.

    Have scanned with updated McAfee and with Avira Antivir (I initially removed the hard drive and attached it to another machine as a slave so it could be scanned); also with Malwarebytes, Spybot, IOBits Security 360 and the Eusig and Glary registry utilities. No malware was found, a few nominal registry errors (references to deleted user-generated files) were repaired.

  45. PLZ HLP,

  46. I have the same problem, “THE INSTRUCTION AT “0X788099C3” REFERENCED MEMORY AT “OX000000000”. THE MEMORY COULD NOT BE “READ”. The best solution so far that I’ve done is restore my system in the most stable restore point possible, the program(s) work. Even the bootstrapper doesn’t work when you uninstall or repair a particular program.

  47. Hi,

    Whenever i used to exit internet explorer i used to get a “memory could not be read” error.
    A few days back i reinstalled my entire windows xp professional and upgraded the system and its running on IE 8. But IE has been crashing constantly and the same error, as shown below, has started showing up every time.
    “the instruction at “0x2c0e7132” referenced memory at “0x2c0e7132″. the memory could not be read”.
    I have installed TuneUp utlities and did a registry clean, etc. But no use. The same error keeps showing up. I even did the SFC check but it said everything is fine.
    As you have said in your article above i have reinstalled my system but still same error. There are no viruses or spyware either. and IE has no addons.
    can you please help me with this?
    Thanks a ton

    IN Brief:
    laptop – ibm r60-1.66ghz,2.5gb ram, 60gb hard disc
    – windows xp professional, ie8
    – error mentioned above showing up only when exiting IE 8 or when IE8 crashes
    – entire system reformatted and reinstalled.
    – error used to show up before reinstall also
    – antivirus upto date with kaspersky internet security 2010
    – windows completely updated after reinstalled with sp3 and all other windows updates till date
    – no addons in IE8 besides java and flash

  48. Leo, Many thanks for this very good explanation on the problem. I knew there was no easy solution out there to this problem. The error message also always says: “press cancel to DEBUG”. What does the debugging do? can it eventually solve the problem?

    Only if you’re the developer of the software.


  49. Ah yes, this is a problem indeed. The message itself is a bit short to hold any value information, or does it? This is not all just a windows-related matter, on LINUX, the program just shuts of, while in windoes you get the message. After working out what the problem was, I came to that the motherboard needed a new BIOS. Now everyone ask the question: “How will that help me?” Download the latest BIOS to your motherboard and install it. Just a short answer to what was my problem.

    This is how i came up with the solution: I was in an 3D-program when i tried to do a simple task, but everytime the message came up in Windows several times, so i tried the program in LUNIX, and the same problem persisted in the exakt same place. I tried to re-install… but no use, same problem. Then it was of to hardware. Switcehd motherboard with exakt same CPU, graphics etc, and problem fixed. But wanted to have the old motherboard back, so i switcehd back, and problem appeared again. Downloaded a brand new BIOS, compatible with the motherboard and problem solved.

    Good luck yall!

  50. The instruction at 0x5ff3d322 referenced memory at 0x8d3cd7ap The memory could not be read pops up 2x’s every time i close a tap or internet explorer. i have XP on my acer please help

  51. Hi,
    I found a solution for an error message on start up that states that memory could not be written at 0x7c91b21a 0x00000010. It appears the latest update for Windows Media Player is causing this problem if the Service, Windows Driver Foundation. is turned on. It needs to be disabled. I found this at Bleeping Computers and this solution worked for me. Cathy

  52. the instruction at 0xxxxxxx referenced memory at ”0xrrrrrrr the memory could be read
    click ok to terminate the Program.

    I use FF and only use IE for those pages that cunningly only function 100% in IE .

    I read realms of responses and carried out those instructions that did not require purchasing a product fix.

    After finding the message remained my fix resulted from removing my CA anti virus program!

    Now have another AVP operating with out any problem.

  53. I tried to open Everquest and i get the error “The instruction at 0x032ae086 referenced memory at 0x00000044. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program”. My OS is Windows 7 starter. I’m running AVG for my anti-virus and everything is up to date, and I haven’t made any changes to my computer

  54. is anyboday have simple solution for the below errors?'”
    1. File is not a valid Win32 application
    2. Not enough quota is available to process this command.
    3. “0x7c952c91” referred memory at “0x00000010”; The memory could not be read.
    click on ok or cancel to terminate the program.
    4. Runtime Error ’52’, Bad file name or number.
    5. the application or dll c:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCP7\.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette. do not have permission to shut down and restart this computer.

  55. hi,
    well i was creating a logo in coreldraw and i saved the file but when i closed the software’s window suddenly a window opened saying
    “The instruction at “0x65207e5d” referenced memory at “0x01daf638”. The memory could not be “read”. click on ok to terminate the program”.
    Now i dont know why it happend? is that because there is a bad sector in my HD or what? how can i fix this issue.

  56. Hi
    could somebody help me fix this problem on my win 2000 Adv. Server machine:
    DTSRun.exe application error, the instruction at “0x00400124” referenced memory at “0x00002200” the memory could not be “written”

  57. “The instruction …. referenced … yadda could not be read.” I click “OK” to terminate the program – just to have the error pop up again 2 minutes later. Something seems to be stuck in a loop …. what a pain. Recent changes – removed (exported to file from reg) Drwtsn (AeDebug key). THis has so far solved my drwtsn prob – but now I have this new one (as addressed above) Thanks for any and all help.

  58. fix for error I was getting on my laptop: The instruction at 0x034e553e refernced memory at 0xfffffffc. The memory could not be read. this error is usually caused because the video settings on the laptop are too high resolution for the game, set yours on your laptop to 1024×768. start up the game and it will work, you can reset higher if in game it allows you to. like everquest has a setting in the options window. i have been fighting with this forever on my laptop and it finally came to me. was a problem i had on my desktop where the setting in game was too high for the monitor. similar problem but different. thanks, Patty

  59. I am installing the Adobe Professional 8.0 and each time I open an Adobe document I get an error stating “A serious error has been detected and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional cannot continue. Please reinstall the application and try again.” Once hit ok, the application closes and later to that.. I get “the instruction at 0x04a91243 referenced memory at 0x03d2dc63. The memory could not be “written””
    I’ve installed numerous times, yet this the same error I get. Please let me know what to do. Its Win XP, 1 Gig RAM.

  60. I play NaSeY.NET-Battlefield2142 .but when I clicked it say The intruction at 0x03a87310 referenced memory at 0x00000038.the memory could not read.Someone help me fix the problem

  61. I Have A Server IBM , Win XP 2k3, Memory Could not be read Error was showing, Please help me out for this problem. as soon as possible.

  62. after i installed nfs undercover then i try it and an error message pop up ” the instruction at 0x008be050 referenced memory at 0xaaaaaf2. The memory could not be read.” please help me how to fix this !


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