How do I delete history items from my Google tool bar?

Deleting Google history takes a few steps, depending on what Google history you mean. Here are step-by-step instructions for deleting Google history.


I want to delete the items that show up automatically when I search for something using Google’s toolbar. I’ll admit it, there are some terms there that I’d not want others to see. How do I clear that?

That’s actually a composite question from several related questions that I get several times each day. People search for things on Google, and then they don’t want the evidence of what they searched for to remain.

Fair enough.

But there’s an amazing amount of confusion. Some say “Google toolbar” and mean “Google toolbar”. Others say “Google toolbar” and mean … well, apparently they mean something else.

And naturally the difference is important in answering the question.

Google Toolbar

The true, Google Toolbar is software that you download from Google that places an additional toolbar within your browser specifically for Google-related features and functionality. It’s available for at least Internet Explorer and Firefox, and perhaps other browsers.

Here’s the Google Toolbar with the search history dropped down:
Google Toolbar Search History Dropped Down


You know it’s the Google toolbar because of the Google logo on the left.

In the past, my advice was to hit the options button on the Google Toolbar, turn OFF Drop Down Search History and press OK. Then repeat that process to turn it back on, after which the history appeared to be gone.

In later versions of the toolbar it’s way easier. Click on the Google logo, and then click on Clear Search History:
Google Toolbar Search History Clear Option

You may need to hit refresh, or restart your browser for the last vestiges to disappear.

That’s all there is to it.

Browser Address Bar

…it’s very easy to leave traces of what you’ve been up to in various places.

A lot of people don’t realize that the browser’s address bar can also act as a search tool. And if you’ve set your default search engine to be Google, well, that kind of, sort of, acts like the Google toolbar also, even though it’s not.

Here you can see I’ve started typing my name into the Internet Explorer address bar, and a dropdown shows a few interesting options:
IE Address bar History
Now, it’s interesting to note that those items shown here actually don’t come from my search or browse history. “Leo” is the name of the machine, and if selected would open up a Windows Explorer like view of my machine. “Links” is the item from my “Favorites” menu, and “LinkSys” is, in fact, a shortcut placed on my Favorites menu. So many of the items that will show up here are not related to your history at all.

If you are seeing history items in your Internet Explorer address bar, there are a couple of things you’ll want to do to clear it.

Click on the Tools menu, then on Internet Options…, and then on the General tab, if it’s not already showing.
IE Options General Tab
Click on the Clear History button, and confirm that you want your history deleted. Note that this will clear all of your history, including the list of places you’ve visited in the History window.

Other browsers, such as Firefox, have similar functionality, and will have similar options to control and flush your history.


I’ve been told that another, somewhat surprising, place to delete history is in the Windows Start menu.

Close your browser. Right click on the Start button, and click on Properties, and then on the Customize button, and finally the Advanced tab. You should see something like this (it differs slightly if you’re using the “Classic” Start Menu):
Windows Advanced Start Menu Customization

Click on the Clear List button to clear the history of recently visited documents. Apparently the definition of a “document” might well include things you’ve visited or searched for on the web, and may also show up in IE’s address bar.

Google – sort of

The last place we’ll look is at the Google web page itself. People to seem to ask about “The Google Toolbar”, when in fact they really mean this:
Google Website with Items
This is not the Google Toolbar, but rather simply the Google web site. And the history shown actually has almost  nothing to do with Google itself, but rather your browser trying to be helpful filling in the “form” that is the Google search box.

So to clear this item, we need to once again dive into our browser’s options.

In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu, then on Internet Options…, and then on the Content tab:
Internet Explorer Options, Content Tab
In there, click on the AutoComplete… button for this dialog:
Internet Explorer Options, Auto Complete
Hit the Clear Forms button.

As you can tell, it’s very easy to leave traces of what you’ve been up to in various places. Naturally it would make sense to exercise caution when searching if you’re at all concerned about your privacy.

Mac Users

My friend Dave Taylor has the Mac-equivalent steps you’ll want to take for Safari: How do I clear recent searches from Safari and Google?.


  1. jake

    ya umm i dont know how to delete the hitory off of the google toolbar can u helo me out how can i do that?? thank you fo r your patience and time………

  2. Richard

    on my AOL 9.0 optimized LE under the window to go to the internet there is a dropdown that tells me every transaction I have ever done. I have very limited memory space and I don’t want everyone (girlfriend) to be able to drop this window down and look at what I have been doing. I don’t really do much wrong but if she found somehing she will make a mountain out of it. SO, how can I delete this dropdown called MY HISTORY???

  3. jd

    for everyone in trouble for searching something you dont want anyone else to see all you have to do is click once in the google search box and use your arrow keys to highlight the search you want to delete then hit the delete key and it should delete it.

  4. ramakrishnan

    to delete the url’s from the address bar ,
    1. first open u’r internet explorer. on “tools” on the top. on internet options. on “general” on the top. on “clear history”button. on apply else ok.

  5. ramakrishnan

    In the google search bar,just double click in the empty search bar where u can see all the addresss which u typed.just highlight one address and keep on tapping the delete key in u’r keyboard.

  6. Bunty

    thanks+thanks……………………………………………………………………………………………………thanks sir

  7. ramakrishnan

    open internet explorer–click on tools–internet options and click on delete cookies,delete files and also click on clear history and click on apply else ok

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  9. Harry

    It wont let me delete the drop down google bar by using the arrows and pressing delete, and I seriously need to hide them. I am using FireFox, please help!

  10. crow

    For Firefox/google …Click on ‘Tools’ on your toolbar…select Options from the drop-down Privacy.. select ‘Saved form information’ uncheck ‘Save information on forms and searchbar’ option..and click on delete there to clear existing history. For Intern. Expl. just highlight history on search bar and press delete key on keyboard.

  11. That’s not Google-specific, that just Internet Explorer’s auto-complete feature. Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Personal Information -> AutoComplete. There you can clear the cache as well as configure its behaviour.

  12. Neville

    on my AOL 9.0 optimized LE under the window to go to the internet there is a dropdown that tells me every transaction I have ever done. I have very limited memory space and I don’t want everyone (girlfriend) to be able to drop this window down and look at what I have been doing. I don’t really do much wrong but if she found somehing she will make a mountain out of it. SO, how can I delete this dropdown called MY HISTORY???

  13. ronnied

    this website did not help me on deleting my history here is how you do it on aol go to settings then go to toolbar settings its in alphabetical order then of course hit the clear histoy button and all the websites you visited are gone

  14. sartre

    I Figured it out…go to TOOLS scroll all the way down to INTERNET OPTIONS, there should be a little file/tag that says “general” at the top. The bottom of that page says history-you can psuh the “clear history” button and then push “apply” before exiting! this worked for me

  15. bakamuna

    web page on google short cuts shows how do remove form entries.
    What had got many bothered is how to get rid of unwanted search bar entries. As seach bar entry is a form entry, the short cut prescribed for deletion of form entries should do it. I have tried and it worked.
    The way to do it is (i)In the search bar type the forst letter of the entry you want to remove.(ii)Go down the list to entry to be removed. (iii) Press shift + delete.

    It works.

  16. sharon cashmore

    i am trying to save items i search for on the google tool bar – how do i do this – i cannot find the options button

  17. Shawn

    EVERYONE WANTS TO SELL YOU CRAP SO THEY NEVER TELL YOU HOW EASY IT REALLY IS. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO! click: Tools —> Internet Options —> Content—> Auto Complete—> Clear Forms—> OK—>OK–>OK—-> wham bam thankyou ma’m
    Or all you have to do is type a letter and when the history drops down you can scroll to any past history thingy and hit {delete} once. It really that freakin easy. If I have helped you out, drop me an e-mail and let me know. Or if you wanna help me for helping you 😉 I need a video camera, advise from a patent lawyer, small buisness grant information, tennis shoes 10 1/2, and all kinds of stuff, If you wanna hook me up please write me at

  18. saif shaikh

    The help you gave about turning off “drop list history” in the google toolbar options doesn’t work. To be more specific, when I turn it on it shows. And when I turn it off it still shows.

  19. nate

    thanx shawn your way really works the best and ive tried the one guys and couldnt figure it out but your is the best i recamend useing yours.

  20. If you mean the google web page, that’s just internet explorer’s autocomplete feature – not specific to google at all.

    Go to Tools, Internet Options, Content, Auto Complete, and you can control the feature and clear the history.

  21. Rawya

    Hi .. i got it .

    on the left hand side of the Google Toolbar
    you see Goolge logo its a drop down list its not the the Search Web its name is Google.
    Open this drop down and you will find Clear Search History.


  22. Bill

    I am using AOL 9.0 and have tried to remove the items from the dropdown “my history” and cannot.
    Please advise.

  23. Unknown

    Hello i was wondering what if you want to remove the google homepage history recent searches like you go to type in a search and it comes down with the stuff youve been looking up and what if your school admin has set a password for the content bar in internet options.?

  24. Claire

    I use the google mainpage search bar (not the toolbar), and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to clear the dropdown list of searched items (no options button). So eventually I manually highlighted each of the search phrases that I wanted to delete and hit Shift& delete. I’ve learned my lesson. From now on, I’ll use the google toolbar. Any better suggestions?

  25. That’s just internet explorer’s autocomplete feature – not specific to google at all.

    Go to Tools, Internet Options, Content, Auto Complete, and you can control the feature and clear the history.

  26. ayse

    I was wondering about my previous researches… I looked for my boyfriend’s ex girlfriends. thanks a lot. You saved my relationship… thanks a lot

  27. Mike

    I use google desktop search. I had a rather dirty email conversation with a lovely young lady on my PC at work. I would obviously like to delete any trace of the conversation. What can I do?? I run the google desktop search, and I can see the entier conversation even though I have deleted cookies, temp internet files, cache.. HELP!! Leo, if you hook me up, you got a latte coming!


  28. shwan

    its the easiest thing in the world
    Internet Option
    Content (ontop)
    Its done, write me back and tell me how awesome I am!

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    p.s. how can we erase anything we’ve ever looked up on our pc’s I’m sure there’s alot of info stored somewhere. I already know about internet options and erase history, but isn’t it stored somewhere else?

    thanks again

  31. pietro

    Many thanks for your advice on deleting history items in the google tool bar. The steps your suggested immediately cleared them. I have turned the search history back on as suggested and will remember to carry out the procedure from time to time.



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    thank you so much Leo .. i am pc challenged and yet was able to follow your instructions..and yep if i could i would buy Leo 2 lattes! Have an awesome day. Natz

  33. john

    hey thnx i did what u said, i just have one question uve wriiten the history “appears” to be gone, wat do u mean by this

  34. Leo

    It means that I didn’t see it, so it looks to be gone, but I did not dig deeply to make positively certain it isn’t still stored somewhere else. I’d think not, but ya never know.

  35. Rich

    I have Windows XP, using Netscape I can not delete Google Search History fm the dropdown search.

    When I right click on the Tool Bar Google Logo the “Clear Search History” is not highlited. I have gone to Tools>Options>Privacy and cleared “Search History” and “Clear My Tracks on Exit” but these do not delete Google Search History.

    I have also right clicked on the Google Search where all searched items appear on the dropdown, highlited , drug the mouse across and hit “Shift – Delete” together. This will delete the item, but when reopening Google it is back.

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem???
    Tks, Rich

  36. aqua

    Next to the multi-colored word ‘Google’ is a little solid black arrow. Click on that then click on ‘clear search history’

  37. harry

    just click in google search toolbar and the click down arrow and delete the option by delete key. Again press down arrow and delete next item.

  38. VB

    How do I delete the drop-down list of my past searches?

    You can clear your Google search history from the Google search box, the Google Toolbar, or your browser. We’ve included instructions for all three methods below.


    The search history that displays in the search box on the Google homepage is stored by your browser, not by Google. Instructions appear below for disabling this search history in common browsers. If your browser isn’t listed, we suggest consulting its online support center.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. Go to the “Tools” menu.
    2. Select “Internet Options” and the “Content” tab.
    3. Within the “Personal information” area, select “AutoComplete.”
    4. Click on “Clear Forms.” You can also un-check the “Forms” box in this window to keep this information from being stored in the future.
    5. Click “OK” to exit.

    Alternatively, you can delete individual entries from your search history by using the Down arrow key to highlight a previous search, then pressing the Delete key once.


  39. saj

    thnx a million
    i owe you so much i didnt realize that where ever i went ,on net,it was being recorded until now

    uve saved my neck.thnx


  40. Rich

    VB, Tks for you input. But, how do you delete Google past searches on Netscape. As stated before nothing on the “Tools” will delete these and when clicking on the “Netscape, Google Search” down arrow the “Clear Search History” drop down is not highlited. The only way I can delete is going to Google page, left click in the box. When the drop down items appear, highlite the first, hold “Shift” then “Delete” unitl all are deleted.

  41. mike


  42. Roger

    RICH of December 2 ’05 seems to have the ONLY way to delete the Google Search Box history for Netscape 8.
    Thanks a lot, Rich!

    Does anyone know of another way for Netscape 8?

  43. Paul Roy

    I have followed your dirctions for deleting history from my Google tool bar and also Rich’s suggestion to highlight each site and click delete and neither works. I am using internet explorer. Any other suggestions?

  44. Larry

    To delete Google Search History, click on the “Google” icon to the left of the text block on the Google Tool Bar. Then, click on “Clear Search History.” That’s it!

  45. Hamsi

    Hi Leo,
    I have Google Search page as my Home page setup. wondering how can i can delete the previously searched list of words or phrases. i tried deleting the temp files and history, but it doesnt help.any suggestions?

  46. Greg

    The easiest way is as per Larry’s post on 29 Dec. I have been wondering forever how to rid the toolbar of all the sites and searches, and now, following his advice, clicking on the ‘google’ to the left of the searchbar, and then on delete… – and they’re all gone. Phew – thanks Larry. u da man!

  47. mr man

    i dont know if your advice works for the google home page problem – theres no google icon to the left to click on. id still like to know if theres a way of deleting it

  48. a girl

    uhmm… guys. The google thing is really not so complicated, although it would be nice if they made a button for it : )
    You can remove google page history manualy by highlighting the search item (move mouse to); dont click, but press delete will ‘magically’disappear. good luck to all,

  49. jacky chou

    o yea and…u can delete it by using the arrow keys …wen hilited theword..or history u press the delete button not the backspace, the DELETE ONE!

  50. DAT

    I can’t get anything to clear my search history. First, I have clicked on all of the possible Google icons without any success. No menus drop down. I have highlighted specific items and hit “delete” also without any success. I have gone into my Netscape browser and tried to clear page search, but the “clear” button is grayed out. What’s next?

  51. Preet

    When i do the uncheck to drop down history it removes history from tool bar,but what i should do to remove history which appear in the web page when i open the google home page.
    I am unable to remove history from main page,
    Tell me leo what u suggest for this

  52. Laura

    I have been trying to delete my google history for months now. my husband, who claims to be a “computer expert”, could not even explain how to do it. Finally i stumbled across your web site, and wa-la, no more history. thank you

  53. Jinx

    Please Help!

    My little brother was on computer and searched, for well, he’s 14 you can figure it out, and I want it off my google thing. Now Every time I typ “Se” into the bar, something drops down, how do i delete automatic repsonses on a Mac OSX?

  54. priya

    even if i highlight the search item (move mouse to)and press delete option i couldnt delete the google history…watelse can i do?

  55. Carla

    To do this, in Internet Explorer 5 or higher, select “Tools” from the menu, then “Internet Options” and then choose the “Content” tab. Next, look for the button at the bottom that says “AutoComplete.” Click on the button which will make the AutoComplete Settings window appear. In it, click on the “Clear Forms” button to delete all your stored form entries.

    By the way, I personally find AutoComplete very handy for dealing with all the forms I encounter on the web. If you aren’t using it and want it, follow the steps above to get the AutoComplete Settings window. Then, checked the boxes under “Use AutoComplete For” to start having information saved.

    Finally, if you are a Google Toolbar user, the techniques above won’t work to remove your past searches from the toolbar. Instead, you’ll need to click on the Google logo next to the Google Toolbar’s search box, then choose “Clear Search History” from the drop-down box that appears.

  56. jon

    i found out how!!!!! on mozilla forefox!!!! click on tools, click clear private data, check what historys you want deleted…. and viola!!!! history is deleted!!!!!!

  57. Joe

    In response to jinx’s request

    On the google main page type “se” in the search area and when the dropdown box apears hover your mouse over the bad searches and press delete.If you want to delete all the history then double click on the search box and repeat.
    I hope that helps

  58. Martin

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  59. Sarah

    I have not managed to delete history from the Google search drop down list despite trying to follow instructions given on this site. Please clarify.

  60. robert maxted

    ive tried the above and nothing running firefox, is there another way of deleting the google web page searches?

  61. raina

    Hallow Mr Leo,
    Am facing a problem with the paste … I can copy but I cant paste !
    I saw ur answers about this issues and I tried them all but I it didnt fixed … I dont know why … this problems just come with one user, I deleted the user that have this prblems but I copied all of his doc. and Favorate and floders and I paste them in a new user … but I found now that the problem is back agian … so maybe it is something with the doc he have or what do u think exactly coz when I open any computer with this user it gives the same problem again and makes the problem exist also in the computer for all the user who uses the computer after him.!
    Plz send me your suggestions for what can I do .

    Thanks in advance ,

    sincerely ,

  62. annedakmak93

    Tried to delete the History with instructions galore, but everything either deletes for real, or returns after a time to the former place. I want to choose the items that I will return to from time to time, and that seems impossible. My comment is do not put the web site in the address bar if you can help it, put it in the Google Search bar. I hope!

  63. arshad hassan

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    excellent way of making people understand.
    very nicely and graphically explained examples

  64. Heather L. Maule

    Thanks you!!! Like many others, there were some sites on my google search I didn’t want anyone else to see lol

  65. Nick G.

    When I type a letter in the address bar, all sites I’ve recently visited come up. I don’t want a few of the sites and I’ve tried deleting the history many times and following all the steps in the manual above, and nothing is working.

  66. Raj

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    Coz there are very minors comment but we never look at this …
    Thank u for helping me

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  68. Jim

    Thanks Leo. Now leo, Can you tell me if it is possible to disable the search history altogether so that I dont have to do all the steps described above. I bet not. Thanks

  69. Carroll

    Wow. You seem to be really informed and offer clear and concise answers.

    How can I delete my name so that it will not show up on Google. Or, more importantly, how can I delete my resume that someone posted on the Internet?

    Carroll B. Correll

  70. Carroll

    Leo, you are indeed gifted and your explanations are clear and professionally offered.

    I have a question: How do I keep my name showing up in a Google search. Specifically, there is a personal resume that someone posted to the internet and I want to delete it somehow?


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    Leo thank you very much for your solution .
    another same question How do I keep history items to my Google tool bar?give write solution .bye

  72. Brian

    Great article, but I need more. I primarily use Netscape. How do you clear the search history when accessing throught the website with this browser? Thanks!

  73. Harold Boulton

    I have been told by AOL that the easiest way to delete history at the end of your work is to simply press “Ctrl” and “H” and you will be asked whether you wish to delete the content of the history list.
    I have found it works every time.

  74. Kassie

    “This is not the Google Toolbar, but rather simply the Google web site. And the history shown actually has almost nothing to do with Google itself, but rather your browser trying to be helpful filling in the “form” that is the Google search box.

    So to clear this item, we need to once again dive into our browser’s options.

    In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu, then on Internet Options…, and then on the Content tab:”

    Thats what i wanted to clear, but im using mozilla firefox. How do i do it from there?

  75. Tazz

    I currently use MSN Explorer. When I go on the google website, it remembers my history. I’ve tried everything, how do I erase that from the searchbar?

  76. mike

    How do I delete google history from the google web site? Iam using mozilla firefox and there is no internet options ?

  77. Jeffrey Hughes

    I have 2 internet programs (Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox) and i want to clear the Mozilla Firefox history but when i go to internet options it will only let me clear the Internet Explorer history.

    So how do i clear the Mozilla Firefox history?

  78. Helpful

    Thx a lot i searched for porn sites in google. then when i cleared the history the stuff was still there in google. I wouuld have been screwed by my dad even though i am only 13 years.

  79. nick

    Hi Leo,
    I want to delete my google search from address bar. But they didn’t delete. i m clearing my history via delete history. but two or three pages still remain. they didn’t delete. when i type first letter of webpage address they both of them appear. Wht did we do now?

    Waiting for ur answer,


  80. Sam

    I KNOW HOW TO CLEAR MOZILLA FIREFOX HISTORY AND GOOGLE SEARCH HISTORY! open your Firefox and click on the ‘tools’ button at the top of the screen, then click on ‘clear private data’, then select all the availabe boxes to check, and click ‘clear private data’. It works! Now nobody can see your history or your google search history!

  81. shelle

    thanks, i had so much old things id searched for years ago still saved on the toolbar and it was just annoying! now its alll cleaned up.

  82. barney

    One question I can’t find the answer to. How do you get IE address bar to not record history AT ALL. I’m not talking about clearing old history, I’m talking about preventing the address bar from recording anything. Thanks.

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    It had me beat and was potentially embarrassing.
    Cheers for the help!!!

  85. Nicola

    Oh no! i have a work laptop and am unable to remove the items i have searched for in Google because in ‘Internet Options’ I only have ‘General’ and ‘Security’ tabs – There’s nothing REALLY unsavoury on there just stuff I dont particularly want my employer to see – Please help!

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    you do not need any fancy software or anything like that at all . all you need to do is hilight the web address item or the search item you want to deleteand hit the “delete” button and wallah you are all set bud. keep that “delete” on and you will delete the whole entire history period the end in no time at all , or one item at a time like i said .i am glad to be service to any one asking .10-4

  88. Samantha

    I tryed to delete history from the google web site like you said ( not google tool bar !!! ), and it didn’t work. I deleted history from my main browser history but not from the one when I go to can you help me ?? I have msn for internet, and I’m running on windows. Please help me. Thanks

  89. Joseph Hohos

    Hello Leo,

    Under the content tab my option page does not include an Auto Complete tab. On the right side I have :

    Block pop up windows
    Warn me…
    Load Images
    Enable Java
    Enable Java script
    Fonts and Colors
    Default Font

    Where do I find Auto Complete or what other option do I have to delete the items on the google web site?

    Thank you for your help.


  90. A.J.

    hey, have google tool bar ,no.if you do go to the main menu all the way to the left and you should see asmall arrow pointing downward click that and that should take you to google main page or the search page and i am using simple english here to understand me. once you there bring your mouse inside the google search rectangular and click ,left click and that should bring your entire google search history. again once you are there you can scroll to which item you want to search or delete, if you want to search double click or punch the “delete” button if you want to problemo. hey, take a deep breath and relax and it is a piece of ,well candy. 10-4 let me know.

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  94. C H Teng

    Thank you so much for this article. The problem has bothered me for years. Not being able to delte those past entries have inhibit me from searching a lots of answers. Again, thanks.
    Prof. CH Teng, Ph.D., Professor or Law, Canada

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    You really saved me, thank you so much. These instructions are great and they are clear and organized. If only all help-sites were as complete and helpful as this…

  96. Cpt Jezus

    In all honesty, I did follow the instructions for deleting the autocomplete, or turning it off, and it didn’t work, what do I do? (I followed the instructions multiple times.)

  97. Ashim Jain

    I installed Google toolbar 4.x over the old 3.x. Now, the old 3.x history is impossible to clear – it never gets cleared using any/all of the above methods (only the new history that is created in 4.x gets cleared)! So, I need to know where toolbar 3.x stores the history so I may delete that file (or registry entry). Thanks.

  98. John

    These suggestions work in all but, MSN browser. There is no content tab, and I cannot find an autocomplete setting either. Any ideas would be appreciated
    Thanks, I really enjoy your site!

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    I looked everywhere to get this info. I am computer savvy but this answer was embedded and secret. I would have never found it. “The answer was in the auto-complete section and the FORMS box needed to be unchecked.” I saw a lot of programs that charge top dollar to do what you are teaching on this page for free. This page is a god-send! Now I’m going to type in and see what else you have!


  101. Mr. D

    Great work but do you know to delete the google searches from msn? I did what you said but it only for netscape, not msn.

  102. lindsay

    hello, how i i totally erase the address that i have searched in the address bar, ive tryed evrythings and nothings seems to work, thanks you for taking time to read this bye

  103. patrick

    I’ve read and followed your instructions on how to delete addresses from the browser bar. However, whenever I type in “www.a” the website continues to come up. It does not do this for any other letter of the alphabet. Can you explain this, and can you help me get rid of this website I’d rather no one found on my computer? Thank you.

  104. Victor

    what if i clear the browsing history…wount it affect the favourites…because i seriously need this please if possible reply me as soon as possible.

  105. Graham Cook

    Please tell me “How do I clear the Google searched items in the Firefox browser?”

    I have cleared the history from Firefox browser, but when I click in the search field for Google, it still displays all my previous searches.
    This is not the Google toolbar, but the Google web-site, accessed from Firefox.
    Graham Cook

  106. Marian

    I am trying to clear a google history from the website using Netscape. What are you directions for clearing it from this browser?

  107. Nicole

    thanks for the help but theres a problem see you told me how to delete internet exploer google history but not firefox can you please email me and tell me how to get rid of it on firefox?

  108. Scott

    Great Site!

    I have done as you and others have instructed. I understand the difference between the two “google toolbar’s”. When I delete the search history, then refresh, etc., and then type a word in, bamm, it’s all back. Any thoughts.? I did go into tools, internet options, etc., and successfully cleared internet explorer history, but no luck with the google thing. Thanks.

  109. Qat

    Another easy way to clear search history from Google website:
    1) in search bar, hold down shift and arrow down 1
    2) While holding down shift key, press del til list is gonzo.


  110. scott

    Clearing the search history is easy. My question is how I remove all of the search words from my computer. Even after I clear my search history, the second I re-type a word, voila, all the search words come back. From what I understand this is from the browser, not google, but i can’t seem to figure it out. Help!

  111. sy ellin

    Removing search history from the search bar does NOT work on Firefox. Please let me know how to remove the history.

  112. mel

    thankyou….so so so so much. you have no idea how embarassing that could have been for me… pubic hair searches, circumcision (my boyfriend) u no the kind of stuff lollll. thanx ur a porn star xx

  113. brian

    thanyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I really dont what id do if some people found some of the porn stuff on my pc

    your website rules!!!!!!and you rule!!!!!

    peace, Brian

  114. David Chetty

    Could you help me out i would like to turn off te drop down history bar on the google ome page the main one, as soon as i type in a letter or letters the drop down comes with other sites which i would like be turn off as there are other people living here,please help to turn off

  115. mojo

    ok got to tools bar on internet webpage and select options
    now on the window tht opens go to the privacy tab (padlock pic) and select saved forms.
    on saved forms go to settings
    on settings select saved form information and press OK
    sham-bam it all disappears!
    your info did not work so i was forced to explore just to hide erotic literature

  116. Gaz

    I’ve looked through twice now I didn’t spot the bit where one removes individual searches, just where you clear everything. I just want to get rid of the stuff where it claims there were typos. It is disappointing as other searches on how to do this seem just to either suggest the obvious clear everything option, or refer one to a fictitious Google account suggesting changing things there when the issue is obviously related to something stored on the PC.

  117. subhash

    how can I delete the photo which is appearing on the Google Home page’s topmost right (after GOOGLE+SHARE) Please kindly mail the process to me. Iam suffering a lot with that, Thankyou sir

  118. john alexander

    I just want to delete the porn from the toolbar but keep all of the other searches. Is this possible?

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