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30 comments on “How Do I Change the Windows 7 Login Screen Background? (with video)”

  1. I decided to try this on my Windows 7 Desktop, however, when I got to the “Background” under LogonUI all that was there was “Default”. There was no OEM Background. Does this mean I cannot change my LogOn background? Just wondered. Thanks and Love your newsletter. JB

    • I’ve had a similar experience:
      All the settings are already as per the Registry suggested changes, and all the directories and Windows files are there including one named backgroundDefault.jpg. I get that page but with a round “Dell” logo in the centre just above the “password” entry field.

    • When you click on LogonUI
      Go to Edit on task bar
      then click on new
      then click on DWORD(32-bit value)
      name it as OEMBackground
      then change it’s value to 1.

  2. If you use Picasa as your photo manager all you do is click on the photo you want as your desktop then click menu item ‘Create’ then click ‘Set as Desktop’. All done.

  3. Lindsay,
    That is the exact instructions to set the “Desktop Background” but the discussion is regarding
    the “Logon Screen”. This is a screen that you see on some PCs before the PC has fully booted to the desktop. Since I am the only one who uses my PC I have set my PC to bypass the “Logon Screen” and boot directly to the desktop.

  4. Hi everyone –

    I have had the exact same experience. I followed all of the directions exactly, but nothing changed. I am running a 64 bit Windows 7 pro, and I’m wondering if that makes any difference? Anyway tried it several times and it still doesn’t work. I see a picture in the file that looks like the logon screen, but it is a BMP file, and is about 2 MB in size. Anyone else had this experience or had any success changing this?

  5. Hi, after successfully changing the logon background image. I have configure the finger reader security HP App. And then it returns to the default windows lock screen, to ask for my figerprints, and the changes back to the custom background.

    Any ideas or workaround?


  6. I followed step by step and changed the value to 1. But when I got to the oobe folder I already had an info folder and there’s the default login background outside of that folder and it’s named “background” plus it’s a bitmap image. I don’t want to put another picture and folder in just in case having two background photos ruins my PC. Any advice?

  7. Hi
    My office computer is controlled by Active Directory.I am the manager of the computer system.
    I know how to change background of the welcome screen .
    Now,I want to give specific welcome screen to specific person.
    For example. If today is Marry’s Birthday, I want to change her welcome screen to birthday.jpg.
    How can I do that?


  8. So I am having troubles changing the lock screen background; its interesting because the image for the lock screen is located in the main oobe folder, not the oobe/info/backgrounds folder where I guess it should be. I’ve also tried putting my preferred image in the main oobe folder, but that does not work either. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m open:).


  9. i can not pest the another picture in the backgrounds folder with the name of backgroundDefault. display the error message Target folder is not available..

  10. For folks having problems. No worries. Sometimes what seems very basic to one, will be confusing to another. Here’s an alternative.

    For years, I’ve been using ‘logonstudio’ from stardock(dot)com. Works great. You drag in whatever pics you want to use, remembering to click ‘save’. I don’t recall whether there is a paid version. I use the free.
    I’m not affiliated… I just like and recommend the program.

  11. Hi all

    Changing the lock screen works fine, thanks for the tip. One thing I have seen though is when I changed the theme it seemed to go back to the built in Windows background? Would the only way around this be to replace the original image with the new one?


  12. Can you change the default folder location used for the background image. We are running a virtual desktop environment and looking to apply this background across the desktop estate – unfortunately a C:/ drive location is not feasible.

  13. Hi! Guys please help please.
    There is no OEMBackground file showing up in
    … Authentication
    … LoginUI
    What to do please help?


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