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CHKDSK is stuck after 48 hours. Is this a problem?


I followed the steps described in your article concerning how to fix a CRC
error on a hard drive. I use then the utility CHKDSK/R, but the process is stuck
on this for 48 hours: ten percent done, 27241 files of 50160 are done. Is there
any problem with the utility or is this normal behavior?

In this excerpt from
Answercast #50
, I look at a machine exhibiting symptoms of hard drive

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CHKDSK freezes

Neither. It’s neither normal nor is there necessarily a problem with the

I really do think there’s a problem with the hard drive.

In situations like this, the hard drive has apparently failed in such a way
that CHKDSK can’t make the progress that it needs to do. CHKDSK should take, I
don’t know, I’d say… less than a half hour; less than ten minutes on most

48 hours is definitely a sign that there’s something wrong.

Disk repair

If this were my hard disk, what I would do is run SpinRite on it.

SpinRite is one of those things that can sometimes recover damaged sectors:
actual physical damage on the hard drive. It can set up the hard drive so that

  • That sector is fixed;

  • Or that sector is no longer used and is replaced by one of the backup
    sectors that hard drives actually come equipped with.

Now the problem with SpinRite, of course, is that it’s $95. If SpinRite
doesn’t solve the problem, they do have a very good return policy.

Data recovery

There are occasionally issues with SpinRite running properly on SATA
drives. But it’s worth the effort because if there’s data on that drive that
you don’t want to lose:

  • SpinRite may be your only way to get a copy of it that is cost

  • The next solution to recovering data from a drive in this kind of situation
    starts costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

So it’s a real quick and easy test to see if SpinRite might possibly solve
the problem.

Get a new hard drive

If on the other hand, you’ve been backing up and there is nothing on this
drive that you would lose, I’d really be tempted to just replace it.

There is clearly something wrong with the drive:

  • The CRC error that got you here was the first sign.

  • The fact that CHKDSK isn’t completing is another sign.

If you can, I would seriously consider replacing the drive; reinstalling
Windows, or restoring from a backup that you’ve taken, and moving on from

Do this

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1 thought on “CHKDSK is stuck after 48 hours. Is this a problem?”

  1. Yes there is a problem with your drive, for a free appraisal download Hard Drive Regenerator, let it scan your drive for damage, see what it finds, it wont repair any errors unless you buy the program but at least you will know a little more.
    I would also find your hard drive manufacturers web site and download their free diagnostic software, if report is bad then at the very least burn your pictures and documents on to a dvd.
    Good luck.


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