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Can I leave my TV hooked up to my PC through HDMI all the time?


I have a PC to TV with HDMI hookup. Can I leave it hooked up all the time?
Will it damage anything if I do?

In this excerpt from
Answercast #10
, I examine the ramifications of leaving a computer hooked up
to a TV permanently and suggest a way to minimize hardware damage and save on

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TV attached to computer

You certainly can leave it hooked up all the time. I don’t see any potential

The only time that I can think of as an issue is if you’re in an area
that gets lots of thunderstorms; then sometimes a lightning strike can travel
from one device to another.

But it is highly, highly unlikely (even in those lightning prone areas)
that this particular connection would carry anything that would concern me.

Protect the monitor

The only thing that might impact your system is leaving the screen on all of
the time.

You do realize that a TV left on all the time, not only is it using
electricity, but (depending on the technology of the TV) you could be shortening
the lifespan of the TV itself.

So, if you’re talking about just leaving the physical connections in place,
not a problem.

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2 comments on “Can I leave my TV hooked up to my PC through HDMI all the time?”

  1. I have been doing this quite awhile now. I have had no problems. However, my utilities were included in the rent. Now that I am moving and paying my own again, I will not be leaving it on all the time anymore. I have better things to do with my money than to give it to electric company. (Like buy more computers) :)

  2. Actually, there may be a concern. I just read an interesting article

    The basic idea is that keeping your web enabled TV is just another server connected to the internet. If you don’t protect it, it is open to hacking. His example of the cable company set to box was a giggle.

    The lesson I take away is to make sure to have at least a router between your TV and it’s internet connection. Otherwise your TV will become a spam bot.


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