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Can I connect to two networks at once?

I have two computers, on a laptop, and one a desktop, they are
connected wirelessly through a network hub, that’s not a problem, but I have an
estimating software that requires a wired connection between the two computers,
Tech support has explained to me that this is due to the high volume of data
that is transferred between the two computers, much to large for a wireless
connection. Well, I have a ethernet network wired throughout the office, and
both computers have a nic card, so my question is, is it possible to have two
network connections on each computer, one through the ethernet wiring, and the
other trough wireless (this one connects other computers for file sharing and
internet)? Do i need separate workgroup names for each network

It’s definitely possible to have multiple network connections to the same
computer. But in order to make sense, they really need to be different
networks. Otherwise you might not get the results you’re looking for.

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By different networks I mean … well, different networks. Different
collections of machines.

Here’s what I mean: you current have two machines, A and B, that are
connected to a wireless network. I presume that you can, for example, copy
files between the two machines today. If you connect both of them to a wired
network, in addition, then there are two paths to get between the machines: the
wireless connection and the wired one.

How does Windows decide which to use? Well, while I’m sure there’s an
algorithm behind it, the best way to think of it is that the first time the two
machines try to talk to each other, the connection used is selected randomly –
it could be on either network. From then on (I believe until both machines are
rebooted, or their cache of network information is flushed), the conversations
between the two machines happen across the single network.

In your case if they happen to choose the wireless network, then you haven’t
solved you problem.

Now, if the hardwired network is a different network … meaning
that machines on the wireless network cannot connect to machines on the wired
network, then adding both machines to the wired network may work, but only if
you remove one of them from the wireless network, so they can’t “find each
other” via the wireless path.

But my question is this: if the two networks are really the same network –
meaning that you can get to all the same resources using either the wired or
the wireless networks – and you need to connect to the wired network for speed
– why stay connected to the wireless? Clearly you’re tethered by wire, so the
machines certainly aren’t mobile.

I’d simply avoid the entire issue and disable the wireless adapters in the
two machines, connect them both to the wired network, and be done with it.

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141 comments on “Can I connect to two networks at once?”

  1. hey i cant get my two computers to link up i have the hub and network cables but it is not working at all and i even up dated the drivers for the pci cards and it still dont work, and i dont have internet im just hooking up two computers at once to play diablo 2 lod with my friend so could u help me plz
    Eric Belloso

  2. Hi,

    I have a problem at work, im the only guy here, with a better knowledge of computers and networking, hence getting lumbered with all the bits and bobs. We currently have 2 offices, both next to each other. Each office has its own High speed I/C. We need to combine the 2 offices together on one LAN, but each office still needs to use its own I/C….. The Only way i can think of is tp put a second ethernet card in each macine, and set up one side as the internet with different internal IP’s and the other for the lan. If that makes sense! Its a bit over my head, so any help or advice would be immensely appreciated.


  3. There’s no really simple solution that I can think of. Perhaps someone will chime in with an idea. My approach would be to connect the two offices with a high bandwidth ethernet, and then have them both share a single highspeed internet connection.

  4. Your two internet connections on two lans should be fine when you wire them together.
    The setting which tells a PC where to look for the internet is the “gateway” set up two different gateways and point each computer at the one closest, then interconnect should be blind to the user

  5. I have wireless connection the labtob is connected to it … how can i make an ethernet connection between the labtop and the normal PC whereas the Pc Does’nt have wireless..

    that means Internet–>wireless–>labtop—>wire/ethernet Nic card—>Normal Pc

    thanks alot for everyone tried to help

  6. To follow-up on the original question:
    If both the wired and wireless networks are the same network, and you want to use wireless most of the time, but wired when needed for a special purpose, then simply use Windows to enable/disable the appropriate network connections on each computer as needed. That is, while using WiFi, disable the ethernet network connections. When switching to ethernet, disable the WiFi connections and enable the ethernet ones.

  7. Hi all!
    I have two systems data(Local software) and Internet. Also each system has separate network. Hint(I am using static IP addresses for both). How can I use one Network line and at the same getting both data and internet to clients. Client side I can use two NIC adapters, but how should I configure switches or routers or hubs? And advice on switches or routers or hubs to use. Now I have different brands.

    P. Muro

  8. Hello
    I have an Ibm T21 with a wired connection to my,Earthlin Dsl account and a new Dell inspiron 700 which connects to my dsl account with an onboard wireless card. Basically all I want to do is be able to type a note on my dell send it to the ibm using my netgear router so that the ibm then prints it out on the printer that its connected to. All The “its easy ” instructionsIve recieved have not worked. What am doing wrong?

  9. Hi,

    I have 2 computers that are linked together with a wired network using a cross-over cable. Now I also have a wireless router that connects me to the internet. I am not able to wire my computers to the wireless router at this time since the computers and the router are in separate rooms and I don’t want to start drilling holes.

    My question is, instead of diabling one network and use the other, can I have both of those running at the same time?

    For example, I’m doing a high volume transfer between the computers, but also like to keep my Internet connection active.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  10. This is somewhat similar to the above issues, but also quite different in that I just have one computer that I want connected to two networks.

    I have a home office computer that is connected to my employer through one network (using Frame Relay at 56Kbps). I also have a cable modem (RoadRunner) w/ wireless router for my personal computers. I would like to also connect my work computer to my RoadRunner connection.

    I need to keep my work connection (Frame Relay) because my company has a tight firewall and doesn’t use VPN, so this is the only way into the corporate computers.

    I would like to use my RoadRunner connection to view web sites because doing that through my company’s 56Kbps frame relay connection is excrutiatingly slow.

    I only have one Ethernet card in my desktop, but would be willing to purchase a second card if necessary.

    Also, if I get two networks connected to my single computer, it would be helpful to have a way to determine which network to use. For example some web pages are on the company Intranet and I must use my work connection.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kevin Kaiser

  11. Pete: I’d be tempted to replace that crossover cable with a hub or switch, and then get a wireless bridge which is essentially a wireless adapter for the hub. That should allow your two machines to talk to each other through the hub, and wirelessly to the internet.

  12. I have wireless enable laptop,which is working with wireless-lan(3-com wireless access point) and wireless-projector(my projector is having external lite-show utility wireless-card )

    My question is how do i can connect to both wireless projector & wireless-lan at the same time……….??????

  13. hi people, i have a really irratating problem, i just reformatted my hard drive on my desktop computer now the lan connection for my laptop is gone, i tried connecting again, i use a crossover cable and a usb modem, i did it before and it worked for 3 months now i dont know how to do it, please help!!!

  14. How can I connect to two wireless connections at the same time on Windows XP Pro? How can surf the web on an open school wireless sytem at the same time print on a second printer dedicated wireless router with parellel port. Currently I have to switch between the two connection to do each single fuction.

  15. hi ….
    i m a guy from nepal..i just wanna know that how can i establish connection between two computer’s through internet..i have two computer and both have different wireless connection…i want to establish connection between these two computers so that i can share files of both computer…how can i do it..plz explain me in detail…

  16. How about this one, …. Is it possible to configure and use two wireless adapters on one laptop simultaneously, each connected to seperate networks, I seem to be having difficulties but dont know if it is due to the hardware or my ability to understand the situation. Using HP ZD8000 laptop with installed wireless and a recently purchased Hawking Technology Hi Gain Wireless G laptop card….. Thanks in advance
    Please reply to

  17. I have a question. I have a sheriffs dept as one of my customers. They have 2 internet connections currently. One is standard DSL and the other is a slow T1 through the state. The T1 connection allows them a private network called the Criminal Justice network which they can run drivers license, etc. For them to use the T1 they have to have specific IP addys etc, and for the DSL it is DHCP. My question is can they be set to use the DSL for high speed and also be setup to use the T1 when need be. Both internet connections are on the same network.

  18. i have a wired connection to one router and i have a wireless connection to another on the same computer. is there any way i can access the internet using both modems simultaneously.

  19. I can connect to my schools Intranet from home, and we have to enter our school user name and password, this is what my teachers told me. But when i try to connect to the intranet, it won’t let my, is there something on my computer blocking it?

  20. You’ll have to check with your school. There are so many different ways that they could have set this up, there’s no way to say for certain what could be going wrong.

  21. i want to connect two computer one is having window98 and other is having window-xp
    i want to connect both by LAN i will connect please tell me.

  22. I have computers connected to server through a network switch and a router. I have our own software system installed on server and accessed via the network. I also have Internet connection through the same router, that’s not a problem. But when I reset the router the internal network also stops. I want to split my network, so if I reset or stop router, it doesn’t effect the internal network. I am using Windows2000 server as application server. so is it possible to split my network without effecting the internal network?

  23. I have two laptops, one Mac iBook OSX 10 (Tiger) and one Windows XP Dell. I currently have them networked just fine using a wireless hub, but I wanted to know how I could connect the two without the hub, say if I was at a different location. Of course all of this is wirelessly. I have been able to join other ad hoc networks, but I can’t seem to be able to create one…

  24. Hello. We have several PC’s. For some random reasons, they access the internet via different ISP’s. Group 1 goes via DSL and group 2 goes via a cable modem. Group 1 goes through one router and group 2 through another. My problem is that I would like to network group 1 & 2 together — without affecting their method of access the internet. Any suggestions or guidance would be much appreciated!!

  25. I have a laptop with wireless and LAN card i’m connecting to a network at home using wireless and LAN at work through the domain and now i must connect to a third LAN network how do i do that without changing my office LAN settings can i map a 2nd connection to my LAN?


  26. In answer to the wireless and wired connection.
    Assuming Windows XP.
    Disable the wireless connection on the laptop in the network properties and wire the laptop to the desktop directly with the nic cards.
    Then in the network connection properties sheet on the desktop, select the two network connections and “bridge” them. That creates a wired subnet to the laptop and keeps it connected to the main network. The laptop can then be disconnected from the wired connection and carried around by just re-enabling the wireless connection in the network properties when needed.

  27. OK,

    How about setting up your Wireless connections on each machine with TCP/IP as usual, disabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Then on your Wired connections, add IPX/SPX protocol/NetBios and remove the checkbox from the TCP/IP box.

    Theoretically, you machines could talk to each other and file share over the wired/SPX/IPX/NetBios path – while connecting to the Internet viw the Wireless TCP/IP protocal. – Thereby protecting your filesharing from wireless snoopers and allowing greater speed between computers where needed.


  28. i wanted to connect one wireless and one wired connection how can i do that on 1 computer but the two netwoks are different, wireless is my office network and the wired is qwest dsl im using win xp sp2

  29. I am from india i have an doubt about the networking. that is i have an 4 switches which has got 4 different workgroup i.e accounts, admin, legal and architect. so i have given different IP address for different workgroup so that i am not able to see or access the computer from one workgroup to another workgroup so plz slve this problem leo it is complicating me.

    2. one workgroup computer should not be accessed by the another workgroup how to lock it plz solve this also.

    Md ali

  30. I currently have 7 rooms in my home wired for INTERNET. I use cable and have a linksys router. However, my kids are in high school and the oldest just started college and now have laptop computers with wireless capabilities, that they want to use around the house. The house is 3000+ square foot and I have a home office that sends large amounts of data over the INTERNET, so I don’t want to give up my wired connection. Can I hook up a wireless router to the router I currently have so that we have both wireless and the hardwired connection?

  31. I have wireless connection through a router at home which enables my laptop to function adequately. At work I have a phone line and I want to use my wireless laptop there. To connect at work (self-employed) do I need a second router and how would I connect this to the phone line if it is a different number to my home so that my laptop has access to the internet?

  32. Hi I have read the comments and questions . I would like to know how to hook up two regular pc’s in my home on one server which is dial up ..I know some people have done it with a router. I understand about laptops and wireless connections but neither of these computers are wireless..Can it be done? If so what do I have to buy ? Thanks, Carol

  33. I have a wireless/wired home network using a desktop (XP SP2 Pro, wired only) and a laptop (XP SP2 Pro, with both wireless and wired capability, but used wireless only) through a Linksys router, with broadband Internet. While for convenience I use the laptop in wireless mode, there are areas in the home distant enough from the router that wireless connections are poor or non-existent, and I would like to connect the same laptop through the wired ethernet connections in those areas. I’ve cannot make that work. Can it be done and if so, how? Thanks, Dave

  34. Yes. By just plugging in the network. I do it here all the time.

    I’d need a lot more specific information … when you say you can’t make it work, what happens when you try? Are you certain that the network you’re plugging into is, in fact, connected?

  35. I have DSL Wireless router in my home. I also have about 8 machines hooked up to it. One with a cable (sits next to the router) and the rest wirelessly.
    In my basement I work with different machines all the time. I do not have a lot of spare Wireless USB antennas, and when I do, they are not all compatible with the hardware (such as HPs).

    I would like to add a second router in my basement but to be used as an extension of the one upstairs one, and use the hardwire 4 Ethernet ports in it to connect these desktops to my network. Any ideas? Everybody is in the same network, just need physical drops downstairs for these desktops…

    Thanks All!

  36. What you really want is a Wireless Access Point … wire that to one of the unused ports in yoru router and you should be good to go.

    You can do it with a wireless router, but it’s difficult to configure things such that the machines on both routers will see each other, and you could have problems accessing the internet due to double-NATing.

  37. I have created a wired Home network, accessing the Internet through a Broadband (DSL) router. One machine is connected through this network via VPN to a corporate network. The other machines are on a home network. Is there any way for the machine connected to the VPN to be able to access the Home network simultaneously? All machines on Win XP Pro SP2. Tried to use the home networking wizard, but got the error that “This computer is already connected to a Network” on the VPN-connected machine. If I could do this, are there any security risks to the corporate network?

  38. Like Carlos, I would like to connect two wireless routers (Netgears) to each other. Can anyone forward me a reference on how to configure this difficult proposition?



  39. Hi
    I have a laptop with wireless card. (also it has cable ethernet)
    I have a cable connection adsl(in Turkey adsl is 256kb). I am directly connect it.
    And my friend has wireless network (which is adsl 512kb. I want to connect it in the same time. Is it possible?
    I can see and connect it but I can’t use two network in the same time.
    For example my own cable connection speed is 25kbps and my friend’s wireless connection speed is 50kbps. If I can use both in the same time my speed will increase to 75kbps. How can I do this?
    thank you

  40. hi
    i have a computeer at work which is connected to that internet through a phone net work,and i have another at home which is not connected ,how can i connect the one at home using a phone network.

  41. I am trying to connect my laptop to my router at home. The desktop is working fine but when I try to connect the laptop it is not coming on. What am I doing wrong? The desk and laptops are windows XP and my router is Linksys while my NIC card is a NETGEAR.

  42. Okay, I have a wired LAN 192.168.0.X in my games room, which connects through one PC which also has a Wirelss card (DLINK) in it to a Wireless ADSL Router (DLINK)and therefore to the Internet.

    I also have another PC that has a wireless network card (NETGEAR) in it as well what I want to be able to do is two things.

    1. Setup all the other PC’s on the 192.168.0.x LAN to access the Internet via my PC if the primary connection (MS Intenret Sharing) is taken offline. What settings would i need to have on the PC’s?

    2. As the Netgear wirelss card is flakey at best (WG311v3) on XP SP2 I would like to be able to have my PC switch to the 192.168.0.x LAN if it loses connectivity on the Wireless LAN.

    Wireless LAN is 10.0.0.x

    When it comes to this mix I’m lost.

  43. Hi, I have read through the articles, but cannot seem to find a solution to my question, albeit similar to some of those posed.

    I have a hard wired network with address range to 250 with subnet mask of I also have a Wireless network with to with the same subnet mask.

    I want to “see” all the machines on both networks, so I have accepted the DHCP settings allocated by both routers and can surf the internet from either connection. What I want to do is view all PCs on the network (both address ranges), but I can only see one IP address range at a time and only when I disconnect either the Ethernet or the Wifi connection.

    I took a guess at bridging the two connections, but this didn’t help.

    Can Leo help or someone out there? Thanks in advance.


  44. I want to connect two office locations

    I have a small business at one site I have a DSL modem a SMC 8 PORT 10/100 smart switch a server and 7 PC’S, at the other site across town I have a DSL modem, a 16 port linksys VPN router and 7 PC’S. Both sites have internet connection. I want to connect the two sites to exchange information through the server or share files on the server what is the best way

  45. Hi ,

    I have two network cards in my PC , one is for LAN and other is for Broadband Internet , both have sepearte IP address , I am getting Internet only if I disable the LAN network card ( Since it is taking the LAN cards gateway as defaoult ) , how can i get internet without disabling NAL Network card

  46. is it possible to connect a desktop and laptop computer via ethernet and access the internet on the desktop by using the laptop’s wireless internet connection?

  47. i have bought a router for my laptop and computer and i want to use the computer on the internet and the laptop on the internet at the same time. is that possible???

  48. Hi I have essentially the same problem as one of the comments here (trying to have one computer connected to two different networks). The first network is an existing corporate network for stock and point of sale terminals etc, this is not under my control. The second is a small network, which is under my control, and uses a Netgear DG834GT wireless broadband router to connect a handfull of machines to the internet each other and a local printer. The two networks are currently completely independant of each other. However I now need to connect one of the corporate machines to broadband, such that it can send some stock data over the internet. So I have installed a second network card on this machine and connected it to teh netgear router. The result is that I have to disable one network to use the other). Now I understand this is due to IP conflicts, but what is the best way to resolve this? Should i use a different subnet to teh corporate network or something, and if so does this mean just changing the x in 192.168.x.1, for all computers on my netgear roueters network? Many thanks for any help.

  49. hi sir i bought a broadband and it been connected to my desktop the question is i have a laptop and i need to use the internet throught the desktop to my laptop. please help i am using xp pro

    someone give me a network hub 4 port please if you can explain me how to run both machine to the internet

    best regard mourad

  50. Binitha!!

    Your LAN Card goes into some sort of router, right?
    And Your Wireless Card gets your internet?

    I had the exact same problem
    What I ended up doing was going into the router configuration page and turning OFF the Deafault Gateway, DNS, and WINS, because my router had no iternet in it (it was just for the lan), and I was accessing the net through my wireless card. Once the router didnt tell my computer that it was the default gateway, I kept my net access through my wireless!!

    Hope this helps :D

  51. Now my problem then can you help?

    I have a wireless LAN for my internet
    I have a LAN for my network
    my LAN DHCP is on network router with no internet (192.168.0.x)
    I have a friend on Hamachi
    I have a printer on my router

    My friend can see me and my network resources, but how can he ping the printer? Me and him are vpn’ing on hamachi through my wireless card
    the printer is on the router my lan card is connected to..

  52. I have just recently set up a network between my pc and my laptop. The pc is wired directly and the laptop is wireless. When I install the drivers for my AirPlus G wireless card it creates a second network called Jarret. So every time I reboot I have to reconfigure because there are two networks connecting to the same machine. I guess my question is, how do I remove Jarret.

  53. Hi, i Currently have AOL brodband and am going to change it to tiscali in about a month. I have a desktop computer downstairs with the internet on it, and a desktop computer upstairs with curently no iternet conection. I want to have internet on both of them, i’ve been told that i need to buy a Wireless router. I was wondering if you could tell me which is the best router to buy and do i need a USB adapter with it.


  54. Leo, I am connected to a network with my desk top which is wired, this connection has internet access dsl, but is slow. I must stay connected to this network because of printers and other systems, however we have a wireless hot spot with cable internet which no one uses and is very fast. My question is this I can connect to the wireless internet (through a usb network adapter), but I must disconnect my lan cable or my internet defaults to the slower dsl. Can I stay connected to my network and use wireless internet simultaneously?

  55. I have 2 different local networks both physically at different locations but in the same city . I have internet connections at both the places from the same ISP. Both the connections are static IP’s .Now my requirement is that I want the connect the 2 networks like a single clubbed network. CAn any one guide me .

  56. Hi Leo

    Hopeless case needs desperate help.

    I am using a LAN connection on my notebook at home to connect to an internet modem (no problems there) but when i get to the office i cant connect to the office non-internet database that i was formally connected to using the same LAN port. When i connected to my internet sewrvice providers modem it seemed to have overwritten the old ISP address and i cant figure out how to create a sepearate one for the office under the different address. Thanks for your time.

  57. I have computer A on wireless and i want it to stay on wireless, but i want computer A to also be connected via lan to computer B.. directly with no router.. Ive tried doing metric but it doesnt like it. What do i do?

  58. Hi,

    I have a wireless router at work which I am able to connect to no problems. I am trying to get one machine on but I am having great problems. This one machine is cconnected via ethernet to two till systems (through a wired router). I have managed to install a USB wireless network dongle and XP can see the network. Annoyingly, I can’t connect.

    I can’t PING the router through command prompt – must be because it is the ethernet port which it is pinging.

    Is there any way that I can have both the Wireless and Ethernet connections working but using the wireless as my internet connection without affecting the ethernet connection?

    Hopefully you’ll be able to help!


  59. Hey there. I have a computer with two modems installed, an internal 56k and an external 33.6k. I can use a dial up connection on either modem to connect to the internet without any problems. However, I was wondering if it were possible to connect using both modems at the same time to theoretically double the downloading speed. I’m not talking about multilink per se because my ISP won’t support that. I do have multiple dial up connections, from the same as well as different ISPs. Is there any way to get Windows XP to use both modems to connect to the internet (using different connections from the same or different ISPs) and allow me greater speed?

  60. Hi i have somewhat of a complex problem.

    I have a wireless network setup downstairs, and i have a computer and VOIP Router (Sipura 2100) upstairs. I can connect to the wireless router through my computer, but i want to be able to share my laptops internet connection with the VIOP box, but it seems that everytime i do try and use my VOIP i loose my computers internet connection. I’m tried to bridge, as well as just use the share internet feature but it doesn’t seem to provide a stable connection i can actually use.

    Any help in this will be Greatly! appreciated.

    Thank you,

  61. can i connect two remote networks having the network id as 192.168.1.x with each other through internet. so what i mean is if we give the different default gateways however we give the same ntwork i’s can we comunicate inbetween these networks.

  62. Hello Leo

    i am really new to wireless nwtworks

    fine i will explain my problem

    i have a desktop & a laptop

    My Internet Connection is of type : Cable Connection, aka from a cable modem

    i have a netgear wireless router,ive configured the internet connection in a manner that i can share my internet connection & now i can acess the internet simultaneously from both the laptop & desktop and my desktop is having a wired connection to the router

    router uses DHCP & assigned for desktop & for my notebook , i am able to ping to my router , but i am unable to ping to my desktop from my laptop , my main intention is to share files among them , please help me in this issue


  63. Hi Leo

    At work I have 2 different networks.

    One of them is the corporate network, which is wired. It is used to have access to local computers and the intranet.

    The other one is wireless and through it I should have access to Internet.

    Currently I can get connected to both networks at the same time, but when I’m connected to the wired network none of my browsers or programs can solve the wireless network, so I can’t really use it. The callings seem to go out through the wire network card and not through the wireless.

    Is there something I can do in order to define that internet navigation has to go through wireless network and the other navigation through the wired network?

    Thank you.

  64. Hi
    I have got a laptop & desktop. I have got wireless internet connection on my laptop. What i want to do is to share that connection, so i can access internet on my desktop as well. If i connect both machines via ehternet cable, the wireless connection just hangs. So, how can i connect two computers via ethernet and share wireless connection of one with the other.

  65. hi

    I have two computers with different ISPs broadband with 64Kbps each. However, I was wondering if it were possible to connect using both ISPs at the same time to theoretically increasing the downloading speed. Is there any way to get operating system Windows XP to use both, to connect to the internet (using different connections from the same or different ISPs) and allow me greater speed?

  66. Hi Leo
    How to access my server from other place. The other place has got one pc and Internet Broadband. No network. The server has got wireless network. How to I access the server from other place?

    Ramji Prabakar

  67. Hi Leo
    I got in a room a router wireless A connected to wired to a computer A, and downstairs i got another computer B getting wireless information from router A, my problem its i got a extra router B wired one, and i want to connect the router B to a ethernet port on the computer B, i have tryed but i cant acces to router B i have change the default ip adress from router B so dont interfer with router A, but still cannot acces.

  68. You’ll have to temporarily disconnect from router A, reboot while connected to router B, and then you should be able to access it.

  69. I have a wired network that has slow internet connection. On this netwrok I share files etc. I also have a wirless network that has a fast connection. I want to use both the wired and wireless connection at the same time but whenever i go on the internet, the browser defaults to the slower, wired network. if i disable the wired network, access to the net is fast, but i can not share files etc. So, is it possible to use the wired connenction for my files and the wireless connection for the internet at the same time? if so, how do i do it?

  70. I have dial up modem on both my computers, is it possible for both to be online at the same time.
    I keep getting a message telling me that the modem is in use????

  71. I have two laptops and i want to connected one with 1394 wire and the other wireless and be able to use the internet with the two computer at the sametime.

  72. Leo,

    I have two computers 1 Laptop & 1 Desktop
    Laptop has inbuilt wireless connection
    Desktop doesnt had inbuilt connection, so I bought Linksys WUSB11 Wireless Wifi USB LAN Network Adapter from ebay.

    My purpose is
    connect both computers wirelessly for data sharing
    and wireless internet connection on my laptop.

    Could you please tell me What else i need to buy, Should I really need wireless access point hub.

    I Have Btbroadbad internet connection through telephone and I have Btvoyger 210 Modem

  73. HI Leo PLEAAASSSSEEEE help me,
    I have a laptop and 2 desktops…what i want to do is have 1 desktop and the laptop on the wireless and just have the other desktop on the wired, but every time i try to go on the wireless internet it wont let me because i have a fussy modem it will only let one plug at a time so i cant plug the ethernet into the router because it wont work or pick up the internet, i have tried to bridge the adsl modem and the router together but i doesnt seem to work…can u pleaaaasssseeeee help me

  74. Hi Leo,
    My situation doesn’t seem to be answered by the thread so:
    We have a peer to peer network in our workplace connected to one ISP.

    I also have one computer set up as an ftp server with a different ISP and not connected to the LAN.

    We did that because the FTP server ISP provides us with faster D/U speeds. We regularly upload or download 250-500mb files and it was slowing down our network as well as just taking too long.

    How can I access the LAN without disrupting ftp functionality? Is it just a matter of installing another network card and connecting it through a hub to the LAN?


  75. When I’m VPN’d into my companies network, I can’t access my home network in including printer. Is there any clever way to have a second connection allowing me access the local network so I can at least print?


  76. I have 2 computers with win xp in and am using a westrel versa link model 327w MODEM using Ethernet wiring on both.I would like them put on a network with out adding another supplier.Would you please help me ?I saw the above but not network for me.each hooked on the modem with seperate plugs.

    Hash: SHA1

    I’m not sure what you mean by “Adding another supplier”?

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (MingW32)


  78. leo,
    my office connects to the internet through a wireless network that is not very reliable because it is so far away from the access point. i need the computers to always be able to share files with or without the wireless connection.
    my boss wants the computers to be wired within the office. is this possible?

  79. Hi Leo,

    I was wondering if i would be able to connect a to a wired LAN network (to another computer running Win. 2000 Pro) and still be able to be connected to my main Wireless Network (connected to a router in which i recieve internet).

    The purpose of this is becuase i wish to use my wired LAN so that i can use the Win. 2000 computer as a second monitor through the program “Synergy,” but i dont want to lose my wireless network, b/c then i dont have internet.

    The reason im setting a wired LAN is because connecting that Win. 2000 computer to my wireless network would be arduous, since i would have to rename all the computers in my house to under 8 characters with no spaces.

    I need assistance please.


  80. i have one computer in home .it is connected with broad band modem .but i want to connect my com puter with my friends computer through intermet so that we both can acces each others drive and can also share desktop .please help me in details as soon as possible

  81. Hi Leo:
    I have two machines that are exactly alike. They are both running windowXP Home. I want to connect them together wireless. I have a linksys wrt54g router with both computers running linksys wireless Pci linksys wmp54g. The problem is that I don’t have broadband!, But I don’t want to use it anyway, I just want to use the router to create the network and just use the network to share files and printers. Can this be done? If it can, can you give me detailed instructions to install to finish? Thank any advice would be appreciated!

  82. Hello,
    I have a small office with 3 workstations connected together wired, we have a DSL connection and router.
    We will be implementing a computer lab (6 PCs) in the 2nd floor, we are planning to swith our ISP using cable instead of DSL.

    My question is, how can I use the same ISP-Cable/DSL to connect both locations (office and Computer lab), but in separate networks.
    I want to avoid that the labs computers are able to see the office network.

    What could be the best solution for security purpose and bandwidth


  83. Hey Leo,

    Here’s one for you. I have a PC with a USB wireless adapter which I connect to a network with. I also have a wired nic attached to a router, which is connected to my game console (xbox). The problem is when the wired nic is plugged into the router, i love my wireless connection. I have DHCP on the wireless, and a static IP with a different gateway on the wired router. So, is there something I can do to tell my computer to only try to send specific data (internet) through the wireless, and other data through the router?

  84. If you look into your tcp/ip configuration there is a field called METRIC.

    This determines which network interface to send all traffic relevant to that network or any unknown network (aka web browsing) through.

    This is what you need to configure if you VPN to another network that has the same subnet as yours, you lower the metric of the virtual interface so that all traffic to the “vpn” uses that interface.

    What you need to do is enable load balancing on the interfaces that will alternate the load, intel and bcom both have software that enables this.
    Unfortunately there is little to no support on doing so between a wireless and a wired interface.

  85. Hi, i wanted to connect to two different networks in our office; one for the local office network the other for internet connection. We have an EVDO internet connection which is wireless and the wireless card has to be set to dhcp, but the lan in our office is static and is AD, with exchange server but our system admin said i cannot connect to be network because i will confuse the LAN network even though i am using two different card, one is wireless which is set to dhcp and the other wired given ip by the system admin. What do you think?

  86. hello,
    I have two identical pc’s and I connect them through a switch so I have lan connection.
    I want to connect them to a wireless network that already exists, but I have only one wireless pci card. I installes the wireless card to one pc but I have internet connection only when the ethernet device is disabled. Can I connect to the internet in both pc’s with one wireless card?

  87. I have two computers and one of them has a modem (DSL). However when i try to connect the other computer that i just bought to the modem it doesnt let me use the internet. only one computer can access the internet at a certain time. I have a DSL modem with only one ethernet entry however i purchased a hub that now provides space for 5 entries. HHOW CAN THEY BOTH ACCESS THE INTERNET AT THE SAME TIME??PLAESE HELP ME

  88. Hi Leo,
    I have a weird situation brought on by the internet provider at the dorm I live/work at. The ISP’s DHCP server is randomly assigning people IPs on two different subnet masks, basically two different networks (.1~.63 and .64~.127, subnet mask We need file and printer sharing available to everyone regardless of subnet mask from our server. I have tried assigning the server an IP on both subnets (.6 and .119) with their relative DNS/Gateway (.1 or .65). The problem is that people on the .1~.63 range can access the .6 IP perfectly, but the people on the .64~.127 side can’t access the .119 IP, even though it pops up on a netscan. The default “adapter” on the routing table is the .6 IP.

    What should I do? Should I use 2 different network cards? I might try that in the meantime.

    Thanks Leo.

  89. I have a two computers (One XP the other Vista) that connect to the internet and each other by a wireless router. The wireless link isn’t great. Can I cable the computers together using a cross cable as a primary link whilst also having the wireless connectivity?

  90. I have two ISP one ADSL and another is cable interent i want to use both simultaneously how can i use both . if one goes bad another take the position without making the changes physically .

  91. I am a client of one network.but in my office two networks are there.but i want to connect with both the networks simultaneously.In which way it is possible.please any one can help me………..
    please send me the solution………..

  92. Good day! I have a question; i have one desktop machine with 2 network interface card. one NIC is for internet conection and the other is for the connection of our accounting software.
    NIC1 has the IP Add of with subnet of and supported with gateway

    for NIC2: The IP add is subnet and gateway

    My problem is i can’t connect to my Internet if NIC2 is enabled, i have to this disable it ti=o be coonected to internet.
    any advice on how to deal with this two connections without disabling one of them?

  93. Hello,Good Morning.
    Sir, I have a problem with my connection.I have a laptop and a computer(Win Xp).I have a cable connetion to my laptop in my office and at home i use my pc with ethernet connection. My query to you is how do i set up another connection to my laptop, so that i can use my ethernet connection to the Laptop as well.Is it just that i have to change the settings.My laptop is not configured for a wireless connection.I want to use the internet for my laptop at home.Kindly,Help me Please…

  94. Well i’ve got 2 network connections on windows vista (01 wired and 01 wireless). I use internet through wired network connection and play multiplayer games through wireless. But when i need 2 use internet i have 2 disable wireless network connection or when i need 2 player multiplayer games i need to disable internet connection. on windows xp it was working fine but on windows vista m getting dis prob.

  95. There are two networks in the office, one is connected to the router for internet and the other network is for local sharing online… Is it possible to connect a server pc to both network at the same time.. or can both networks share a common server…

  96. how can change defaults lan connection, In my pc

    two lan card connection 1 leased line,another is

    local lan,when one connection lost get internet

    through another card.two card enabled at a time.

  97. hello i have zyxel router having WiMax internet and also configure DHCP? i want connect it to my private LAN with switch network of win2003, server configuered with domain and also DHCP server on computer how can i connect it with my LAN network for internet service to all users?
    [email address removed]
    plz send me mail with solution.

  98. i want connect two different domin server in one laptop , we have 2 office and setup with windows 2003 sbs networking , our GM laptop he wnat connect this both place how can setup with his laptop two domin

  99. Hello I have a question; i have one desktop machine with 2 network interface card. one Broad Band is for internet connection and the other is for the connection of our Office software.
    Broad Band has the IP Add of with subnet of and supported with gateway

    for Office software: The IP add is subnet and gateway

    My problem is i can’t connect to my Office softwarre if Broad Band is enabled, i have to this disable it ti=o be coonected to internet.
    any advice on how to deal with this two connections without disabling one of them?

  100. so, i have a macbook that easily connects to my wireless network. I love wireless connectivity! i prefer to have as little cables as possibly. preferably just my power cord. This brings me to my question…

    …. I love always having music going and the option of wireless printing. Can i be connected to my wireless network and wirelessly connect to my airtunes? my internet is in my living room and it won’t go to my bedroom. Is it possible to have both airtunes going from on wireless network and browsing the web on another network?

  101. I have two networks in office using IP range X.X.0.X and X.X.2.X. One is of Intranet, for file & printer sharing (few users in this range)and other for VPN (some users in this range). These ranges have seperate servers for each of them. I wish to share some folders in each servers and some of both users can have access these folders. Please, if this kind og networking is possible, then provide solution. Thank you.

  102. Hello I have a question; i have one desktop machine with 2 network interface card. one Broad Band is for internet connection and the other is for the connection of our Office software.
    Broad Band has the IP Add of with subnet of and supported with gateway

    for Office software: The IP add is subnet and gateway

    My problem is i can’t connect to my Office software(Using algratham that is Account Software that Default Gateway195.168.1.1, IP also 195.168.1.XX) if Broad Band is enabled, i have to this disable it to be connected to internet.
    any advice on how to deal with this two connections without disabling one of them?

  103. There are two networks in the office, one is connected to the router for internet and the other network is for local sharing online… Is it possible to connect a server pc to both network at the same time.. or can both networks share a common server…

  104. hi, I have two seprate internet connections one through wired and other through WI max my question is how to connect both these to one laptop so that if one connection is slower the other should support and give me constant speed, both my wired and wimax are 2mbps speed please help

  105. Hello I have a question; i have one desktop machine with 2 network interface card. one Broad Band is for internet connection and the other is for the connection of our Office software.
    Broad Band has the IP Add of with subnet of and supported with gateway

    for Office software: The IP add is subnet and gateway

    My problem is i can’t connect to my Office software(Using algratham that is Account Software that Default Gateway195.168.1.1, IP also 195.168.1.XX) if Broad Band is enabled, i have to this disable it to be connected to internet.
    any advice on how to deal with this two connections without disabling one of them?

  106. I have a problem in my network..i have two nic in my pc and i have one ip for internet & gateway ..second nic has ip’s sunet: & gateway:….i want to conneted to internet & at the same time connected to my office network..if anybody can help me..plzz mail me….

  107. We have two machines A & B, Both are placed in two different location (Distance 3 KM) and we have two different network AP & CB both are inter connected.
    and another option is lease line connection connected physically between A & B. How to connect lease line & wireless connection at a time for transferring data don’t want lose data.
    have you any idea for my question forward us early as possible thanks.

  108. We have two machines A & B, Both are placed in two different location (Distance 3 KM) and we have two different network AP & CB both are inter connected.
    and another option is lease line connection connected physically between A & B. How to connect lease line & wireless connection at a time for transferring data don’t want lose data.
    have you any idea for my question forward us early as possible thanks

  109. I have a problem in my network..i have two nic in my pc and i have one ip for internet & gateway ..second nic has ip’s subnet: & gateway:10….. can i see me shared folders on bouth networks..?

  110. Not sure if someone said this already but Windows can only make use of one default gateway. To connect to 2 networks remove the gateway from the second one (I would pick the one you won’t need Internet with) and remove the gateway. This means it needs a static address. Next set up a static route to the second network. This way your computer will connect to shared folders and Internet using (as an example) network and will know that anything on needs to use the second network card. You can also add entries to your hosts file for specific computers that you need to connect to often on the second interface.

  111. I have a desktop with single NIC .I want to use this NIC to access different LANs without changing my IP settings and default gateway every time. I heard about route add commands but don’t know how to use it.I want to use same LAN card for two of my office application softwares using different networks and for accessing internet though broadband router
    plz help………………..

  112. My friend and i live 3 houses away from each other. We both have internet and would like to be able to network our two home networks together.

    The issue is that we dont want to go through the internet to connect as we would like to share files without using up our ISP bandwidth limits.

    I have a router in my shed that we can both connect to from inside our houses (i could even run an ethernet cable out there if needed but my friend cant). We would like to maintain our own seperate internet connections for standard use. But we want to network our networks together via the shed router.

    Is this possible and how would we do it? We assume a lot of static ip addresses and renaming one default gateway ip address so that i dont inadvertantly start using his internet or vice-versa.

    Thank you

  113. I have 2 network , one is internal LAN & other is Internet. We have created workgroup in internal Lan using netgear router. Also we have an internet connection which is connected via device (Modem + router) by which we have connected our PC , but now when we connect to LAN then internet not work, & if disable Lan , than internet starts working
    My PC has 2 Ethernet Card by which both network works

  114. wow lots going on in this article.
    @thomask – yes you can. if your ip addresses are configured properly you should be able to see recources on both networks. ensure that ip addresses do not overlap int he two networks and you should be fine. e.g cannot be reached through your 10.x.x.x connection.

    @Aran the newer windows xp and onwards do not have htis problem i have had upto 4 connections with DHCP enabled working and resources being access thru all four at times. However the setup for this kind of network is hard. static is not the only route. Ensuring there are no address collisions and a proper DNS setup on the networks can bypass a lot of these issues.

    @Anonymous – Static might be your only route with reservation on all networks you need to connect to. also you could aggregate this into a VLAN through a switch and access it that way but that might require expensive switch and time to properly set it up and manage it.

    @Qillz – assuming you have windows 7 and the shed router can broadcast a wireless signal, you could possibly set it up this way. Internet -> your computer’s first NIC. second NIC to router in the shed. and enable file sharing services for the shed connection. Assuming your friends house can see the wireless signal he can setup a router with DDwrt or other solutions and rebroadcast your signal to his house.

    @ Manpreet ensure your gateway ips are unique and not in the same range. e.g if your ip is with a subnet of then you should not have any addresses ont he other network within the range of – if you do then your windows will reroute your traffic looking for your gateways ip on the other network and when the gateway is not found or when the ip supposed to be the gateway cannot connect to the internet your internet connection will show to be down. Also this problem is also related with your OS as the new OS can auto detect which connection has Internet and reroute Internet request to there. E.g windows 7 when connected to any network will determine if Internet in available an route traffic accordingly. you are likely using xp.

    For any of these solutions please feel free to post asking for more details here i will try to check when I can for updates or if i forget i am sure Leo can provide further help.

  115. I have a desktop with single NIC .I want to use this NIC to access different LANs without changing my IP settings and default gateway every time. I heard about route add commands but don’t know how to use it.I want to use same LAN card for two of my office application softwares using different networks and for accessing internet though broadband router
    plz help………………..

  116. Hello sir, I want to connect 2 computers together each on different network and each connected to separate routers. Can this is possible if so please guide me.

  117. Hello sir, I want to connect 2 computers together each on different network and each connected to separate routers. Can this is possible if so please guide me.


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