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Do you accept guest posts?

Question: I’d like to write for you! I have great ideas / a great background / a great product that would allow me to add a lot of value to your site. Do you take submissions?


I know many sites do accept guest posts, collaborations, or even sponsored posts, but Ask Leo! does not.

Ask Leo! is me: Leo.

One of the things that set Ask Leo! apart from others is that all the articles have been written by me, Leo Notenboom; it is 100% based on my knowledge, experience, opinions, words, and philosophy.

And at this time there are no plans to change that.

Because I get so many solicitations, repeated requests will be marked as spam.

Thanks for understanding.


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Footnotes & references

1: Where ‘written’ also refers to articles that are rewritten by my editorial staff based on my Answercast transcripts.