Who is Leo?

I help people use technology by answering their questions and educating on the web.

So just who is Leo?

My Manifesto

I believe that personally accessible technology is the foundation of humanity’s future. To that end I teach people to understand and safely use personal computers and related technology so that they can do more, be more, grow more and connect more than ever before, and be an active participant in that future. I do that by writing books, answering questions, educating on important topics and trends, and sharing my overall passion and excitement for the possibilities.

Yes, this was a real question.

“Leo” is Leo A. Notenboom. That’s me, the Leo in Ask Leo!.

I’ve been doing Ask Leo! since 2003. Apparently I have a knack for explaining technical topics and situations in terms that non-technical people can understand – at least that’s what I try to do.

When it comes to tech, if you’ve got a question, just just ask!

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Leo A. NotenboomHistory

I’ve been in the personal computer and software industry since 1979, as a software engineer, a manager of software engineers, and as a consultant.

In 1983 I joined what was then a medium sized local company called Microsoft and spent the next 18 years in a wide variety of groups working on a wide variety of software. I’ve written, worked on and shipped a lot of software and managed a lot of software engineers. If you’re running Microsoft Windows, if you’ve used a Microsoft development tool or Microsoft Money, or if you’ve ever purchased a ticket through Expedia, there’s a good chance you’ve been touched by some of my work.

And of course, since 2003, I’ve been answering your tech questions here on Ask Leo!

I’m one of those weird people that plays with computers because I really, really enjoy it. It’s both my career and my hobby. So even after leaving Microsoft I’ve kept it up. I’ve been doing a lot of work implementing and maintaining websites on both Windows and Linux. I’ve been writing some very interesting server-side applications in Perl and PHP, frequently using database technologies such as mySql, and writing all sorts of other odds and ends.

If you want to see what else I’m up to, check out my online business card, which lists many of my current roles, along with contact information.