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To Video? Or Not to Video?

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219 comments on “To Video? Or Not to Video?”

  1. I usually read the transcript of the video articles. My kids are usually playing Wii, or watching TV, or whatever. Your video competing with whatever the kids are doing doesn’t work. And for most articles, the text is just fine because it’s the content that I care about, not the medium.

    However, video certainly has its place. Where you actually have something to show, video is invaluable. For example, when you did the EaseUs Todo Backup series, the video was great because there was more technical info in there and we could actually follow along with what you were saying because we could see what was happening on screen. If the only thing in the video is your head shot with maybe a title or a link, I don’t see any value added by having video.

    If you want to be more selective in which articles you do video with, by all means, you’ve got my blessing.

  2. Thank you Leo,

    For me, personally, I don’t need nor do not prefer a video. I like the written word. While both have value…I just prefer reading.


  3. Truthfully, I prefer written articles. Video is great if you are showing how to do something but I find your screenshots in the written articles just as useful.

  4. Hi Leo – Happy New Year from the UK! Like the previous comments, I too prefer to read rather than watch the video – mainly because it is much quicker to do. Similarly I feel sure it would be quicker and easier for you to post the written version, rather than create the video, then get the transcript produced and posted, etc.

    I certainly value the content of what you put in the videos, but would be perfectly happy (in fact would prefer) to simply read the script.


  5. I also greatly prefer the written word. When watching the video, I have those, “What did he just say?” moments and then have to scroll back. With the written word, a glance back satisfies my question.

  6. I usually just read the transcript and don’t watch the video. I still appreciate you putting out very useful information that I find helpful.

  7. I almost always read the transcript, and don’t watch the video. I just find that a more efficient use of my time. In fact, I’ve missed a few of your articles, because the transcript wasn’t ready, and I forget to go back when it is.
    Like the other, I too appreciate your blog and info. Thanks for doing this.

  8. I agree with all the opinions above, i.e., I prefer to read the transcript rather than watch the video. The exception is if you are “showing” how to do/use something, then it is helpful to watch rather than just read about it. And I prefer your written articles even more than the transcripts of the videos… the written articles are easier to follow than the “word by word” transcript of your spoken words. For me, it’s the topic though, not the medium that is important.

  9. On the most part I prefer the written word…I internalize the information better with less distraction. There are instances when a picture/video is worth a thousand words and seeing it is believing it!

  10. G’day from up here in Tasmania. I always read the transcript, the subject matter is great, I can read without disturbing others but the sound would require me to get out my headphones which is decidedly anti social.

  11. HI Leo certainly Video has its perks, it makes it more personal with seeing you, but in turn like you said it takes you a ways from other things at hand that your could be doing. So on this note i would say if you want to switch it up by all means do so, we all get the value out of it either way , and i absolutely love it any of it , written or filmed . Well Leo till next time and god bless and i do hope you and your family have a safe happy new year.

  12. Leo – I enjoy the videos and they are very well done. I am sure they are a lot more work. I also like your text reports and will always access either.

  13. Leon, I really enjoy looking and listening to your videos. I have been reading your articles since the 2004’s! However I must agree with James B’s
    2nd. & 3rd paragraph! Don’t worry, your article is the first thing I look for when I open my Email!

  14. I prefer to read the transcript. That way I can re-read areas that I need to. and, I usually have pandora on, so video is not going to happen.

  15. Like others I just clicked on “read the transcript” most of the time I do read the articles because I need to read again to ensure that I got it right. I do watch occasionally but not often. The content is what is important!

  16. Since I don’t interact with Ask Leo! articles in the same way as most others who are commenting, I’ll talk about my experience with other websites which have videos. If it’s a news article, for example, with a video. I’ll read the text and rarely check out the video. If it’s only video and no text, most of the time, I’ll just leave the page unless the subject matter is compelling me enough to watch.

  17. I typically read (or skim through) your articles and watch some videos based on the content or subject matter.

    A tip… I know you use the description area of a YouTube video to link to the comment area on Have you considered using YouTube annotations so that the link text overlay that you show in the video is “clickable”? For example, at approximately 3:49 in this video you show the link. Using YouTube’s annotation feature to create a clickable link would be helpful.

    Happy New Year!

  18. My sound card died (new computer coming soon) so I only read the transcript, but even before the sound quit I only occasionally watched the videos. If there is something like screen shots or other visual aids in a video I will watch it, otherwise I just read it.

  19. Personally, I much prefer reading to watching, especially if screenshots are posted. With a transcript, I can also print the article.

  20. I like the videos. If you are talking about something especially important (they are all important, otherwise, you wouldn’t go to the trouble to produce them), the video adds the ability to put more emotion into the post.
    Your posts have helped me get my backups going and I sincerely thank you for that.

  21. I just usually jump to the transcript. Unless its like one of your instructional videos. Some might like the videos more – being a more one on one approach, like having a tutor/teacher.

    Having transcripts would save you “Leo” the time filming and editing. Allowing you write more articles to help people with PC issues, or other questions and answers.

  22. It could just be my PC, but videos seem to slow down my pc and use a lot of memory. I usually just read the articles if I can. I’d rather see you put the time into sharing more info!

    Thanks Leo!

  23. I usually prefer the content. I don’t always have a strong internet connection, so the video isn’t so important. I usually prefer the transcript. Thanks for all you do, and Happy New Year!

  24. Hey Leo, I first came across you by your videos, this is the first time I have commented and the first time I have come to this part of your site, I have never read any of your writings, nor your transcripts, I have only watched your videos, and only on youtube, where the comments are disabled. The only reason I am here really is to give feedback to this partiular video. I have been watching your videos since the first half of 2015 and have watched pretty much every one you have made (I can’t think of one I havent watched). I find your content very informative and useful, which is why I keep coming back. If you stopped making videos, would I seek out you new content? Well I also subscribe to Brian Krebs vis RSS and he never makes videos, so perhaps its is more about the content than the videos. Anyway, I have now, due to this video, subscribed to your newsletter and have been made aware that you are more than just your videos. Regardless how you choose to proceed, I also just want to say a genuine Thank You for impacting my computer knowledge and experience. .

  25. I prefer the written articles, and in fact rarely watch the videos but read the transcripts instead. Thanks for all that you provide, more often than not I learn something.

  26. I prefer reading the content–I can read at my own pace, concentrate, reread if needed. I don’t think videos provide an advantage.

  27. Hello Leo,
    First off, let me thank you for all I’ve learned following you. In this instance, I read the transcript and listen to the video. If forced to make a choice, I would say give up the video and give us more of the written word–even repeat articles on difficult subjects. You are the BEST!!!!

  28. There is a quality to the audio portion of a video that surpasses the written word-that quality is inflection. Reading a transcript is not necessarily the same as hearing it spoken by the author. The author’s passion or conviction is (to me at least) more evident when I hear it. So I vote for the videos.

    Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge with us.

    Happy New Year!

  29. I like having the option of video or transcript. Sometimes I’m not in a situation where I can watch, but could read. But sometimes I like the personal quality of the info via video. Been following you for years. Thank you for your time and effort.

  30. I prefer written articles. If a video catches my eye I look for the transcript. This is largely because I am usually not alone when reading. Putting on headphones seems anti-social.

  31. Hi Leo, I have been a member now since January 2012. I enjoy the videos and I have over 600 of your emails in a folder. I have learned much since I started, I continue to learn as we go along. Prior to Ask Leo I never backed up, today I use Macrium Reflect and image backup both mine and my wife’s PC weekly. I also set up backup for my brother in law and my sister in law. Thank You for all you do and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  32. Leo… I love the videos and think it is a great vehicle to deliver an opinion piece. I subscribe to both videos and newsletters. The newsletters articles and transcripts are great when following step-by-step instructions to solve a technical problem, but I think video is the better format for expressing an opinion or to demonstrate a concept. There is more of an emotional content with a video. I subscribe to numerous newsletters and RSS feeds, but your weekly video is the only video content that I listen to regularly. Keep up the good work.

  33. Your videos, for me, are a better way to get your message across. It gives it a personal edge to the information and makes it more “human” (for lack of a better term) watching you emphasize points which I believe you don’t get just by the written word. I get more out of hearing what you have to say then just reading it.
    I do read your comments but sometimes it’s a struggle and not enjoyable but always informative so I wish to Thank You for all the information you have given us in the past. I am a great believer in backing up and have set up many of my friends and relatives on that same road. I have been backing up since I started with computers (back in 1995) and know the value of it and it has saved me more than one. Again, Thank You.

  34. I love the videos that show how to do something or even the screen shots as I find then a lot easier to understand at my age of 72 thanks foe everything. Ron

  35. I prefer text to videos in general, especially when video is just another format. Text takes less time, allows me to go at my own pace. The only advantage of video is when you have to show some complicated steps. May I suggest you keep to text, then add a small video if you need to show people the step to do certain things?

  36. The video isn’t so important. I usually prefer the transcript. I find if there something I am not quite of, it it quicker for me to read the item again then replay the video as my connection is rather slow.

  37. I too have a limited internet access. Because of this I only read the transcript. I also keep your emails for future reference. Thanks for providing an unending source of information. I hope 2017 is a great year for you!

  38. I like both to read or watch the information you provide so wonderfully. If I had to choose one, it would probably be to read because then I could also print out something I needed.

  39. Dear Leo. Firstly best wishes for 2017 and beyond. I rarely watch the video I just click for the transcript, sometimes the transcript is not available at that time so I wait and try again. I have read these for many years and learn a lot. Unfortunately on a pension I can not subcpscribe to Patreon but I am learning all the time with your wonderful transcripts and I can save the special interest ones which I can review.. I know I could review them on your site but I have them to browse in my iPad and delete after digesting them..

  40. I also wait for the transcript, watching the video is too slow, but I like the idea of transcript with video as vehicle for demonstration.
    Thank you for your help, I have now become nearly self-sufficient regarding computer knowledge. I, too, am a pensioner and as the Australian Dollar has lost its value lately it is not easy to get by, but I would not give up my patreon subscription, unfortunately I cannot go any higher.
    Have a very happy and fruitful 2017

  41. Hello. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for about two years now. However, I rarely read it, because I prefer listening to the audio of the articles. I also stopped watching the videos after audio of them became available in your podcast feed. I feel that I get more out of your articles by listening to them rather than reading them. Thanks for all your hard work and have a wonderful 2017!

  42. Hello Leo. Happy New Year.

    I am sure you will get different answers to your question which won’t, necessarily, help you decide what to do. Speaking from a personal point of view, I prefer to read the article rather than watch the video, except perhaps a “how to” video. So, it probably isn’t necessary to produce a video each week, just occasionally when you are showing us how to do something. One reason I don’t watch the videos regularly is that it eats into my download allowance, this can build up over the course of a month.

    Thank you for your regular articles – I learn a lot from them.

    Regards, Bryan (UK)

    • Another transcript reader. I have watched one or two videos but I prefer to read the content. And as a home video editor, I know it takes a lot of work to produce a video–as you say, time better spent on content. Thanks, Leo. And Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • I agree as well. I’ve never quite gotten why so many things are in video format (youtube). Sure, sometimes you need to show what you are trying to get across. then it makes sense. But if all you are doing is talking to your audience, what’s the point? for illiterate people? I can read at a rate much faster than a video. I skim the stuff that doesn’t matter to me, then slow down when I see one of your “Gems”.

  43. I find value in both video and written word. I like to listen as I read along, it seems to help me understand a little better, I’m not the best at reading. When I was in school I was put in ld classes (learning disability) because it took me longer to understand the things I read. It’s not as bad today as it was back then, but listening along is a big help. I don’t comment often on any videos or written articles, because as you can see I’m not the best at writing. Still in the end, I will always watch or read what ever you publish. I find value in them because I learn from them (though it does take me longer than the average person). Thank you and Happy New year! Leo

  44. First off Happy New Year to you Leo, your family, and to the folks behind the seen that help with your site. Leo as far as the videos go for myself I get value from both them and your written content. I wonder if your findings could be related to the different age groups of your viewers, subscribers. In our house hold my two teenage sons view way more U Tub videos than my wife or I do. This factor could also have a bearing on the commenting on article and videos also. I don’t know if you have any tools at your disposal to answer this or not but if it is a factor it shows that Ask Leo appeals and adds value for a large range of people. For me I hope that you continue to produce both forms of content I enjoy both formats. Besides it’ll keep you busy and out of trouble.

  45. I have poor eyes so any time you have a video or an audio, I watch or listen rather than read. That’s just me. If there are a lot of snips in the article, I’ll follow along with the transcript. I used to read all of the articles, but now I listen to most of them.

    I have tried to use the Microsoft narrator on some of the other printed internet content, but I’ve never had much success with that narrator. It’s hit and miss and mostly miss.

  46. I have to second Bryan’s comments that I read the majority of the articles. For me it is quicker and I can skim ahead if I want depending upon the material. The videos are very useful when doing a “how to” that needs detail and illustration of the windows or screens involved. Leo thank you for all the useful and wonderful information and “help” over the years I have read your articles and newsletter, and Happy New Year!

  47. Some comments are saying that for the how to articles, a video can make things easier to understand. Other than those, there at a few who say for the editorial blogs, the voice inflection helps get the point across. Other than those the overwhelming majority seems to go for strictly text. Personally, I can see the value of video for editorials, but on the other hand a written editorial is different from a spoken editorial, and an editorial specifically written to be read can be just as effective. As for the how to videos, I find it easier to follow an article with detailed screenshots, as otherwise, if it’s in video form, I have to do a lot of “rewinding”. I feel that if you do cut back on videos, it would still be good to do some editorial videos as they have the effect of bringing you and the audience closer.

  48. I enjoy reading and watching your videos. I have just recently found that you also have a private blog which I was delighted to sign up thru “feedly’ to get.

  49. I don’t find many web and email videos useful; I’d rather scan an email to see if there is any thing of value and then scan articles once I link to them.

  50. Maybe it is because I am older (50+) but I always prefer to read the article than to watch a video. The only exception would be a hardware how-to instruction where a good video can be better than an article. So for me you can skip the videos!
    I may be biased as I read quite fast (at least that is my own opinion after comparing with others in school and work).

    • Leo mentioned in a video or 2 that YouTube video comments are often negative. People who want to comment are directed to the original article in every video. Here on Ask Leo! the comments are strictly monitored for off topic comments and flames. Actually Ask Leo! readers are a very respectful bunch, and off topic comments and flames are extremely rare.

    • Comments are disabled on YouTube because I have no real control over them, and YouTube brings out the worst in people when it comes to commenting. Here I retain some control, and as I say in most videos, I keep the trolls out.

  51. Hi Leo,

    I find your articles really relevant and useful. However I don’t have time for videos and much prefer the transcripts. Keep up the good work!

  52. I like the how to videos and to my mind the best one so far was the how to use Ease us to do backup. It was very well done and I have shown it to many people who were somehow scared to do a backup. Happy New Year and long may you continue with your articles.;

  53. I would like it if you could bring back the Facebook Fridays or something similar to it. It seems that every week I stumble across something and can’t always find an answer. You could put out a topic and take questions on that also.
    Thanks for the help you do provide.

  54. Hi Leo
    Happy new Year to you and yours.
    Your how to videos are great and can be helpful to understand difficult concepts.
    Personally I read the transcript before I watch your talk to videos then if there is something that I do not get, I will watch the video,
    but sometimes the transcript alone will do.
    I find all your articles very informative, even if I have an understanding of the subject.
    Please keep up the good work and all the best for the future

    Damien (Ireland)

  55. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    I use your videos in my weekly SIG on Windows at the Tampa Bay Computer Society. I realize that they are often opinions and I feel good when your comments reinforce ideas that I have been stressing. I am selective in what videos I show but it is nice to have an “expert” in the room every so often. Please don’t stop doing them.

  56. I also agree with Bryan in that “how to” videos are much more valuable. I agree with Mark Jacobs that screenshot enhanced text is good, too. I would print the latter to keep as a reference and also as a help to understand the former. Whilst watching a video I would tend to make notes anyway, so if the “transcript ” had screenshots then this would help and I would not have to take notes (rewinding continually). Note: How To videos only…

  57. I find that your videos are the first things I go to. I like them. Why? I really had to think about that for a while. I came up with what I think is the best answer. Simply, your voice, it’s reflections of speech, the meanings not able to be reflected in the written word, etc. Me, personally, I hope you continue to do the videos.

    If how-to videos are used, they may be more important that simply blog videos, but others will have their say on that. I guess, I just like videos more.

  58. i am a faster reader than videos run so only rarely do I watch instead of read. How ever when it involves explaining a process through multiple screens for instance it is helpful to see the screens . There are I suspect many people who will always prefer the video.

  59. I also would prefer the transcript, almost every time (exception being for specific instructions that are easier conveyed visually)

  60. I don’t watch the videos, but go straight to the transcript. I prefer to digest your information at my own pace, re-reading or skimming as needed. I tried a couple of videos but don’t see that they add any value. Thanks for asking us.

  61. I am earing impaired, so thanks for the transcript.

    Happy new yar and thank you for what you are doing. I appreciate your newsletter.

  62. I prefer videos, because as a foreigner I can appreciate better the topic that you are talking about in that format. To read an article is somewhat more tedious to me. Please do not misunderstand my point; I read the articles too. It is only a matter of preference. That is all.

  63. Videos are nice but I prefer the written word. – I can SEARCH text. There is no way I know of to search a video for a ‘keyword’.

    One advantage to videos is ‘How-to’ instructables. (isn’t that a word now?)

    Keep up the great work, Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas (Day 7 I believe)

  64. Keep the videos, Leo. The value of your advice rests on your credibility as an expert in the field, but also on your integrity as a person. The videos help to communicate both of these effectively in a way that a purely text-based blog would not do as well. I appreciate hearing your opinions.

    Thanks for this informative and enjoyable resource!

  65. I like the “how To” videos, because I can save them and re-watch until I have solved the problem. The opinion videos make me think for a moment, and then I delete them. Dialing back on the amount of videos is a good idea. Usually I do not look forward to them, but I Love you and your advice, Leo. I now back up all my computers, both Mac and PC. Before you, I did not back up at all. THANKS!

  66. Videos are good for a discussion (your views) on a subject. Not so good on a How-To type subject, with step-by-step instructions. I need to be able to print out the instructions in order to follow along as I do them.

  67. In general, I prefer text to video, and I greatly appreciate that you, Leo, go to the extra lengths to provide transcripts of your videos. It’s a matter of individual preference, but I find it much easier to skim-read a text to ascertain how useful it is, or whether it’s specially valuable to the reader for specific parts only, or whether I want to print the whole off for reference. But when I do look at your videos, I do appreciate the quality of the presentation.

    This issue is one of my gripes. Generally, FAR to much material is presented on video only now, often rambling and slaphappy, and, when presenting complex material, far too rushed – if the transcript would be poor as a literary work, in my opinion, the video isn’t up to scratch (most extraordinary are the rambling adverts for medical services – often nearly half an hour – does anyone stick with them?)

  68. Do you get more comments from the videos or from items that have videos?
    I skip the videos and read the transcripts.
    It could be just that the hotter topics that you deem worthy of the extra effort of a video are also more likely to get comments regardless of the medium (Video or written transcript).

  69. I prefer the higher bandwidth of text. The average person speaks about 120 words per minute; the average reader reads about 200 words per minute. A fast reader can top 1000 words per minute. I expect that videos take longer to create, too.

  70. I like the combination of the video and transcript. Being old fashioned, (70 years old) I like to see the person who is passing on information/advice. In addition, there are nuances passed on in video that text simply cannot convey.

    Text is great for going reviewing what has been said or, if there is something that was not heard properly or clearly understood while watching.

    • in agreement … also, I would add that videos allow me to rest my eyes as I’m thinking about what you’re saying; then if I need more clarification I can read the transcript.

  71. I’m a fan and read you every day. So please know I make this criticism with love. I watched the first few videos and switched back to reading. The articles, though valuable, tend to be wordy and repetitive (this one asking about videos is an excellent example). Transcriptions of spoken word (which I believe these are) tend to be.

    Reading, I can skim over the repetitions. Listening I can’t.

    I find you write more succinctly than you speak. If I’m right that these are transcripts, I wonder what a video would be like if the process were reversed and you spoke from a page or teleprompter?

    In any case keep up the good work.


    • I agree with Eric. The subject and your thoughts on the subject are what is important. I don’t need the video to get that. I always just read the transcript and ignore the video. Well, once in a while I watch – as I like to see how you think! Does the auto feedback you get on what has been read or watched include the ability to differentiate if someone actually watched the video or instead read the transcript? Keep up the good work – I get something out of everything you publish!

    • I actually have tried the teleprompter / scripted approach. It was very awkward, I came across as extremely stiff, and it just didn’t feel right. I’d have to invest a lot of time and practice for that approach to work well. I preferred to invest that time in spontaneity … meaning that most of these videos are unscripted, might have an outline, and are often done in a single take. That’s a skill that I wanted to hone as it’s useful for more than videos. 🙂

  72. I prefer reading a transcript to watching a “talking head”. If the topic has any content which lends itself to video, that’s the way to go.

  73. I very rarely watch the videos and virtually always read the transcript instead. In fact, I am disappointed if there is no transcript available. So I, for one, would be perfectly OK with a reduction in the number of your videos. The subject matter is what gets my attention, and a text article allows me to skim, read in detail, re-read, etc. depending upon the particular subject matter and my needs.

    • If you find a video without a transcript, come back a day or 2 later. All videos eventually get a transcript.

  74. Happy New Year Leo !
    Although I have watched some of the videos for the most part I read the transcript. But I will say that as I am reading to myself sometimes I hear your voice reading it. 🙂

  75. Leo, I very definitely prefer articles (text plus screenshots or whatever, as appropriate) to videos. With an article, I can search for a text string and easily find it. The area of a video is often hard to find. I often have to read the text several times to understand (or remember?) it and its harder for me to understand similar information in a video.

    Therefore, I usually rely on the transcripts – I can’t remember the last time I actually watched one of your videos!

    In any event, PLEASE continue providing transcripts for any videos you produce.


    • I totally get the value of transcripts. In fact I’ve started preaching it to some of my online content producing friends. My videos will always have transcripts if I can pull it off. 🙂

  76. Personally I prefer text. I always read the transcripts of your video presentations without watching the video. If the video conveyed some points that were hard to describe then use the video. Text can be searched or I can scan it visually. I can read it faster than you can say it. Also, a written article tends to be more concise and better organized than the transcript of a video presentation. Since YOU and your time are your most valuable resource then I say go with what’s most efficient for you.

  77. To Video? Or Not to Video?
    Most of your videos are very functional.
    Suggestion: Video, yes, if the story can be better told and/or explained via video.

  78. Like some of the others, I rarely view the video, but always read the transcripts.

    My preference is not limited to Ask Leo. It applies to video news, podcasts, and any other form that does not have text.

    I like to absorb the material at my own pace, be able to backtrack to form data links, or jump forward to read footnotes. With A/V everything is lockstep and forward only.

    As for comments, IMO, they relate mostly to the topic/content rather than media.

  79. Happy New Year to you Leo,
    I have been watching your videos for a long, long time and I look forward to each one. Makes NO difference the subject matter, It’s more like an old friend
    coming on my computer, talking to me and teaching me something. I take notice what color shirt your wearing and if your beard is getting “greyer”
    If I have a problem, my friends say “What does your friend Leo say about it” …… Believe it or not, I consider you a friend.
    Don’t stop the videos.

  80. Leo, for me it’s content. I read the transcript. No video would be fine. Context: 65 years old, work background involved reading documents so it’s the quickest means for me to absorb information.

  81. Hi Leo,

    Happy New Year and thank you very much for the various tips I keep finding in my in-box. I enjoy reading the ones that you type and I enjoy watching the ones that you record. I also appreciate the amount of time you must be spending recording, editing and uploading these items. The question of whether I prefer text or video depends on the subject matter. If it’s a subject I’m already partly familiar with, the written word is fine. The value of video is that it turns a two-dimensional discussion into a three-dimensional one. Someone wiser than me once pointed out that 70% of communication is visual. Body language can convey far more than the written word can. Therefore, for the more complex items, video is infinitely better for me than a written blog. Having said that, a written blog is infinitely better than nothing at all and I would completely understand if you felt that dispensing with videos would allow you more time for other things. I also very much enjoy watching your videos and will continue to do so for as long as they are available.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Taylor

    West Yorkshire

  82. I like both the videos and the text. Depending on time sometimes I will watch the video or not if I’m rushed for time I will read the text instead. I think both are valuable.

  83. I like it both ways. I occasionally watch the videos, but more often read the transcripts. As long as the transcripts ate available, I have a choice as to whether to read or just skim. I do however enjoy watching the odd video.

  84. Cut back on the videos is my preference for not everyone has a FAT pipe out to the Internet and while your vid’s are not that big, it’s still something to take into consideration for those still having to use dial-up.

  85. Leo: Happy New Year! Personally, I prefer the “How To” topics in text. I have a laptop and a desktop, so I can print the text and follow the instructions for both machines whenever I desire. I also enjoy “General” topics in video format.

    Keep up the good work.

  86. If this is a poll, I prefer text over video. Not just for Ask Leo, either. For almost everything. If it’s something that needs pictorial illustration, a still shot will usually suffice.

  87. Yes. I would much rather text than video. I don’t remember what I hear, I can’t print it and read it in bed or catalog it so it can be searched.
    At least “Ask Leo” has both options so I can choose. This is why I subscribe to it and not to other video-only newsletters.

  88. I usually listen to the podcasts and watch the video. I think seeing you talking enthusiastically makes it more personal, and your followers can see who is helping them. Thanks for your thoughts and knowledge. Happy New Year.

  89. Personally, I listen to your videos while doing other stuff, when I choose to listen at all. The video content is minimal, with the high percentage being you … which I don’t need to see continuously as it adds no value. I concur about text and how-to articles, or articles in which text information is necessary. So why video if it’s just you in front of the camera? Most of the pieces, as you said, are opinionated posts; and while I value your opinion on computer related topics these would be easier to assemble if audio only. You wanted f/b and that’s mine. Whatever you do, I wish you continued success.

  90. hey leo I am comminting on the video or text I love the videos leo it make it kinda more personal thank you leo you have help me over the years with your comments about computers

  91. I prefer text. I always go for the transcript and not bother with the video. Unless the video shows diagramatically something that would be difficult to explain in words, I think text is better so I can skim the bits that I know and hone in on the sections that interest me.

  92. I must say that video has made Leo a ‘person’, which has made the whole experience of the site that much more personal. As for the content, I do feel I am getting more from the video than I would just from text, and indeed I am far more likely to view the clip than to read the text, unless the subject was of ‘special’ interest.
    By all means cut back on the production of video clips, but do continue to use it when appropriate.

  93. I actually enjoy listening to a lot of your opinion videos – but that’s generally when I’m doing other things. I find they can help, and provide useful info but perhaps if it’s an onerous task, then maybe make fewer, say one per quarter about the big topics.

    I don’t use Ask Leo for “how to” tutorials, but more as a source of information, ideas, trends etc whcih is where I get the value from, and videos do enhance that but are not critical. Generally the quality of info is expressed better in video, in my opinion, but isn’t always needed.

    Hope that helps, and Happy New Year!

  94. Happy new year! If at all possible I’d like to keep both the videos and the transcripts. As some have already pointed out, the videos give a nice personal touch. It’s also worth mentioning that your voice and clarity of speech lends itself very well to this format. As a foreigner with English as my second language I often miss bits of what’s said in videos, however I can’t recall ever having had to rewind and “intensely relisten” to any of yours. I think especially beginners may find these qualities appealing. Also, the video and transcript work well together for reading along, which my old teacher referred to as “double learning”… plus it saves me the trouble of having to read the text out loud to myself in your voice 😉

  95. Great point Leo! I like it both ways. There is always something that can be explained better and easier to understand in a video. Then went you read the transcript it has more meaning. To me it is like reading a book and then watching the movie. The parts you did not understand in the book, became clear when you saw the movie. Some people cannot follow the transcript as easy as hearing it explained in a video. It is just something about hearing the spoken word that makes a big difference to some people. Just as a teacher explains the part of a subject you do not understand by reading. When someone ask me a question, I refer them to a video on that subject. Thanks for all the videos and transcripts. I place them in a file folder to use for future reference.

  96. I have a small business, and, as you are well aware, there is never enough time to do everything that needs done. I especially like the video for two reasons. (1) I can be doing something else, like making lunch, while I am watching/listening. If it was just read-only I might just skim the article or not take the time to read it. (2) You’re like an old friend. It’s much nicer to see and hear you – like skyping is better than reading a letter. I appreciate your advice. At some point I would like to be able to send you some support.

  97. On almost any website, I NEVER watch the videos. They are too time consuming compared to reading (I’m not even a speed reader, I just read faster than most video “stars” talk.)

    Much like others that have commented, I like to be able to save the text for future reference or printing. That way I can highlight text or add my own comments to the text as needed.

    As far as I’m concerned (AFAIC?) most how-to or explanatory videos can be eliminated from the web. Give me the text!

    That said, I DO appreciate your content and will view it in any form you decide.

    Thanks Leo!

  98. Use the appropriate technology for the purpose.
    Video is better for showing events, corgi tricks, and 1000-word pictures (an exploded Samsung smartphone).
    Text is better for opinions, thought pieces, or Windows tips.
    I prefer to click through an unfamiliar software sequence with a written copy at hand. That way, when I make a mistake, I can retrace or back up to where I was before a self-inflicted disaster happened. It is easier to copy, paste, and then print written instructions.

  99. I always click on the text transcript & read that. It allows me to read at my own pace & I don’t miss anything you say plus you sometimes include hot links in the text. I have a low ISP data cap so I try to minimize my streaming video watching anyway. Others may enjoy the videos & feel a more personal experience through them so I suggest you cut back on the number of videos & use them for some subjects you feel passionate about as opinion pieces. Happy New Year. I read AskLeo every week without fail; keep up the great work you do!

  100. I prefer the video over the text. That way I can do something else at the same time,but would be just as happy with an Audio pod cast type.

  101. Happy New Year and thanks a lots for doing this noble service.

    I mostly read the articles rather than watch all your videos, unless the topic deals with some ‘how – to’ explanations and details and I would like to see more of such . I must also say that your videos are excellent – clear and easy to follow.

  102. Leo,

    Just to say that for me the text is more useful…though I have often watched the videos I find that I am sometimes distracted when listening/watching, and then wonder wheat I missed? If you can use your time better on other things…go for it. It seems most never have enough time available for what we need/want to accomplish. Better to keep focused on what is most important. I continue to be an avid reader of Ask Leo!

  103. Hi Leo
    You are a handsome guy, but I like the transcript version of your comments better. I can easily repeat portions and re-read sections more easily.

  104. Hi Leo,
    Happy New Year! I also prefer text over video. In fact, I have only watched a couple of your videos. Most to the time I hit transcript to read the text rather than watch the video. If it’s an especially good “How To” report I will print it out and save it in my “Leo” 3 ring binder!

  105. Videos require the sound to be playing, and that’s not usually convenient / appropriate for me. It also takes longer to listen to a video than read the text. I can quickly read the transcript for the salient points, reading in more depth if needs be.

  106. Leo, I must confess I never watch the videos. I always read the text transcript. Usually my computer speakers are turned off so I have to stand up to turn them on if video is the only option. OK, I can use the exercise, but I’d rather read the info in any case.

    The only time a video would be preferred is for information that is better shown than told. That would include how to hook up various devices.

  107. Great articles, but my preference is to read things (assuming this is a poll to determine future directions)..

    Keep up the good work!!

  108. gady Leo,
    I may be in the minority but I always go to the video first, not to watch since mostly it’s a talking head but to listen. You are always informative and the constant goad I need to ‘back up’ and when I hear something that really interests me, I read and archive the content. Have a great 2017 and keep up the good work.
    ooroo Rob

  109. I’ve watched a couple of videos in the past, just to confirm what a handsome erudite guy you are!
    Seriously though – it’s text for me every time. I can go fast or slow, pause, repeat the last paragraph etc, just with the scroll wheel.
    Thanks for everything in 2016 – keep up the good work! Happy New Year.

    • I agree — the videos are an inefficient way to communicate information. I absolutely never watch them. I did this time because you asked for feedback so I laboured through your opening explanation wanting to get to the comments section. I found it hard to find and had to reload to get the comments section to appear. That’s my “comment” for FWIW! Thanks heaps! Austin

    • Yep, same here. I almost always go for the transcript version as I find it faster. Could be I’m “old school” as the younger folks seem to favor video.

    • One other feature of the transcript is the ability to search for a phrase. I would not bother to try that in a video. In text I can skip ahead and back at my leisure. The video is not that helpful.

  110. Hi Leo. I have followed Ask Leo for the past 12 years and very much look forward to your weekly postings which have caused me to make “Ask Leo” my first “go to” place on the web whenever I have needed help. However, I can honestly tell you I have never watched one of your videos. Nothing personal Leo but I can still speed read and do so from your text going back over parts that I wish to re-review. Best Wishes and keep up your good work. Colin

  111. Howdy Leo,

    Happy New Year again and my very best wishes. I really love your videos. I don’t know how much work or sacrifice you have to make in order to conceive those videos; but if you decide altogether at one point it’s not worth the effort, I sure am going to miss them.

  112. As a man in his mid-fifties and not knowing a lot about computers, you have helped me a lot over these past 4 years since I got a laptop! I like how you explain things and don’t just assume folks know stuff. Although your videos are informative and entertaining, and let me walk away from my laptop to do things and still listen, it is the content, and thus text that is most important since I can read faster than you talk! As you said, if you do cut back on the videos then doing one once in a while would be nice. Keeping that personal touch is nice. Thanks again for all the help and information you have provided me these past few years!

  113. Yes Leo, I very much value your videos! Much more impact than reading the same words! And shows you’re a ‘real person’.

    Thanks Leo.

  114. Hi Leo, I work in IT Support myself and have been subscribing to your newsletter (among others) for years. As to whether or not I think videos are better, well after some thought I’d have to say no. Though I watch just about every video you release because I enjoy your enthusiasm talking about what I’ve been passionate about my whole working life, I generally go to the transcript and read that as well though. The written word tends to stick into my old brain much more so in my opinion, the question to video or not to video is an easy one. If it means less articles, then no, don’t video. I do however enjoy the videos you produce but tend to agree with other comments here that say they’re more valuable for “General topic discussions” rather than problem solving – at least in their current form.

    Another forum I choose to pay a yearly membership to be a member of ( Experts Exchange ) also have expert members producing instructional videos on repairing problems, however those video’s include screen shots of the actual repair / administrative process, which is where your videos are lacking. These I find can be highly valuable. All in all though, the written word with some screen shots added would IMO be far more valuable.

    Happy new year to you too and please keep up the excellent articles.

    • Leo,
      The video is the first thing I go to and I find your opinions and explanations very useful and entertaining so keep the up. If I need to recap I can < and do, go to the transcript.
      Many thanks for all the help you have given me over the years.

  115. I rarely look at you Leo ..I look out the window at my garden and just listen. (still better than straight audio)
    However it is nice to know that you have personally visited my house…otherwise i might as well,for example, pull out the Britannica encyclopedia .
    Infotainment & personalization is just as important as pure technical knowledge .
    Tech info is available from many sources these day ..but generally speaking it is rather impersonal.
    Like many here ( seem to be an older audience?) ..the personal thing is what brings folk back I think. The personal thing also maintains loyalty in a crowded market..

  116. I rarely watch the videos. I prefer to read the transcripts instead. Does that get taken into consideration in your report?

  117. Hi Leo, Happy New Year and thanks for all the help.

    I too value the videos. I suspect their popularity is more emotional than content based though; I read/watch you from the UK and I read/watch all that you put out every week, the videos give more of a sense of connection. They’re not playing for me at the moment though, I get a message that starts ‘An error occurred, please try again later….’ but I’me sure I’ll solve that when I get around to it. ( I need a tuit, a round one, there’s so much going to get done when I get a……….!)

  118. I can read faster than you can talk.
    I have no objection to advertisements and would have no objection if you became a direct vendor of relevant software.
    I never have computer problems now that I think of it and wonder why I even subscribe?
    I guess you reinforce what i already know.

    I do need to find a Leo website for Linux.
    Thank you for all your good work.

  119. Hello Leo. I’m a long time follower of Ask Leo that thoroughly enjoys the information that your articles provide. I have to admit though, that I have never watched any of your videos. I prefer the transcripts. Keep up the good work.

    Be Well,
    Al Winkler

  120. We do not have enough bandwidth from ATT DSL in S Indiana to watch video until ATT upgrades. So I can only read text now. Plus growing up in the DOS introduction timeframe and building a Heathkit computer loaded with cassette tape, I prefer text anyway. Videos are great to ‘see’ someone take apart an alternator etc but I do not see much benefit in watching someone read text..

  121. I almost always do the Transcript because it can be read faster than waiting for your words of wisdom on the video. I like the videos but just want to get the content quicker and move on to something else.

  122. Hi, Leo. I’ve always learned by reading or doing. I tend not to absorb as well by listening. I think my mind wanders too much — a word or phrase makes me think of something else, and then I’m mentally off somewhere, soon to discover that the speaker (you) is paragraphs beyond what I last absorbed. So, I’m firmly in the “transcript” camp. And yes, as others have already suggested, it may be an age-related thing, too. : ) Thanks for all you do!


  124. Hi Leo,
    I am disabled and the videos are necessary to give me a better understanding of the subject. Reading is difficult for me especially on a computer screen. My comprehension of the spoken word is much better than the written word. When I comment, I am commenting on the subject because I watched your video. Please keep up the videos. If you prefer to save your time and not do videos, I understand.

  125. Hi Leo.
    Grant from Australia. Been following you from nearly the start. keep up the great work.
    I enjoy the video’s. It makes it personal. I find it easyer to watch and listen while doing other things (like getting ready fo work) then having to sit down and read. If I have a specific problem, then I will search your site for the problem and fix.
    What ever you decide is Ok.

    Thank you to all your behind the scenes workers as well.

  126. I value the information. I use the transcripts – I read more quickly than I speak, and I can scan more efficiently with text.


  127. Hi Leo – By preference, I’m a ‘reader’ so your transcripts are invariably my ‘go to’ option. Another consideration is bandwidth usage – which in South Africa comes with cost implications – and, as videos tend to use quite a bit of bandwidth, the transcripts will always be my first choice.

    Happy New Year to you, and all those on Team Leo, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your consistently excellent newsletters/articles/advice. I’d also like to give a thumbs-up to the new newsletter format … it works really well for me.

  128. I thought I would be in the minority in saying I don’t watch the video, but it seems I am not. I much prefer the transcript and can only remember watching the video once, that was when, for some reason, the transcript did not appear for a few days. As a senior of four score years I have been reading your offerings for over 10 years and find your site one of the best on the Web for solving many of the problems I have had over the years. Its number one on my Bookmarks list and not just because it starts with an A. Keep up the good work.

  129. I tend to like watching the videos. I can understand previous comments that suggest working through the transcript is easier for them, but why not have both? If you watch the video and decide you need to read the transcript, too, then you have that choice but if you are forced to read every transcript whether it is relevant or not then the burden of time shifts to the people you are asking to support you… If it is a case of being able to spend more time on solutions if you choose not to make the videos then this is obviously a worthy trade of your time and a more comprehensive service for us, if we know where to look, but I feel that given you do make good videos it would be a shame to not have them.

  130. For me, it’s the content, not the format. Since the start of your video productions, I have read the transcript every time and have never actually watched the video. If you didn’t offer the transcript version, I probably would still not watch the videos. Reading at my own pace gives a degree of control that video cannot achieve. I read the New York Times online too but never watch their videos either. If it is a newspaper or a newsletter, I expect to be able to read it! Keep up the good work but save yourself the trouble of filming it.

  131. Thanks for all the information, please keep on providing the transcripts anyway, for those like me who have very slow ‘narrowband’.
    Videos are fun but I rely on the transcript

  132. Personally I like the videos. Different people learn using different mediums, so all have their value. I use Youtube a lot for “how to” videos, then make notes. Doing this, I see and retain. I have enjoyed your videos.

  133. Leo, I am somewhat different from other potential viewers of videos. Even back during my productive engineering years I found videos valuable only when they could not be conveyed in text or still pictures. Getting the same information in the video format had no added value. In fact, textual and still picture can be read, paused, stopped, and continued hours or days later, which I always found more valuable than being captured into the “view now” scenario. But, as I said, I am different from most people, so I am not disparaging videos. My real problems with videos now are because of my hearing impairment as I have aged. I end up missing much of the verbal input. As a result, the visual part is not adequate to convey the entire message. With respect to your videos I have this to say: I started watching them until I realized that I would get more out of the “transcript” that you so thoughtfully provide. I read all of them, and now skip your videos. Thank you for making this possible, and keep up the good work

  134. My point of view is that the videos are very useful. For example, the video on the backup program explicitly helped me through the process of creating my first backup.
    Please never stop creating videos on subject matters such as this.
    Obviously, I do not know you personally, however I have come to trust your information and want to thank you.

  135. I, too, read the transcript. While *sometimes* a transcript doesn’t carry the same inflection as a video, I prefer to read.

  136. I always read the transcripts of videos. I am not always in place where I can play audio without disturbing others, so the videos have no value to me. The subject matter is of interest so I read the transcripts. I would not miss the videos.

  137. I’m not surprised that your videos generate more comments than articles appearing as text only. The human element, especially in this increasingly digital age, is important! Here you are, not only explaining something or giving an opinion, but talking to us in a friendly way.

    I enjoy your videos, and although I appreciate that they must be a lot of work, I hope you feel the connection with us that we feel with you (I’m hoping it’s two-way). So, I hope you continue doing videos whenever the spirit moves you! If it’s every week that’s fine, but don’t let it become a grind 🙂

    And whatever you decide, thank you for all the videos you’ve already done!

  138. Leo please go on with the videos. They are of great value of many reasons. For the content itself of course but also for non English/American people (like me) to have the privilege to listen to beautiful American-English: phrasing/grammar, correct pronunciation and the correct names of a lot of things and concepts regarding computing/data. It is also more convenient to look at and listen to a video compared to read text. I also like your consistent and clear way of writing articles.

  139. Hi Leo,
    I am probably in a minority here, but I generally I don’t find videos that helpful. Making videos is not simple, and requires expertise and practice. Without wanting to appear too critical, I found you last video to be very repetitive: you made the same point many times. In other examples, where you have been discussing something technical I have tended to prefer the transcript.
    Videos are excellent for demonstrating an action, for example: say you wanted to compare how a piece of software runs on computer system A compared with computer system B, a video would be very useful especially if the differences are marked. Or if you want to demonstrate how to operate a tricky app. where you could show the exact sequence of steps needed – things along those lines. Otherwise, for me, your written word is the most useful. Of course, thanks to the video I know what you look like – and maybe you could include more shots of your corgis!
    All the best, and thanks for running Ask Leo.

  140. Leo,
    I love your videos and would hate to see you end them. They make it easier to understand your concepts and ideas. They also allow your personality toshow through. Please don’t stop them. Thanks

  141. I usually read the transcript because I can read faster. Very rarely do I prefer a video. I do like how there are pictures in the tips with how to do a particular action.

  142. Hello Leo, I have never written to you before, but this subject has forced my hand. I am almost 78 and find it very difficult to remember stuff that I read. But the videos do work better for me. I suspect also it is because I am not really very good with computers . Yes I can do regular everyday things like downloads and my emails etc.:- but the real technical stuff just flies over my head, all the abbreviations such as http:// url’s I just cannot retain this kind of learning. But If I sat next you and you showed me what you were doing and what it was achieving I would remember like this. Now your videos are as good for me as this. so I vote that you carry on with the video’s ,even though it is a lot of work for you, It may sound selfish but to be honest I was seriously thinking of unsubscribing from your blogs. But will carry on trying to follow you if I can, Happy New year Leo and Thanks for a well thought out program. Regards Alan

  143. It’s the content that matters to me. I like the videos because, to be honest, it’s less work than reading. I can also watch and listen to a video while doing chores like sorting laundry and making dinner.
    Cheers, Glen

  144. Leo, I have watched some of the videos but I’m quite deaf (hearing aids in both ears) so I much prefer to read the transcripts. I wouldn’t miss the videos but I usually find your thoughts interesting and useful so I would miss those. I can understand the opinion of those who prefer video but (even before deafness) I have always preferred the written word accompanied where appropriate by diagrams, photos and pictures etc. Perhaps you’ll just have to continue as you are. 🙂
    Many thanks for your guidance and information. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  145. I don’t know if the videos are valuable. I don’t recall ever watching once since I found the click for transcript button. I can read at my own pace depending on the subject matter, which I find much more productive.

  146. I too am one of those who FAR prefer reading to watching. Only ever watched one of Leo’s videos – good but not as good as the transcript!!!! But that’s only personal – I can well sympathise with those who need the video.

  147. Being that I’m legally blind (I do have some sight, but not much), I find I like the audio podcasts more than the videos or the transcripts. I find them great to listen to. I’ve come to realise that the podcasts are pretty much the audio taken from the videos, so if you keep the videos going, I’m perfectly happy with that too. Although I use a Mac myself, I have family members who use Windows (I used to use Windows a couple of years ago), so I find listening to the audio/videos great as it also keeps me up-to-date to help anyone in my family who may need it. I’ve read a few articles, but I don’t think I’ve read any transcripts to videos. However, if I had to choose between transcripts or videos, I’d find the audio/videos more valuable. Thanks for doing all this for us, Leo!

  148. First let me say I enjoy and appreciate your efforts to keep me (and lots of others) informed on issues I know little about. Thank you for your help and patience.

    With regard to videos vs transcripts on technical topics and most others — I very much prefer the transcript version for almost anything I access on the web. With the transcript I can quickly get to an answer to a concern. For the most part videos are just a current marketing thing where the viewer is “captured” and FORCED TO LISTEN to the speaker if he thinks he has any real interest in the topic. I seldom if ever watch any part of a video. It can be a real time waster when I am in a hurry — and I always seem to be in a rush. That said, there can be a very few times that a video is necessary to show a “how to” and is therefore useful.

    I prefer not to view them.

  149. Leo, please keep the videos coming. They’re an excellent tool that I use for presentations at my computer club, which has been in existence since the 1980s. Some of us read computer screens all day long and that’s tedious. When a person, such as you, does an online presentation, the topic becomes alive and more interesting. Even the inflections in your voice adds interest to the topic. YouTube videos are popular for a reason.

  150. The videos are great to show you how something is done but, sometimes I would like to be able to print out part of a transcript that I can refer to when I need to. Your video’s are great and very instructive but unless I can watch the video everytime I have a certain problem.. the next time I have the problem I won’t remember the video but would be able to look up the part of the text that I need to refer to

  151. Hi Leo. It’s likely too late and I’m likely outvoted but I enjoy your videos. I prefer watching/listening to reading because I can multi-task while still hearing what you have to say. Thanks for asking.

    • You’re in luck. Most Ask Leo! articles have a downloadable audio at the end of each article, just before the Read More section. It’s sort of a kind of reverse transcript for the sight impaired and multi-taskers.

  152. Hi Leo,

    Your written articles are always interesting no matter the format, i have been 25 years in computer repair and IT. A lot and a lot of your followers, including me know about the importance of backing up data, that’s always what you empathize, i know you have a lot of new followers on a daily basis, maybe you can categorize your videos or written articles to update your new audience as well as keep your old school followers up to date.

    As for me when i see a new topic i will not hesitate viewing a video or reading the article, what really matters here is what we learn from you.

    As always, thanks for being there for us, God Bless You.


  153. Hi Leo,
    On a personal level I have a preference for your video presentations. I like your presentation style and find I absorb the information with greater ease.
    I hope you decide to continue with what I consider a pretty invaluable service.
    Kindest regards,

  154. Thank you Leo for providing your articles both in video and transcript. This subcriber uses the transcript version of your jewels of wisdom. This may be just an octogenarian reverting to habit.

  155. I usually read the transcript. It’s nice to know what you look like, and sound like, and I’m sure that has added to the enjoyment of getting these newsletters every week. It’s a lot easier for me to multi-task if I’m reading an article vs watching a video. Unless you are demonstrating something, I don’t need to see you talking about it. Save your time, and keep sending new and valuable information.


  156. Hi Leo,,
    Your introspection as to Video or Not To Be Video is timely and pertinent. I would like them to be technical or Tips & Tricks in content.
    Since videos do require significant amounts of time to produce.I would think once a month highlighting your prime subject for that period would be most beneficial to you and your readers
    I would also suggest whatever your decision you might also consider putting that video to a member evaluation as well.
    Overall your technical advice is invaluable. Thanks for your efforts

  157. I much prefer the written word. If I haven’t understood a point I am reading I find it much easier to go back and re-read a sentence or two than to rewind a video.

  158. Not sure I’m your biggest target audience, (I’m a tech myself), but personally I hate trying to learn anything via video. However that’s my preference, I do much better with something in writing, and all your videos that I’ve ever been interested in had transcripts that read just fine. Based on my own clients, and friends I help out I know a lot of them would much rather watch the video. So I’d say if they’re getting you good results, keep them going. Either way, keep the information flowing, even when I don’t learn anything new about “fixing an issue”, I often pick up a different way of looking at it, or an analogy that makes it easier for me to explain to a less technical person later. Not to mention you’re a great place to refer the people who are willing to try and learn a bit on their own.

  159. Video format or content? Yes. When I get busy I don’t always get to watch the videos in a timely manner (like the Holidays) but I never archive one until I’ve watched it. The video format is faster and more entertaining for me but the content is right on for me as well. I’m sure I’ve watched hundreds of videos over the years and I would guess that I’ve bailed on less than five. The format and content both work well for me. Thanks, Nick

  160. Content or delivery? Yes. Both. I appreciate the video. It is faster for me, easier, and holds my attention better. I save all of the videos if I’m busy (like the Holidays) to enjoy later. So video is my first choice. Regarding content, I’ve been watching your videos for many years and there may have only been a couple that I did not finish. Your content is always good and almost always within my skill level. Keep the video and I’ll buy you another beer!

  161. Hi Leo ,

    I am late on this one , but I hope you read it . You come off as a cozy , reliable , likable person
    that people need ; and not just for exact & absolutely to the point practical purposes . Your
    listeners & readers need to see & hear you because you bring a sense of sanity to this world that
    has left what we used to know behind and it is continuously going forward leaving what was
    new last year behind in the wind . Aside from all that ; the truth of the matter is that your skills
    in making videos is developing and we see that and it is pleasant . If you stop making videos
    the development and creativity will stop as a result . Please don’t stop . We need you .


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