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Tip of the Day: Discover What’s Behind the Asterisks

Can I Trust Browser Extensions?

Some web browser extensions are trustworthy and very valuable; others, not so much. The trick is knowing the difference. Start by being skeptical.

My Solution to Social Media Overload

I’m taking a break from Facebook. Here I discuss why, what Facebook brings to the table, and what alternatives I’m using instead.

Email Headers Revealed and How They Might Help You

Email headers are geeky magic, but understanding a few can help identify spam and diagnose some email problems.

How Do I Run a Full Scan Using Windows Defender (aka Windows Security)? Five Clicks, and When to Do It

Here’s a step-by-step guide on running Windows Security to scan for malware.

Tip of the Day: Images Often Contain More than Pictures


Tip of the Day: Read the Reviews

Can a Thumb Drive Carry Malware?

Malware on the flash drive can be copied to your computer.

How to Hover Over a Link to Check its Validity

When it comes to links on webpages and HTML mail, what you see is not always where you go. Hovering over a link is an important technique to look before you leap.

Why Am I Getting “Invalid Password”?

“Invalid password” messages frustrate a lot of people, particularly when they’re certain they’ve typed in the right thing. I’ll review how what you enter might still be invalid.

How to Protect Your Computer from Power Problems

Problems with the power to your computer can damage your computer and data. I’ll cover how much protection you might need.

Tip of the Day: Accessing Additional Windows Features

Tip of the Day: View Hidden Files

How Do I Remove this Error on Startup?

Most malware tools remove most malware fairly well. Occasionally, a removal will leave behind startup entries. I’ll show you how to clean up.

Tip of the Day: Show and Configure the Home Button in Edge

Where is Windows Defender’s Vault?

A vault is a place where programs like Windows Defender put suspected malware rather than deleting it. Typically, it’s managed by the program.

Available Kindle Apps

How Do I Read a Kindle Book If I Don’t Have a Kindle?

Kindle is much more than a physical reader. Amazon has made Kindle reading applications available for FREE on most popular platforms.