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Directory listing of parent directory

Tip of the Day: The Special Meaning of “.”

Moving through a list with the keyboard

Tip of the Day: Move Quickly Through a List with the Keyboard

Comparison of Customized CMD

Tip of the Day: Customize the Command Prompt

If you spend any significant time in the Command Prompt, you may want to customize its appearance to be a little more to your liking.


Tip of the Day: Two Keystrokes I Use Constantly

I use two Windows Key combinations constantly, and I think you’ll find them useful as well.

mklink example

Tip of the Day: mklink: Hard and Symbolic Links in Windows

File system links can make files and folders appear in more than one place. It can be quite useful.

File Open with Thumbnails

Tip of the Day: Icons or Thumbnails?

TREE of C:\Windows

Tip of the Day: The TREE Command


Tip of the Day: ALT+TAB

The ALT+TAB tab sequence is under-appreciated. Learn its power and flexibility to switch between running programs.

Command Line Search

Tip of the Day: Searching Via the Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt can often be quicker and clearer than Windows’ own built-in search function.

Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Tip of the Day: View Hidden Files


Tip of the Day: Save the Installation Media

Unpin From Start

Tip of the Day: Removing Start Menu Tiles

The Windows 10 Start menu is one of its most controversial features. What most people don’t realize is how much you can customize it.

Performance Options

Tip of the Day: Disable Screen Effects for Speed

Date and Time Settings

Tip of the Day: Add Another Clock


Tip of the Day: When In Doubt, Reboot