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An illustration in a modern digital art style depicting the mythical figure Sisyphus struggling to push a giant boulder up a steep hill. The boulder prominently features the Windows logo, symbolizing the challenges of dealing with Windows operating systems. The scene is set in an ancient Greek environment with a clear sky in the background. The emphasis is on the struggle and determination of Sisyphus, capturing the essence of the myth in a contemporary technological context.

Your Biggest Struggles: 2024 Edition

I asked what was bugging you. Here’s what you told me.

A Server Farm / Data Center

How Do Websites Keep Passwords Secure?

A high-level overview of how websites and services should store passwords security, so next time there’s a breach you’ll know what to look for.

Ask Leo!

Never Gonna Give You Up


Dialing Back Social Media

Facebook is holding you for ransom. Sign up for Confident Computing via email instead.

Questoning Flash

Should I Take the Flash Update I’ve Been Offered?

Adobe Flash player is dying dead and should be avoided. I’ll explain why you should be cautious if you think you still want it.

Eye Spy

Could a Built-in Tracking Device in My Laptop Detect My Tor Browsing History?

Malware can do anything, but malicious hardware can do even more.

Content Re-Use on Ask Leo!

A behind-the-scenes rundown on all the different ways a single Ask Leo! article is re-used, recycled, and re-purposed.