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An average computer user sitting at a desk, working on their computer. Above the computer, a puppeteer's hand with strings attached to the computer, symbolizing control and manipulation.

Could Malware Record My Chats and Video Calls?

If you’re curious what might happen if a hacker was in control of your computer, the question really is “What can’t they do?”


Tip of the Day: Spring for a Webcam

Camera privacy settings in Windows 10

Tip of the Day: See and Control Webcam Access in Windows 10


Should I Cover Up My Webcam When I’m Not Using It?

There’s nothing wrong with covering your camera, but it’s probably not worth the effort.


Should I Cover My Webcam When Not in Use?

Sure, you can cover your webcam with tape. But that won’t solve the real problem… you’ve got malware on your computer!


How Do Webcams Get Hacked?

The bottom line is – avoid malware. Do all of the things you know to do to keep your machine safe and malware-free and you will also keep your webcam secure.