Can Video Chat Be Intercepted and Recorded?

Hi, Leo. I had a private video chat with my girlfriend. I’m afraid that it could be recorded by someone and released on, say, a porn site. We used personal laptops only. When I got a doubt, I scanned both systems with an anti-virus tool and they’re clean. So, there’s not really a virus, but I’m still afraid that someone will record it for monitoring and all.

It’s impossible to prove that it can’t be (or wasn’t) recorded: you can’t prove a negative. And ultimately, if this is something that really concerns you, then don’t do that!

But I don’t think there’s going to be a problem here. In practical terms, with one exception that most people don’t think about, it’s highly unlikely.

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Are my Skype calls recorded?

Is Skype really not recording my private video calls on their servers anywhere on the internet or on a hard copy?

I think it’s extremely unlikely that your Skype calls are recorded … at least by Skype. I’ll dive into a number of reasons I believe that to be the case.

However, there’s another, potentially more dangerous, scenario that a lot of people overlook. Unfortunately, many are paying a very steep price for that.

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