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Tux: The Linux Mascot

Should I Switch to Linux?

Linux is a viable alternative to extend the life of older machines, or if you’re just fed up with Windows. I’ll look at some of the issues involved if you switch to Linux.

Tux - The Linux Mascot

How Do I Switch to Linux?

Changing a Windows XP operating system to a Linux platform is not a simple upgrade or migration. It’s more like starting over. Here are the basic steps.


I Can’t Upgrade to the Latest Windows. Should I Switch to Linux?

Switching to a Linux product depends on how you use your computer. The good news is that you can try it for free, without making any changes, to see if you like it.


How risky it is to run Ubuntu from a flash drive?

Having a bootable version of an operating system like Ubuntu on a USB flash drive can be very handy for a variety of reasons. Since flash memory can wear out, however, it’s important that you back up.