How Does Screen Resolution Work?

I’ve not received this exact question, but rather, I get a lot of questions relating to screen resolution and why things don’t work as expected. I also get questions where changing the screen resolution is one possible answer, but explaining why gets … complicated.

Screen resolution seems like a very simple thing and most of the time, it is.

The problem is that sometimes it’s not. And it’s not in a way that let’s me say “smaller is actually bigger” with a straight face.

Yes, making things smaller can make things bigger.

Told ya it’d be complicated.

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My window is too large and wider than my screen. How do I resize it back?


Something was downloaded to my computer while I was away this week. (My husband probably thought it was ok.) Now when I open an email thru Outlook it’s huge – it goes way off the screen to the right. I don’t know how to resize this or fix this.

Can you please tell me in simple one and two syllable words just what to do?

Oh, those husbands. Can’t leave ’em alone for a minute, much less a week.

The too-wide window could be the result of a download, but it’s also possible that it’s not his fault. Even though it’s not supposed to, sometimes it can happen for other reasons. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to fix.

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