What Repair Discs Do I Need?

Another computer advice newsletter I subscribe to just had a big piece on emergency repair discs and it got me wondering whether I need a Windows 7 repair disc and a Macrium emergency disc. Do they do the same things or are they different?

This gets really confusing very quickly. The problem is that there are several different types of discs that do several types of things, and yet they can all be called emergency repair discs or rescue discs.

Let’s see how many I can think of.

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Can I Just Run Macrium and Do a Restore?

I have one technical question before I try running a backup using Macrium, the free version. Would it be possible to just open this program and go to restore and then run a previous image backup into the PC? Would this restore action, without first reformatting the C: drive, overwrite everything on the hard drive and practically set up the PC the way it was on that backup? The reason for this maneuver is to preserve all kinds of programs obtained (mostly free) and without the possibility of installing them individually again and having them activated again?

To start with, I’m a little concerned about your question. I suspect that some of your assumptions about creating and using an image backup may not be entirely correct.

Let’s start with something that might sound obvious, but I have to be super clear about it.

To restore a back up, you must already have made a backup of your machine. In your case, I assume that you already downloaded Macrium’s free version, installed it, and took a full image backup of your machine.

Now, if that’s the case, what you want to do is possible, if you restore in a certain way.

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Do I Need to Make a New Rescue Disc Every Time My Backup Software Updates?

Hi Leo, I’ve been using the free Macrium Reflect program to backup my Windows XP computer. However, I’m finding that when I try to do an image or a clone backup, I’m prompted  each time to update the software. This requires making a new rescue disc each and every time, which can be fairly time consuming as I’m using Macrium Reflect to backup up my desktop PC and my laptop, too. I’m concerned that if I don’t make a rescue disc each time the software asks me to update (which is every time I open it), my backups won’t work and I’ll be “you know what” out of luck! Can you advise?

The short answer is you don’t need to make the rescue media every time you backup.

I’m kind of surprised that Macrium is updating itself that frequently. It’s OK, but the important thing is that you are not required to make a new rescue media every time you back up or update the software.

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