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Tip of the Day: Send Links Instead of Attachments

Tip of the Day: Print to PDF

What is “Print To File” Used For?

Print to file is an option on many older print dialogs that sends printer output to a file rather than the printer. It’s of extremely limited use these days, if it’s even available at all.

Tip of the Day: Get Rid of XPS

Tip of the Day: Print to PDF First

Tip of the Day: Use LibreOffice to Edit PDFs — Sort Of

Why Does My Microsoft Word Document Display Differently on Different Computers?

Microsoft Word documents display differently on different systems because of differences between the systems. Getting Microsoft Word documents to display identically typically means processing them into something else.

Where Do Downloads Go?

Downloading a file from the internet is easy – typically just a click or two. But knowing and controlling where downloads go takes a little more effort.

How Do I Download and Read a PDF eBook?

Ebooks are commonly distributed as simple PDF files which you can download and then read on your computer or other devices using any of several free PDF readers.

How Do I Get PDF Files to Open Inside My Browser? Or Not?

Configuring where PDF documents on the web should be displayed – within your browser or not – turns out to be somewhat tricky. I’ll look at the options.

Why Don’t PDFs Print at the Same Size as the Original?

When a PDF is printed, even though it may be standard sized pages, the printer may add margins. You can adjust this behavior when you print.

How Can I Enlarge a PDF for Printing?

I had no idea how to go about this, but it’s such an interesting question. It seems like there should be a way, right? This is one of those cases where it really pays to know smart people. I asked a few of my friends, and quickly had several potential solutions.