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5 Steps to Better Wi-Fi In Your House – Improving Your Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi has only become more important as more devices and online activities become essential at home. I’ll review some of the things to investigate as you search for better Wi-Fi.

Does a Wi-Fi Log-in Page Mean It’s Secure?

If you connect to an open Wi-Fi hotspot without a password and can see anything at all, it’s not a secure connection.

Can the Owner of an Open WiFi Hotspot See What Files I’m Downloading?

Open WiFi hotspot downloads are available for the internet cafe owner to see. Whether or not they take the time to do it is another story!

Why can’t I connect to my hotel’s wireless network?

Hotels and other hotspot providers often insist that you agree to some terms of service before you can use their internet. The problem is that insistence can often interfere with the connection.