Someone’s Sending from My Email Address! How Do I Stop Them?!

People are telling me I’ve sent them email I know I haven’t. Supposedly it’s spam, and that’s not something I do. Has my account been hacked? How do I stop it?

While possible, it’s highly unlikely your account has been hacked. Whatever is happening is something significantly more benign. Sadly, it’s something you can do almost nothing about.

There are a couple of variations, so before we begin, let me also mention some articles that might more closely match your situation.

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Why Am I Getting Spam from Myself?

I get email from:

where “” is someone I don’t know, but “” is, in fact, my email address. It as if I was getting spam from myself, but I did not send it.

How do I stop these emails from coming into my box? It’s usually for drugs or financial services that I don’t need or would never be interested in. How can they use my own email? I can’t block them as it says it is illegal to block my own email.

I’ll start with the bad news: there’s almost nothing you can do.

This is spam, pure and simple. Abusing your email address is only one of many techniques spammers use to throw their garbage into our mail boxes.

The remedies are pretty standard, albeit less than 100% effective.

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Why Does My Account Keep Sending Out Spam?

Hi, Leo. I changed my password four times on Yahoo yet my account keeps sending out spam. I’ve emailed Yahoo with a spammers address. Where can I report someone who’s stolen my contacts to email people? At least I have the address of just the last one who stole my account. What should I do? People are annoyed because I keep sending out spam – four times in one month. What should I do besides changing passwords and security questions? Even if I change to a non-Yahoo for email don’t these people already have my contacts somehow? Is there a way to delete my contacts? How do I report these people? I feel like Yahoo did nothing with the last ones.

There’s a bucket-load of issues here, and quite frankly an awful lot of confusion.

This can be a very frustrating situation, but what happens next, if anything, depends on what’s really going on.

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Someone’s Sending Email that Looks Like it’s from Me to My Contacts, What Can I Do?

Hi,somebody is sending emails to my contacts using my email address to which I haven’t sent. How can this be? Have I been hacked into? I do have full internet security avg 9, could you please let me know what action to take if any as I find this quite worrying! I have changed my password so far, but that is all.

You should be worried.

I’m not sure that I’d say you’ve been “hacked into”, but my guess is that your email account has indeed been compromised.

I’ll look at what likely happened, why this isn’t like other “Someone’s sending from my email address!” kind of issues, and what steps you need to take next.

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How do I find out who owns a Hotmail account?

I keep getting “strange” emails from someone using a Hotmail account. How do I find out who they really are?

Hotmail (now is one of the most used (and abused) mail systems on the planet. One of the reasons why is because it’s nearly impossible to tell who really owns a Hotmail account.

There are situations where I believe it’s possible to find the owner of a Hotmail account, but it’s difficult and you won’t like what it takes.

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