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Why Must I Re-enter my Email to Unsubscribe?

Why Must I Re-enter my Email to Unsubscribe?

Occasionally, you’re asked to enter the email address you want to unsubscribe. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for that.

Out Of Office

Out-of-Office Replies are Evil

Out-of-office replies can ricochet through email lists like spam and even put you in harm’s way. Are they evil?

What’s this new anti-spam policy about, and how will it affect me?

At first blush the new policies look like a good thing… until they start hitting email discussion groups and creating all sorts of havoc! Bottom line: blame spammers.

Ye olde From:

How Do I Get a Recipient’s Email Address and Name to Show in the To: Line?

You have control over what recipients see in the “from” field when they receive email from you. But the “to” field when you’re receiving a message? Not so much.

Why Does Email I Send to a Large Contact List Bounce so Often?

You’re not a spammer, I know that – but you’re acting like a spammer. And there’s your problem.

Something's Up

Why is email I’m sending being received by someone I’m not sending to?

This is a frustrating situation that happens regularly to businesses running email lists. More than likely someone on your list is automatically forwarding. There is one way you may be able to track down the source.