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Tip of the Day: Take a Photo of Those Serial Numbers

Tip of the Day: Scan Those Old Photos

Tip of the Day: Shoot Horizontal

Tip of the Day: Back Up

I realized long ago that when travelling, there are only two things that can’t be replaced. The approach to backing up the second has changed for the better in recent years.

Let’s talk about photographs

One of the most common, and heartbreaking, stories of data loss involves irreplaceable digital photos and videos. I discuss backing up your photos, how I do it, and share some Corgi pictures along the way.

How should I store scans of old photographs?

Long term storage of something as precious as photographs warrants some thought. It’s something I care about, and have thought about a lot.

If it’s All Digital, Won’t You Lose it Anyway?

Backing up is actually easier with digital information. One copy of an old photograph is not backed up!