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Clipboard History

Tip of the Day: Use the Clipboard for Backup

Cut, Copy, Paste on the Clipboard

Tip of the Day: Cut, Copy, Paste and the Clipboard

A password, and a password selected

Tip of the Day: Watch for Spaces When Copying Passwords

Multiple Clipboard Contents

Tip of the Day: Clipboard History


Tip of the Day: CTRL+SHIFT+V

A cell in Excel

Tip of the Day: Two Ways to Copy in Excel


Tip of the Day: Make CTRL+A, CTRL+C a Habit When Typing an Online Form

Outlook Print Message in Google Chrome

How Do I Print Hotmail Messages Without the Ads?

The trick is to print the email itself and not the page showing in your browser. I’ll show you how.

Edit Menu

What’s the Difference Between Typing and Copy/paste?

In most cases, it’s Windows, not the application, that handles whether or not something is pasted in from the clipboard or is typed in. The program receiving the data usually doesn’t know or care.

Copying Data

How Do I Copy a Copy-protected Webpage?

Assuming your intent is legal — or at least moral — it’s not hard to copy content from a webpage that attempts to prevent it.

Can I Avoid Retyping Error Messages When I Need to Report Them?

Many Windows error messages can often be quickly and easily copied to the clipboard with a single keystroke.