What’s the Difference Between Typing and Copy/paste?

Is there a difference between typing and copy/paste? I’ve got the same data in Notepad. Now, I’m typing the data into a form or I’m pasting that same data into the form. What’s the difference between the two processes? Is it possible to know that I was not using the keyboard by typing, but I was just pasting the data? Or is there any software that can prove the difference between the two processes?

The difference between typing and copying/pasting depends on the program that you’re using.

In an ideal world, the program would not know whether characters were typed in or pasted from the clipboard. Most programs really have no need to know or care about the difference. In fact, many applications are simply not involved in the process whatsoever.

Many, but not all.

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How Do I Copy a Copy-protected Webpage?


How do I copy/paste from sites that don’t permit it? There is info I’d like to send to a friend without a computer but has a machine that only sends/receives plain text. I want to send her stuff from this site as an example but they don’t permit copying/pasting. Is there anyway around that?

As you might expect, the website in question is trying to protect its content from theft. They have valuable information and I’m sure that people try to steal and republish their content frequently. That is, of course, quite illegal and a violation of international copyright law.

So I’ll assume that’s NOT what you have in mind. (Though technically even what you have in mind – while morally acceptable in my opinion – may still be in violation of that law.)

Copy protection on websites – be it just for pictures or for entire pages of content – is in my opinion pretty close to useless. It keeps honest people honest and that’s about as far as it goes.

Web pages, emails, whatever: if it can be seen, it can be copied.

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