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Tip of the Day: There Are Other Recycle Bins

Pasting with and without formatting.

Tip of the Day: Paste Without Formatting

Home button in Microsoft Edge

Tip of the Day: Change Your Browser’s Home Page

Save, or Copy, an Image?

Tip of the Day: Save Image or Copy Image?

Power Button

Tip of the Day: The Power Button Doesn’t Turn Off Power (Mostly)

Right Click

Tip of the Day: The Power of Right-click

Right-clicking is a shortcut to a wide variety of functions appropriate for whatever you’ve selected.

Cut, Copy, Paste on the Clipboard

Tip of the Day: Cut, Copy, Paste and the Clipboard

The clipboard and its basic operations — cut, copy, and paste — are heavily used and underappreciated building blocks for Windows applications.

Traditional Text Selection

Tip of the Day: Text Selection

Text selection is one of the most basic operations we perform. Here’s a look at some common techniques.

Files and Folders

Tip of the Day: Files and Folders


Tip of the Day: ALT+TAB

The ALT+TAB tab sequence is under-appreciated. Learn its power and flexibility to switch between running programs. in the address bar

Tip of the Day: the Difference Between a Website and a Program