Dealing with Fake “Ask Leo”

A friend of mine recently forwarded me an email he received that looked like it had come from me.

Except, of course, it hadn’t. It was a complete forgery, and not a very good one at that.

I am both slightly honored that I’m worth forging, and quite annoyed that someone actually did.

We’ll look at the message and all the clues it contains that make it a fairly obvious fake, and then generalize those clues to help you separate spam from legitimate email.

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What’s the Technology Behind Ask Leo!?


I was just curious about your site and news letter. What type of hosting do you use? Did you “hand craft” your site or use a CMS like WordPress or SquareSpace? How do you create your news letter, such as what application do you use?

Can you give us some background information on “What goes on in Leo-ville?”

Keep up the good work. Always look forward to the Friday Facebooks and news letters.

Well, we have to start with being careful when you say “Leo-ville”. “”┬áis actually the website of the “other” Leo, Leo Laporte of and other netcasting fame. We’re both in tech, we both try to help people with technology and we’re both named Leo, but we’re definitely not the same person.

With that out of the way, sure, let me give you a peek behind the curtains of Ask Leo! world headquarters.

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You Speak, I Listen

I started with posing to you a simple question:

What’s the single biggest challenge you face using your computer effectively?

My goal was to find out today’s burning issues, and with that information fine tune where I spend my time and energy.

You did not disappoint. I was overwhelmed with the number of responses, for which I am truly grateful. Of course that contributed just a little to it taking longer than I’d expected to process the results.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned, some of the tweaking that has already happened as a result, as well as some thoughts for the future.

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500 and change

This week marks the publication of issue #500 (Five Hundred!) of The Ask Leo Newsletter.

I’m taking the occurrence of this fairly random round number as an opportunity to make a few tweaks to the newsletter and what I do here at Ask Leo!.

Things are a’hoppin here at Ask Leo! world headquarters, that I can tell you.

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