How Do I Force My Email Account to Close on Another Device?

Hello, Leo. I left my Hotmail account open on another device, meaning I logged in on someone else’s computer and forgot to close out. I think the individual left the page open, possibly viewing my email. They have a Mac. I have a PC. Is it possible to figure out if my Hotmail account is open on another computer? Is there any way of closing it out without having access to the other device? Perhaps by changing the password? Does your account have a timeout and automatically close? It’s imperative that this person not have access

Unfortunately, there are several reasons that you don’t want to log in to your email account on the computer of someone that you don’t actually trust. The possibility of walking away while it’s still logged in is really only just one.

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Why do some web pages never finish loading?

I use Firefox. On the tabs, open at the top of the page, if I refresh the page and it’s reloading a green, spinning circle appears. Why is it that on some pages, that circle is there constantly? Is that page constantly refreshing or something?

I’ve been noticing this from time to time myself on various websites. I don’t think it’s browser related, since you’re running Firefox and I’m running Chrome.

I can’t specifically say what it is in your case, but I have several ides of what it might be, and I kind of sort of know what it is in mine.

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Why Do I Need Another Email Address to Access My Account?

I can’t login to my account as it keeps saying it wants another email to use as recovery. I do not have one. Do I have to get another account from somewhere in order to use Hotmail now? If so, I’ll start using the new one and get rid of Hotmail. What an inconvenience in that I have no access to my own account!

No, this isn’t some conspiracy to get you to create yet another email address. Heck, the email address technically doesn’t even have to be yours; but it does have to be setup before you need it.

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Just what is Port 80?

I’m trying to set something up and it says I need access to Port 80. What is Port 80 anyway? A search around the internet says it’s a software construct, one of about 65,000 ports. What does that mean? Where is it? In fact, where are all of these ports? In software? Where “in” the software? Where do these software constructs actually reside? In RAM? They must be ‘somewhere’. The computer is a physical entity and they’re inside it, physically, at some level, somewhere. Where? Are these ports permanent? Are they constructed as needed? What part of the software are they? Do they exist within Windows? Within the Bios perhaps or somewhere else?

Ports are one of those mysterious things that actually have a very specific and very well defined meaning to computers and the internet. But for the rest of us, well they’re just so much magic.

Let’s see if I can clear some of that magic up.

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Should I Worry about Heartbleed Affecting My Router?

Leo, plenty of us obviously know about Heartbleed by now and possibly the fact that this glitch is all about SSL. So, as an advanced and highly experienced computer user, something occurred to me: our router’s use of SSL. In my example, AT&T Uverse is my ISP, and the model of ISP provided router is an AT&T two-wire, HGV 3801. On the router’s acknowledgements page, there is an entire section about OpenSSL. Basically, do you think that it’s important that SSL on a router be up to date whether they allow you to update it or not?

That’s a really great observation and a very good question.

My take is that it really depends on a number of factors, and I’ll try to review what I think are the relevant ones. I don’t think it’s something that poses an imminent threat.

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