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A home office with a modern aesthetic. In the foreground, a sleek desktop computer sits on a well-organized desk, surrounded by typical office supplies and decor. The room is warmly lit, creating a cozy work environment. Through the window, a slightly creepy figure is peeking in, adding a subtle element of suspense to the scene. The outside view shows a typical residential setting, enhancing the sense of a home office.

Surprising Reasons to Use a VPN at Home: More Than Just Privacy

Although a VPN service is probably not necessary at home, there are a few scenarios where you may want to consider it.

What’s this new anti-spam policy about, and how will it affect me?

At first blush the new policies look like a good thing… until they start hitting email discussion groups and creating all sorts of havoc! Bottom line: blame spammers.

XP's Tombstone

Are Offers for Continued XP Support and Security Legitimate or Worthwhile?

Offering security is one thing. If they are actually offering XP bug support, I would be immediately suspicious.


What Repair Discs Do I Need?

You may not need every kind of rescue disc possible, but you should certainly have one from your backup program.

SD and MicroSD cards

Should I backup to an SD Card?

I see the appeal of slipping a little SD card into the slot of your computer for backups, but the safety of your precious data on that card has me worried!