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What’s this new anti-spam policy about, and how will it affect me?

At first blush the new policies look like a good thing… until they start hitting email discussion groups and creating all sorts of havoc! Bottom line: blame spammers.

Are Offers for Continued XP Support and Security Legitimate or Worthwhile?

Offering security is one thing. If they are actually offering XP bug support, I would be immediately suspicious.

Does Downloading Use the Same Amount of Bandwidth as Just Watching a YouTube Video?

Streaming video sites often have some special features that make the answer more complicated than it would seem. I’ll explain what’s happening in each of these cases.

What Repair Discs Do I Need?

You may not need every kind of rescue disc possible, but you should certainly have one from your backup program.

Is there Any Reason to Use a VPN at Home?

If you are secured behind your own router in your own home, a VPN service is probably not necessary … though there are a few scenarios where you may want to consider it.

Should I backup to an SD Card?

I see the appeal of slipping a little SD card into the slot of your computer for backups, but the safety of your precious data on that card has me worried!