How Should I Use My SSD and HD Together?


I’m building myself a new Windows 7 machine. It will have a 250 GB Solid State Drive; a 1 TB SATA 3 hard drive and a 250 GB IEE HD. I assume the OS will be on the Solid State Drive but what about the other programs? Will a dynamic partition be better? Does the 1 TB need to be only backup? Can I run the OS only from the Solid State Drive and programs from the 1 TB drive?

I’m not really sure by what you mean by IEE HD, but I do have some ideas on how to set this thing up. You can, of course, do whatever you really want and it will probably work just fine, but here’s the approach that I would take.

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Can Malware Authors Hijack My Anti-malware Software?


Leo, I believe that the vast majority of PC users are not exactly sure about what is normal or what’s supposed to happen during the Windows uninstall process; most specifically, or importantly, when dealing with malware.  Can the unscrupulous malware writers hijack the process somehow in an attempt to get the PC user to install something else, or worse??

It might be helpful here to start with a definition of the term “uninstall”. “Uninstall” is a term we use to refer to the orderly process of removing software that has been installed. It’s usually performed by the very setup program that put it there in the first place.

And, to be clear, there’s really no such thing as a standard Windows uninstall process.

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Why can’t I get software on CDs or DVDs?


I bought a new HP desktop, which now comes in 64-bit. I also have all kinds of CDs with software from the old PC (a 32-bit machine) which is now outdated and does not work properly in the new 64-bit unit anymore, specifically, Word and Excel. Talking to the computer shop here, they’re telling me that all newer software now comes only as a download where they sell you an activation code and you then go download the software yourself. I don’t like this system at all. I would like to have this software on CD. They also mentioned that Microsoft could sell you a CD for the software. Now I tried their website for this but I got stuck and got nowhere.

It’s true that the world is most definitely turning towards more and more online delivery. Many software packages have been online or ‘download only’ for quite a while. As of late, manufacturers are beginning to assume that we all have super fast Internet connections, and thus are making even large packages online only.

At first blush, that would appear to be the case for Office 2013, but there may be some options.

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How do I stay protected using an administrator account?


Leo, I’ve heard that browsing with an admin account puts you at more risk and I’m wondering what are some ways to stay protected without switching to a less privileged user account. Also, what is sandboxing?

What you’ve heard is correct. Running with what’s called a limited user account (LUA) is indeed safer.

It’s also something that unfortunately, many people don’t do… including myself.

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How Do I Make a Change to Chrome that Sticks?

The Ask Tool Bar is not visible in Add/Remove programs. It was also not visible in Revo Uninstaller Professional. I’ve tried many patches to get rid of it and in fact it’s not visible anywhere except in Chrome. I’ve uninstalled Chrome many times but when I reinstall it, it just comes back in like a leech. Can you please hel me get rid of it? It’s very annoying.

I’ve heard about scenarios like this a time or two, specifically with Chrome.

I have a suspicion as to what’s going on and as a result, a couple of suggestions.

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Why am I getting unexpected adult audio on my church computer?


I volunteer at my church and I have access to several PCs on a WPA2 protected network. My PC is running Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12. We have a cable broadband connection and have approximately 25 PCs connected. At random times, and with no programs running in the background, I begin hearing someone talking through the speakers on my PC only. It’s not a radio station or similar media playing. For what is being said, and other sounds, it sounds like an audio feed from a porn site. If I let it play, it will run for about a minute or so and then it will stop. It may start again a few minutes later.

When this happens, I have immediately started Task Manager but I see nothing showing under the Programs tab. Next, I look at the Processes tab and don’t see anything unusual there as far as I can tell. I have asked this question on other sites and keep getting the same, “Well, you can’t tell me that you haven’t been to a porn site” response but I can assure you that I haven’t visited any site with this type of material. And no one else has access to this computer. I’ve checked Windows Media Player Sharing and do not have any type of media sharing turned on. I’m afraid that some here will begin thinking that I’m using the church’s network for “unsavory” uses.

I suppose that certainly could make Sunday services a little awkward. I don’t have a definite answer for you but I do have a list of things that I would check.

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