Can I trust this site or utility?

Leo, do you have any opinion on the program ShouldIRemoveIt?

I have to say I don’t have any direct experience with this particular utility. However, looking at it briefly, on the surface, it seems like it might be kind of a useful thing. So what I want to do here is take you through a high-level process that I use to investigate programs and sites like this to determine whether or not I want to risk the download.

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How do I protect my Windows XP after they stop sending updates?

How do I protect my Windows XP after they stop updating it?

I’m getting lots of variations on this question, as the day is fast approaching. To be clear, XP will keep on running, but any vulnerabilities that are found in it after the cut-off date will simply not be fixed. It’s kind of like your old ’57 Chevy that still runs great but for which you just can’t get any parts; not to mention leaded gas. You could drive it until it breaks, but then what?

So my knee-jerk response is to recommend that you update to something later. Windows 7 or Windows 8. Trust me, Windows 8 just isn’t that bad.

But I know that’s just not a viable solution for everyone.

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Is application-provided encryption secure?


Hi, Leo. I searched your site and several other websites but could not find the exact explanation that I’m looking for. I’ve been keeping all of my personal financial information and website passwords in an Open Office spreadsheet that is saved with a long, complex password. From what I’ve been reading from your site and others, that spreadsheet is maybe not a secure as I think it is.

My question is – can anyone using sophisticated hacking software see the data in my file without breaking the password? In other words, if I have a relatively complicated password, shouldn’t I trust that as being secure? I find it very convenient to copy and paste login information from my spreadsheet. However, if I someday lose my portable backup drive or it’s stolen or if someone breaks into my home when I’m away, then could someone easily see the data in my password protected spreadsheet file? I assume, of course, part of this equation is how sophisticated the potential thief is and how much of a target I am perceived to be?

There’s a part of me that really wants to say that you’re safe.

In general, I’m not a big fan of using spreadsheets for passwords, but I know a lot of people do for saving that kind of information. And with a complex and lengthy password like you’ve said you’re using, in general, it should be safe to use a password-protected spreadsheet in a utility like Open Office, Microsoft Office, or any of a number of other applications that provide password protection for their documents.

want to say that is safe.

Unfortunately, history does not really bear that out too well.

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How Do I Get Printer Drivers for Linux?

If you’re running Linux as your operating system and you get a printer without a driver CD how do you get drivers for Linux? What I mostly see on printer makers’ sites are drivers for Windows.

What you’re experiencing is sort of the dirty little secret of Linux: lack of hardware support.

Along with getting used to the different user interface, and perhaps not finding a specific needed application, I would wager that driver (hardware) issues are high on the list of things that prevent people from actually switching to Linux.

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Will Macrium Reflect Free keep working in XP?


I’m planning on upgrading my Windows PC to Windows 7 in April when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP but I’d like to keep XP Pro on my laptop, well, for reasons that are just too long to go into in an email. I’ll continue to be using Malwarebytes and Super anti-spyware on my laptop along with McAfee full security center and firewall for protection, and I only use the laptop when my PC isn’t working which is infrequent.

Here’s my question: Will Macrium Reflect free version, which I’m currently using on both my PC and laptop for imaging purposes still work with my laptop after Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP or do you think Macrium will discontinue the use of it on Windows XP?

The short answer here is that I honestly don’t know. However, I do want to speculate a little bit because this is a really important issue for XP users everywhere, and it applies to so much more than Macrium Reflect.

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