How Do I Tell Someone They’re Entering Their Email Address Wrong?

I’m receiving email confirmations from some commercial site; some confirmations of orders, etc. From the content of one of these, I know the person’s name and date of birth as well as the fact that they live in England. All of the emails are of the “do not respond” type. I suspect that someone entered their email address incorrectly at some point and would like to inform the intended recipient of the issue so that it can be corrected, but I’m unable to find a contact for them. The last name is the same as mine, which makes it a little bit more complicated.

This is one of those very interesting, but admittedly frustrating problems that we face online almost daily. It’s something that I’ve run into with Ask Leo! and when we were running my wife’s business.

The problem is very simple. When somebody gives you their email address as contact information and they get their own email address wrong, how do you contact them to tell them so?

The bottom line is that unless they’ve given you additional information like a phone number, you can’t.

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Is It Safe to Leave My External Backup Drive Connected?

I’ve read your many articles about backing up. The only additional question I have is this: once the Macrium backup is done to my external drive, do I unplug it? Or is it safe to leave it connected?

Like many questions that I deal with, this is one of those scenarios where the answer is rarely a clear yes or no. I have a preference, but ultimately, the answer is… it depends.

Let’s look at the issue.

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What’s the Difference Between Typing and Copy/paste?

Is there a difference between typing and copy/paste? I’ve got the same data in Notepad. Now, I’m typing the data into a form or I’m pasting that same data into the form. What’s the difference between the two processes? Is it possible to know that I was not using the keyboard by typing, but I was just pasting the data? Or is there any software that can prove the difference between the two processes?

The difference between typing and copying/pasting depends on the program that you’re using.

In an ideal world, the program would not know whether characters were typed in or pasted from the clipboard. Most programs really have no need to know or care about the difference. In fact, many applications are simply not involved in the process whatsoever.

Many, but not all.

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Why Can’t People Click on Links I Send Them?

Hi, Leo. Thanks for your extremely helpful advice with regard to everything. I have a Gmail account and I often feel like sending important newsletters to my friend. Each time I do that, however, none of my friends are able to click any of the embedded links (such as the ones that say, “click here”). I’d like to know why I’m not able to forward any such newsletters when I do so through the Gmail basic HTML or mobile interface – and why the same newsletter can successfully be forwarded through the desktop clients?

I’m at a bit of a loss as to why sending via an internet-based email program would be different than a desktop email application in this regard. Ultimately, the forwarded email message is the same.

But I have several ideas that may affect what’s going on here.

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How do I extract and identify the music in a Powerpoint presentation?

I’ve received a PowerPoint presentation with music attached. I’d like to 1) rip the music and be able to save it to a different name and 2) I’d like to be able to identify the artist. My operating system is Windows 7 and this is PowerPoint 2010.

You may not be able to grab the audio out of the PowerPoint file, but I can show you one way to try.

As for identifying the music, there’s an app for that.

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Can I Just Run Macrium and Do a Restore?

I have one technical question before I try running a backup using Macrium, the free version. Would it be possible to just open this program and go to restore and then run a previous image backup into the PC? Would this restore action, without first reformatting the C: drive, overwrite everything on the hard drive and practically set up the PC the way it was on that backup? The reason for this maneuver is to preserve all kinds of programs obtained (mostly free) and without the possibility of installing them individually again and having them activated again?

To start with, I’m a little concerned about your question. I suspect that some of your assumptions about creating and using an image backup may not be entirely correct.

Let’s start with something that might sound obvious, but I have to be super clear about it.

To restore a back up, you must already have made a backup of your machine. In your case, I assume that you already downloaded Macrium’s free version, installed it, and took a full image backup of your machine.

Now, if that’s the case, what you want to do is possible, if you restore in a certain way.

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Why is email I’m sending being received by someone I’m not sending to?

Hi, Leo. My business sends periodic email invitations out to our patrons that sign our guest registry with just their name and email address. Somehow, there is someone that’s getting the email, but he is not in my contact list. And he’s getting pretty upset. Now, I can’t blame him. I’ve triple-checked my contacts and his name is not there. Today, I sent an invitation and manually typed the names. As always, I asked that if people want to be removed, they just reply with “remove” in the subject line. I got an email from this person to be removed. I’m beside myself on what to do. Any suggestions?

To be honest, this is a really tough one. I run into this all the time. On the various email lists that I manage, I’ll end up getting a bounce message for an email that’s not on my list.

And while I have some ideas as to why, there’s little I can do.

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Can I create rescue disks for any point in time?

Can I create rescue disks for any point in time? If there’s a problem, I don’t want to restore to the factory settings at the beginning. I want to restore to a recent time when I created rescue disks (if this is possible). I’d like to do this weekly so I don’t lose the most recent settings, program, files, etc.

Absolutely. You can do this, but I wouldn’t call them “rescue discs.”

What you’re talking about is something I’ve long recommended: performing an image backup.

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Should I wait for the next edition of Windows?

My computers have Windows XP. As Microsoft will no longer issue updates after next year, I was wondering if I should wait for Windows 8.1? I’ve heard so many negative things about Windows 8 that I’m hesitant to buy it. I’m a senior citizen and just use my computer for the internet and email so I only need the basic. I’m told Windows 7 is more user friendly and I’m wondering if maybe that would be my best bet?

If there’s nothing prompting you to upgrade or change now, then I would wait.

8.1  will probably resolve some of the issues that people had with Windows 8, but not all of them. It is still Windows 8 and it’s an incremental improvement.

I know Windows 8 has cause a lot of grumbling. But it’s fine. It really is.

Let me explain why I feel that way.

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Can I Play My Old Games on My 64-bit Computer?

I have a 64-bit computer. I still have many old games on CD. Is there any way to play them on my computer? I’ve tried to right-click and select the option to play older versions or change any options that I can think, but so far, none of this has helped.

Technically, it doesn’t matter if the games are on CD. That’s just how they’re delivered to you. What’s more important is what the game itself uses, requires and expects from your machine. That will vary dramatically from game to game.

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