Why can’t people click on links I send them?

Ninety-nine percent of the time when links aren’t clickable the problem is on the receiving end. It’s usually because their email program is trying to protect them from something that looks suspicious.

Can I just run Macrium and do a restore?

You typically can’t just run Macrium in Windows to do a restore because you’d be restoring on top of a running operating system. But yes, you can easily restore the whole machine. I’ll explain.

Should I wait for the next edition of Windows?

Windows 8.1 should respond to some of the issues that people expressed having with Windows 8, though not all of them. Your choice of how, when and what to upgrade may have more to do with hardware than with software versions.

Can I play my old games on my 64-bit computer?

Games can be some of the most demanding software out there. Many older games will play just fine on newer machines, but occasionally you’ll run into problems. I’ll look at some of the alternatives.