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Account Configuration

Why Am I Getting Email with the Right Email Address but the Wrong Name?

This sounds like a problem in your friend’s contact list or address book. To sort it out, first we need to understand where email names come from.

Hacker's Hand

Can a hacker get away with only my address book?

If you’ve been hacked… you’ve been hacked. That means the hacker had access to everything on your computer or in (and linked to) your email account. In either case, you need to review your security.

A person frustrated at a computer, with clear icons of multiple email providers like Gmail and Outlook on the screen. A CSV file icon is shown transferring between two email icons. .

How Do I Move My Address Book From One Provider to Another?

Taking your contacts with you when moving from one platform to another is a clumsy process.

Emails Hacked!

How Do I Protect My Email Address Book?

With email account hacking on the rise, it’s important to understand what it takes to keep your account (and its address book) safe from compromise.