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Buy Leo a Beer


I’ve heard from people that they’re very grateful for the information that my sites like Ask Leo! has given them. I love to hear that, and I’m very gratified.

Some have gone so far as to ask how they can pay me back!

Well, I appreciate that, but you don’t really have to.

So here’s the deal. If you’d really like to, scroll down and you can buy me a beer. Heck, buy me a pint, a six pack, a case if you want. I’ll make sure it’s all put to very good use!

Like I said … you don’t have to. But I certainly do appreciate it if you do.

To be clear: nothing’s actually shipped to me (I think shipping alcohol may even be illegal). Your “purchase” amount simply represents a donation into my beer fund, from which I purchase the appropriate libation. Thank you!

Let’s get: * 

Make a selection for just exactly you’d like to get Leo.

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