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7 comments on “How to Move an Office 365 Subscription to Another Machine”

  1. You say, in the article, One terabyte of OneDrive storage. As I understand it, it gives one terabyte of storage for each computer it’s installed on. For my purposes, all I can use is one terabyte as I use it to sync all my machines but if you don’t use it for syncing, you can use one terabyte per machine.

  2. “All for $100 per year. As things go, I consider that an awesome deal.”

    If I had multiple machines to install Office on, I would also think that $100 a year is a good deal. Unfortunately, I only have one, and $100 is not as good a deal. I bought Office 4 (Word 6, Excel 5, Powerpoint 4, Access 2) in 1993 and used it for 19 years until I got my Windows 7 laptop. Back in 1993, I think I paid $400. At $100 per year that would have cost me $1900. My Windows 7 latptop had Office 2010 Starter preinstalled so no extra cost and has lasted me 7 years so far. Even if you consider the cost to buy Office outright ($200-$300), it’s still cheaper than $700+ in the subscription model.

    There’s not a lot of new and must-have improvements being made to Office these days to justify paying 2 to 3 times more. With one exception (Freeze Panes), Office Starter has all the things I need. It’s too bad there isn’t a less expensive option for those of us who only need Office on 1 or 2 computers.

    • Totally agree. I hate, with a passion, the subscription models being pushed. I know of a guy who spends in excess of $2k on various subscriptions. Each and every YEAR!!!

      I have Office 10 professional which I purchased via work which M$ encourages, and as it is a professional version (i.e. business) it can be installed on more than one machine. I currently have it on 3 machines but theoretically I could have it on a hundred or more.

      And, being retired, Office 2010 does everything I’ll ever need til I die. Only really use word and excel… the latter probably more than 50 times more often than the former.

  3. Agree with JamesB subscription model is a ripoff. Assume you need to purchase a new reatail copy every year which most don’t.

    Office 2010 Home and Business ( we are still using)
    Cost @ *$280 per copy retail x 100 Users = $28,000 / 9 years usage = $3111 per annum total cost
    Office 365 Business ( we need Outlook)
    100 users x *$17.20 per user per month = $20,640 Annually x 9 = $185,760

    Winner Office 2010
    * Prices in AUD


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