All the different ways to get Ask Leo!

Everyone has their favorite way of reading what they enjoy online, and I’m certain you’re no different.

That’s why I make Ask Leo! available in several different venues.

Ask Leo! direct – The home of Ask Leo! On the Ask Leo! website you’ll find over 4,000 different articles spanning over 15 years of questions and their answers, as well as comments, opinions and more. New articles are posted 2-4 times each week.

The Ask Leo! Newsletter – emailed once a week the newsletter highlights the articles published and updated the previous week.

The Best Of Ask Leo! – also emailed once a week, “Best Of” is a series of articles hand selected from the archives and sent in to you via email in their entirety.

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Your patronage helps keep Ask Leo! running, producing content and answering questions. At different levels you’ll be entitled to rewards ranging from Ad Free Ask Leo!, to The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day, and more.

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Ask Leo! New Article Notification – If you’d rather not wait around for the weekly newsletter, new article notification may be for you. Subscribe and you’ll get an emailed notification each time a new article is published on Ask Leo!

The Ask Leo! RSS Feed – If you’re running an RSS reader then the Ask Leo! RSS feed provides a great way to see new content as it’s posted as well. In fact, New Article Notification uses this.

The Ask Leo! Podcast – New articles include a spoken audio version. This audio is provided not only near the bottom of every article, but also as an RSS and iTunes podcast feed suitable for almost any podcast player.

Ask Leo! On Business – My business-oriented site, dedicated to the premise that anyone doing business, anyone with a cause to champion, or anyone with a message to share, needs to have a presence on the web.

Ask Leo! on social media

Most of my efforts on social media are “announce only”. Due to limited time I don’t participate heavily myself, but they’re often a great way to find out when new articles are published, or when I come across issues that I think are important to share.

The Ask Leo! Facebook Fan Page – New articles are posted here as they’re published, and I often share other links of interest, comment on topics of the day.

Ask Leo! on Twitter – New articles and links of interest are posted here as well.

Ask Leo! on YouTube – I often post short videos, topical video commentary’s or explanations along with occasional “how to” videos, as well as a video narration of articles as they’re published and updated. (My books and video courses come with many more.)

Tech Ramblings – Posted on, re-posts of valuable articles as well as additional perhaps somewhat random ramblings relating to technology, and occasionally life.

The Ask Leo! Newsletter – Is also available on Medium.

Other places – My personal blog. Less tech, much more personal philosophy, writing exercises, and of course Corgis.

Learn something every day. Never stop learning. Share what you learn.

If you have a question for me

By far the best way to get an answer is search the web site first. That’s why I have a search box on every page of the site. When I say that half of the questions I get asked are already answered in an article somewhere on my site I’m honestly not kidding.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check the more search options page; it has suggestions as well as a link to the page on which you can submit a question of your own.

Books and more

And of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention:

The Ask Leo! Store – where you’ll find all my books available for purchase.

The Ask Leo! Glossary – pages dedicated to the terms that often confuse us all.

And… I’ve probably forgotten something, I’m sure. 🙂

That’s a lot of different places

I hope that somewhere in there you’re finding Ask Leo! helpful!