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The Ask Leo! Tip of the DayGet a tip emailed five days a week to help you use your computer, and your technology, more effectively and with more confidence. Includes online access to all previous tips! (And much more … see below.)

The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day is designed to be a short, easy-to-digest, and above all, useful bit of information about using your computer, technology, or the internet more effectively, and more safely.

There’s something for everyone, from beginner to the experienced computer user.

In fact, one day a week tips focus specifically on “The Basics”, those tips and tricks that we all take for granted, that everyone assumes. The things that, once you learn, can make a dramatic impact in your understanding and use of the powerful tools in front of you.

Thank you Leo for your tips. I’m an avid follower.
– Joan

At the other end of the spectrum, once a week the tips focus on the Windows Command Prompt. From its roots in MS-DOS, the command prompt is a powerful, yet poorly understood environment. Both advanced, and intermediate users will techniques that – to be honest – are easier when performed using the Command Prompt.

I love this tip — did not know it existed so a BIG thank you!!

In between tips cover the gamut from keystrokes to security, from problem diagnosis to improving efficiency.

And it’s not just about Windows 10 or 11!

This is a cool one!

While the changes in Windows certainly present many, many, (too many?), learning opportunities, many of the tips span Windows versions all the way back to Windows XP, or even any computer operating system you might be using.

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Tip of the Day: BRILLIANT idea! Well done.

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This is deeeelightful.

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