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An adorable kitten sitting at a computer desk, carefully examining the URL displayed in a web browser on the computer screen.

How Can I Tell If a Web Address Is Safe?

URLs are simple in concept, yet can be constructed in ways that might fool you. I’ll look at some examples and discuss what’s important.

A URL pasted into the address bar.

Tip of the Day: Copy/Paste Instead of Clicking a Link

An example of hovering a mouse pointer

How to Hover Over a Link to Check its Validity

When it comes to links on webpages and HTML mail, what you see is not always where you go. Hovering over a link is an important technique to look before you leap.

The complex world of sharing on the internet

May I Share a Link to Your Post?

Do you need to ask permission to share a link? No. Do you need to ask permission to share content? Probably; I’ll explain.