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Time to Upgrade!

What’s the Best Way to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7?

A clean install is going to get you a cleaner operating system.

Outlook Express

How Do I Access Email Stored in Outlook Express on Windows 8?

One of the problems with Outlook Express is difficulty in exporting data. Your best bet is to find a more recent software to help with the migration.

Tux - The Linux Mascot

How Do I Switch to Linux?

Changing a Windows XP operating system to a Linux platform is not a simple upgrade or migration. It’s more like starting over. Here are the basic steps.


I Can’t Upgrade to the Latest Windows. Should I Switch to Linux?

Switching to a Linux product depends on how you use your computer. The good news is that you can try it for free, without making any changes, to see if you like it.